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I have a short part for you all, its on the more funny side with the guys so I hope you get a laugh out of it. it's in Kooki's view!
Kooki's view*** Tonight had been full of surprises. Seeing that dancer girl at the same gym and finding out she was Layla's friend, then Layla herself even coming to the gym. I couldn't even talk to her. It was hard to do but I knew I had to distance myself from her for a while in order to get over her. I left the gym after talking to keri and went back to the dorm. Putting on a brave face I put a smile on my face and walked in. The guys were scattered around the place but looked towards the door at me. "How was the gym? You too tired to eat?" Jin asked. "Food?" I questioned. "Kimchi and rice and some kind of stuffed pepper" Hobi said. "I was experimenting" Jin chuckled. "I'm starving" I grinned. "Well look at you! You look in a better mood" Jin said. "Was my baby kooki sad Today" Jimin said coming over and wrapping an arm around my shoulders. "Nah, I was focused on working out today" I grinned. "No tummy for you" jimin rubbed my stomach "Ah washboard abs!" "And what's this oh your getting a tummy hyung" I patted his belly "it's so cute" I told him . "Its not cute! Im sexy! Girls love my body!" Jimin exclaimed. "Yea sure they do! I bet they would be jealous I'm rubbing this tummy of yours" I said rubbing it. Jimin pinched my cheeks to make me stop. "And they would be jealous I'm touching your face" Jimin laughed. "Okay you two stop so kooki can come eat" Jin said. "Oh fine eomma feed your baby bird" Jimin said. "Go eat growing boy" Jimin added ruffling my hair. After eating I took a shower and headed to my room. Laying down in bed I didn't realize that I wasn't alone in the room. "Hey kooki" Namjoon said. "Hey namjoon" I said. "Something worrying you?" He asked. "No, I'm fine" I said "Come on kook I know you better something's wrong" Namjoon said. "I'm fine Namjoon. I'll be even better tomorrow" I said knowing I sounded angry. "Geeze fine whatever. I know your upset you didn't get the girl but someone else will come along that's better suited for you" Namjoon said. I stayed quiet after that and eventually fell asleep. His words stuck in my head so all I dreamed about was Layla. I couldn't get her out of my head and had me waking up in a miserable mood. Several days had gone by. I was putting on a smile. Everyday even though I was hurting inside. Tae had gone out with Layla rock climbing indoors. When he started to talk about it I had to leave. I found myself walking into a café by myself. I sat down at one of the tables in the back. "Good morning! What can I get for?" A girl came over with a pad and pen in her hand. "Coffee. And toast with the apricot jam" I ordered looking up at the waitress. It took me a moment to recognize that brown hair in a messy bun and the cute face of Layla's friend. "Mia? Right?" I asked. A smile broke across her face. "Yes, do I know yo- OH at the gym. That's right um sweet treat. cookie kooki!" She worked in out in a cute way. I couldn't help but chuckle at the way she remembered my name. "I didn't think I would see you outside of the gym" I said to her. "Hmm I'm sure. Anyway I'll bring your coffee out first be right back" she said with a smile and turned on her heels. A couple minutes later she came back with a cup and set it down in front of me. "Toast will be out in a minute" she said. She went back to working, there was several other tables she was doing. I couldn't help but follow her with my eyes. She would laugh and share a moment here and there with people. When she wasn't up front I would catch a glimpse of her talking to other workers. By the time I was done with my lunch I had a grin on my face. I said goodbye to Mia and headed out.
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Omo yesss, my ship for them has officially sailed.
Awww~ sounds like our Kookie is getting a love bug for a certain someone lol
yay Kookie is gonna be happy next huh!
Stuffed peppers are good