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due to language, and sensual content
Reader & Jay Park
When money mixes business with pleasure, putting you at high risk of losing everything you work so hard for, even though he gets to keep everything. So what you gonna do? Put your foot down? Or will you let it all fall apart...
Chapter 1 | ...

~(Y/N Pov)~

The whole crew wanted to go out and celebrate my joining their team, but I wasn't one for going to clubs, So I had opt out of it. They were very nice and respect my wishes, allowing me to go clean up my office, before setting in. I stood there over night though reviewing their financial books.
It was 2:36 am when I finished reviewing their books over the pass three years. Something see off after reviewing them. So I looked them over four times, as well as the current year and found what was sending off warning signals to me. I recorded the pattern on a side notes, and had noticed they were in the red big time once or twice or a month.
Some how they were making the money back, but it seems to be happening way to much. I turn to my phone and saw the time, and wasn't sure if now was a good time to hit up Mr. Park. Since now I had questions as to why this was happening too much. But knowing my luck, if I called him, he would be in the middle of doing something fun or simply doing someone like his rep stated.
I sighed heavily, as I review them over again, scratching my head a bit. "Wow, I though the security camera was malfunctioning. You're really are still here." I looked up to see Mr. Jung in my office door way. "Oh perfect timing, Mr. Jung. I was debating on whether to contact you or Mr. Park."
He raised an eyebrow, as he gave me a warm smile. He seem to be chewing on some type of candy though. "You can call me Kiseok if not Simon. Save that Mr. Jung stuff for my father." I softly laughed to his comment, as he came over to me. "What's the matter?" I turn over my notes to him, as he looked over the paperwork, before looking over at me.
"The red... that what's concerning me. Its happen repeatedly every month, and its a huge amount. I understand if its for stuff like traveling or halls, but the red is filed under miscellaneous"
He sat onto of my head, next to me, as he looked over the paperwork again. "Have you accounted for our meals, and clothing purchases?" I nodded my head as I pointed out the separations I did the proper numbers. I had even dumb down my notes that even middle school student could read it.
"Ah I see... Damn this does seem wrong. And I know no one here is a gambler either or addict. We only allow clean people here... aside from the occasional smokers." I pointed out the funds I pulled out in collected for smoke. "Damn girl you're good." Simon said when I pointed it out.
"Okay, set this aside for now. I'll try to get Jay to come in early tomorrow. We'll both go over this with you. See where this drop in the red is actually coming from." I nodded my head, before saving my work, and printing out another copy of the papers for Jay. I then handed it over to Simon.
"Good, I'll give this to him the moment I see him. For now... Go home Y/N. Get some rest. All work and no play is never a good mix."
Simon petted my head, before helping me gather my stuff, and escorting me out of the building. He had even gotten his driver to give me a lift home as well. Since the buses we're currently running.
It wasn't hard for me to fall asleep, but it was pointless since when I felt stress my body only let me rest for four to six hours. Once the sun was up, I had shower, and went out for breakfast, before going to the office. I sat down at my chair, and tripled check my work, as I ate my breakfast sandwich.
"Damn Y/N, I though I sent you home last night."
I looked up at Simon, as I giggled softly at his comment. "You did, I just only got a few hours of sleep. This little problem is making me stress a bit. Cause until its handle, I can do any further in managing the funds for this place." He nodded as he came over to sit on desk again. "This is really holding you back?"
He looked over at the computer and saw I was checking my work. "Well, unless I know what is triggering that, I can't go further. I don't want to mess something up for you and your crew. It could be going to a charity for all I know, and that isn't actually a bad move. That allows you to get money back in taxes rather than losing money in the new year."
He looked a bit surprised, before looking over his own copy. "I wish I knew... Not sure if Jay would even know what trigger this." I offer Simon my second breakfast sandwich, which is happily accepted. "Yeah but he might have some incite into it, since it seems we're both at a lost here."
Simon seem to understand my work better now, than he did last night. It was of been the liquor that made it hard for him to notice some of it. "Oooh~ What is I see... are you two planning a date or something?" Mr. Park had arrived and enter my office with Mr. Lee behind him. "Oh good, you're here and perfect... got Gray too. Y/N found something last night, and it seems we might have a financial problem."
