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1.Toradora! 2.Clannad(one of my favorites^^) 3.spice and wolf 4.SNAFU!( i think im not shure) 5.??? 6.??? 7.Snow White with Red Hair(Fixed by:@windfox)
Hahaaa if you'll wouldn't mind filling in the question mark's ^^ i haven't watchd the last three .Thanks
this is the one I'm watching now ,its really good,the story's good its funny and the graphics are great^^ it gots me so far. Its new though unfortunately its only on episode 2 so well see what happens
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haa yes i dnt mind echhi im a guy hehee^^
ecchis not bad as long as theres a good story,either way hit me with some names😋😋 @windfox
mayo chiki for one I'll have to go back and and find the rest I've watched but I loved mayo chiki
Great!! finally a new anime😊😊ima start it when im off work,im about to go in😱😰😰 hahaa😂😂😂
let me know the rest when u can,dnt forget bout me^^ @windfox