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It's free week among the mods. And I chose to show how cute he is with selfies on his instagram, which if you arent following you can follow here I love that he looks so good here. I don't care he has a beer in hand. He looks like I need to have him hanging around my arm. We just went out for drinks attire.
I really dig his hair this faded red colour. I super love the turtle neck and tan jacket. This man looks good in absolutely anything he wears. But there is something about him dressed in winter clothes. He has this chic aura and I'm really impressed. Oppa take me shopping please. I want to learn to dress as good as you.
His classic look of white shoes, ripped jeans, leather jacket/hoodie combo, plus a hat. The simple outfit plus a wave. Makes me feel like I took this photo of him after he has been waiting for me at the bus stop. One word = BOYFRIEND MATERIAL. (I know that's two, don't judge me)
Such a respectable angle. I'm really not sure if I called him and angle or and angel...I no good at english. We know this. Besides the point.
My one wish in life is to meet this man. I have so much respect for him, not just because he looks amazing. (Cause he does) But also because look at him. Whether he is singing, acting, doing nothing, he keeps his fans updated on it all. I like to know what my oppas are doing. (not in the stalker way) He just does it while telling us that we should listen to said song he listens to or watch said movie. I just feel for this handsome man.
I got highly off track talking about him. I can't help myself sometimes. I don't think I express my love enough for Minhyuk. This is me expressing that. I love you Squishy and I want to meet you and be there when you get back from enlistment. That is my goal in four years time. Thank you for stayinf along with me this whole time. Love you oppa.
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Minhyuk seriously is the cutest
He really looks good in anything. He has an impeccable fashion sense.