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Hello everyone!!

I'm so sorry I didn't post anything last week!!!!! T.T I'll work harder to give you guys more Jaehyo!!!

Anyway, this week we'll be introducing to you guys our favorite songs and MVs!! I haven't been in love with Block B long enough to really listen to all their songs, so I'm currently in love with their more popular songs.

Hopefully that'll change soon though!! ^-^

My favorite music video by Block B has to be "Very Good".

Very Good was my first ever Block B music video and the moment I watched it I was like, "Wow, these guys are definitely something else!!"
So other than just loving this video since it was my first song that I watched by them, the music video and song are also huge turn ons for me!!!! The music video has such a weird and unique concept and is basically just throwing out all the normal ideals and images that kpop idols are suppose to have. The music video is basically telling everyone to fxxk off and let them do their own thing, no matter who they're going to offend. And just the idea of using the masks and them robbing the bank and their outfits/hairstyles!!!! What's not to love!?!?!?!
Also, the song is just beautiful!!!! Their voices are pure heaven!!!! And their rapping is just legit fire!!!! The song in general is just dope as hell with how in your face it is!!!! God, I just love this song so much since it's so cool and just my type of music!!!!!

And since I'm in charge of Jaehyo, can we get a holler for his gorgeous voice!?!? Like wow~~ Just wreck me why don't you!!! And how sexy he looks!!!! God damn!!!!! *-*

My favorite song by Block B has to be "Toy".

I love Toy!!!! When I first heard it I was like, "Eh it's alright, not like Block B's other songs so I'm just gonna walk away...." But then I decided to re-listen to it and I was like, "Hey, this song seems really sad. Hmm I wonder what the lyrics are." And. Oh. My. God!!!! I could not stop crying!!!! After listening to it about fifty billion times, I really got to see just how beautiful it is and how gorgeous the lyrics are!! And everybody's voices were just....angelic~ And Zico's, P.O's, and Kyung's raps! Wow. Just wow!
And when my friend told me the real meaning behind the song....I cried even more!! And now I appreciate the song so much more and I'm just sitting over here dying!!!! God, this song hits me hard. I wish I could explain how much this song affects me and makes me feel, but really, words could never describe this feeling. Gah, perfect....
I also love the music video for this song, but it's not my all time favorite video, sadly. The video itself is beautiful and I love how they made it and showed the different emotions and actions through each member.

And Jaehyo is never allowed to wear light clothes or all black ever again!! I was dying over how sexy he was!!!!! And his voice!!!!!!! So pretty!! He definitely needs more lines!!!! But those fleeting moments when he does get lines is just....utter perfection!!

Well, those are my favorite music video and song.

I'm sorry I wrote so much, but I had to at least show you a tiny bit of how much I love those songs!!!!
I hope you all are now encouraged to check out more of Block B's stuff cause I am definitely on board!! I love Block B so much, and I'm excited for the day that I can truly call myself a BBC ^-^

See you all on Wednesdays~

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*The Dangerous Bitches*

I love both of those videos. I can so relate to Toy.
Same!! Toy just hits home T-T
My favorite is definitely "Her". It was what made me fall in love with them. They were so quirky and funny and.... All The colors! Oh my. Love love love
Favorite video would be Jackpot, favorite song would be Toy or Nalina