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You can watch videos on V LIVE. http://www.vlive.tv/video/20972/

Yes this is like 50 seconds long but OMG Tae Tae you had my FULL ATTENTION. This boy. he's so adorable. throughout the talking he was doing all the hand gestures. it was so cute! caught a few stills to show you!

he was doing motions to imitate taking selfies and writing/chatting!
Doing Fighting sign and the Plus sign for V live Plus!
Funny this was the one that had me noticing. like Tae why are you putting your finger up, oh secrete oh. yes lol If you watch it you can see it in motion. lol
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i may have to not. i love all groups. but i that that this app was for us to watch them free. sorry
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@Starbell808 @JaxomB lol I missed the chance to do the free trial and I don't have coins so I'm not able to get it. and yes starbell I'm the same I hadny gotten the app to pay for it. a concert here and there but that about it.
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i missed the free trial too...
a year ago
i rather save money. @SweetDuella
a year ago·Reply
The coins in my account were ones that I got free from EXO or Big Bang or something. I didn't have enough to 'buy' the EXO special stuff, so I saved them. I was able to get the free coins from a few different groups, and the only thing I've used them for was the BTS specials from this summer. I don't wanna pay money for any of this either. I am going to try to get the free trial for Monsta X. I also missed out on the free BTS trial @SweetDeulla
a year ago·Reply
I really don't like that idea, i feel like they are trying to squeeze the money out of me.. I'd rather save my money
a year ago·Reply