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Buddha Bowls are super trendy but, to be honest, they're nothing new.

Just fill your bowl with delicious, nutrient-dense foods, add a little sauce if you'd like, and prepare yourself for the taste explosion that follows.

Here are three of my favorites!

1. Ultimate Vegan Buddha Bowl

With spicy chickpeas, quinoa, fresh greens, and a ton of avocado, where can you go wrong?
Recipe from Well & Full here!

2. Sweet Potato Chick Pea Buddha Bowl

I am so in love with this recipe. It is perfect for fall and winter when all you want to do is eat a ton of carbs and feel warm and full. The tahini sauce is delicious!
Find the recipe on Minimalist Baker here!

3. Nourishing Buddha Bowl

I have one word for you all: Beets. I love love LOVE beets and this recipe has a ton of them. Add in some roasted carrots and tofu and you have yourself an amazing meal.
Get the recipe here!

Does anyone else have a buddha bowl recipe?!

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