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I forgot to post this yesterday. Because the Fan Fiction mod support team is doing a special story project this week, I will not be posting a new challenge for Very Short Fan Fiction until next Wednesday. On the plus side, this gives anyone who was interested in participating in last week's challenge extra time to finish and post their stories before thr next challenge starts. Thanks you for your patience and I look forward to seeing what you write!
VSFF Tags List: @VeroniaArtino @AbbyRoscoe @Matokokepa @ManduBum @JarviaKlipka @AnneH @DailyDosesOfEXO @BabydollBre @VKookie47 @SelfishMachines @JarviaKlipka @ESwee @KwonOfAKind @melissagarza @ayleenchavez *** If I put you on the list by mistake or you no longer wish to be tagged, please let me know! ***
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