Mr. Park looked at the copy of my work, and Simon gave his copy to Mr. Lee to look over. "She already factor out the small things that could of trigger this, but she needs to know what is making the red show up before going on with manager our finances. Is there a chance this is for a charity?"
Mr. Lee came over to me to have me explain to him how I came across this problem. Mr. Park was squinting over the paperwork, but it seem he was worried himself now. "I think this might be that charity even we did last year." Mr. Park came over and place the paper on my table. "That would explain the past year, but not the other two years. This has been happening since you started AOMG. I'm surprised no one over at CJ E&M noticed this sooner."
Mr. Park expression turn serious as he looked down at my work before looking out the window. "Send a copy of this to your boss. Could be someone was stealing from our funds." I turn the screen to him and show him my sent e-mails. "Five steps ahead of you, Mr. Park. I like to cover all my bases."
Simon cough from trying to hold back a laugh, as Mr. Lee cover his mouth with is hand. "Yah, you don't have to be so formal with us... At the very least call us by our stage names. I understand is business ethics that make you say our surnames, but we're not that old." I smirked before saving my have eat sandwich at Jay.
"Last I check you are five years older than me.... that make you an old man... Mr... Park."
This time Simon and Gray didn't hold back their laughs. "Man its too early for us to be like this." Gray commented as he stood up straight. Jay just looked me over with a tiny smile among his lips. "Nah, I'll take the burn if it gets her to stop calling us Misters.... What do you call Hoodie... huh?"
I lean back in my seat to look Jay in the eye. "Unnie.... cause she only one year older than me. If you want me to call you gotta earn that... Like Ju-Kyung oppa." The three of them looked at each other a bit confused. "How the fuck did Duckie earn it?" Jay asked as they looked back at me.
"Simple... He's not my boss... He's my equal. Plus he was very kind and sweet to me when I met him." I stuck my tongue out at him, Seeing Gray shake his head. Simon though blinked a few times, as to try and figure out what I meant. "Yah, we're your equals too... even though Simon and I are your bosses." I just shrunk up my nose at him and pouted.
A bing came from my computer as I got an e-mail reply from my CJ E&M boss's reply. Gray open the email for me, as we both read it over. "He said he will investigate personally into it cause he would love to know how they miss this as well. " I noticed Jay's body tense up, as the other two sigh and relaxed.
"Alright seems like that all we can do. From now on Y/N manage the funds as they are now. Let one of us know if it pops back up again." I nodded my head in understanding, as Simon patted my shoulder. "Lets go get some real food, that sandwich wasn't filling at all."
I pouted at Simon's comment as Gray and him left the office. Jay watch them walk out, before closing the door behind them. He turn to face me as he came closer to my desk. "Actually just report it to me when you notice it. I had a bad feeling this would happen, its why I asked for someone to personally come join us and review them. I think the person that kept doing it before hand has been stealing from me."
I looked up at Jay a bit shook that he wanted to hide this from the other two men. "Please Y/N, I am begging you to keep this between you and me. I don't want them to be stressing out over the fact that someone was stealing from us." I could see him pleads in his eyes, for me to just simply say yes. "
Alright, I'll report directly to you. But I need to tell my real boss about this in a week. Cause if we manage to find the thief.... they need to be taken care of."
Jay smiled so warmly that I was surprised I wasn't melting physically. "Thank you Y/N, I am truly glad you are part of our team now." He took my hand into his smooth hand, before bring it to his lips to kiss the back of my hand. His expression had my heart racing like it was trying to win the NASCAR 500 championships.
I just did my best to maintain my composure so he wouldn't noticed I was weak to his charm. Damn it was going to be hard working with him as my boss.
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ah a safe chapter. I thought it was Jay over spending on women that caused the red and then I thought someone was stealing but now I'm wondering what's going on. is Jay stealing from his own company?
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@royalpandajedi I don't know what's going on! Tuesday needs to get her faster.