January 18th, 2017. Zuk likes my edit of him on both IG accts
January 19th, 2017.
This day was worth waking up at 5 am to watch this broadcast live.
These boys had me cracking up so much I couldn't believe the broadcast was ending already. They had rice cake making competition on their latest IDOL X IDOL episode.
Sungmin read my comment about Ron's laugh (21:50) and then he actually laughed lol
Hightop dropped the roll on the floor somehow lol (He also liked my reposted pic today too)
Lex's eyes have got to contacts and if they're not? Oh lawd hold me while I cry over his beauty.
Summary of occurred (from fyeahbigflo):
-Yuseong was not in the stream cause he was sick
-They were in a shop with aprons on ready to cook
-Brought out a middle aged man, Park Sang Myun.
-They showed all the ingredients - main ones were rice cakes, green onions, and eggs
-They played Rock, Paper, Scissors to separate into teams - Team 1 was Hightop, Sungmin, and Lex, and Team 2 was Ron and EuiJin, who went to their own station off to the side
-Ron and EuiJin seemed to have different ways of wanting to cook the food
-Both teams started by separating egg yolks and whites and frying them - EuiJin and Ron start playfully fighting over the yolk being cooked too much
-Both teams started cooking the rice cakes in their own broth, adding in the green onions, butter(?), and other ingredients they wanted for flavor
-EuiJin and Ron were play-fighting again
-They cut up the fried eggs into strips to be added on top of the broth when it’s finished
-Members would every so often go to each other’s station to see how the other team is cooking their food
-EuiJin tasted their broth and didn’t think it had enough flavor so he tried to cheat and add a ramen flavor packet, Ron tried to stop him but decided to let him do it
-Hightop came over and asked if EuiJin was trying to cheat, he denied it
-Hightop’s team finished the broth first, and added the eggs, and seaweed on top - as a side dish they were also cooking what looked to be some kind of bread rolls(?), and were frying up a few extra rice cakes
-Sungmin tried to taste one of the bread rolls directly from the pan but it was too hot
-EuiJin’s team finished the broth and put the seaweed and eggs on top, trying to make it look nicer than the other team’s - as a side dish they cooked the bread rolls into another small soup
-The shop owner(?) comes back to judge their finished products - he tried EuiJin and Ron’s first and liked it, and then tried Hightop, Sungmin, and Lex’s and had a bigger reaction to the flavor - final scores were 9/10 for Ron/EuiJin’s and 11/10 for HT/Sungmin/Lex’s, making them the winners
-All the members tasted the other team’s food, all think everyone did a good job
-Lex spoke briefly in English, just to say what they were cooking
-4 staff members came to taste the food - first was the Manager, second and third were a girl and a boy with red hair, and last was the camerawoman, who all thought EuiJin and Ron’s was too strong
-They wrapped up the episode and said goodbye
Ron posted a close up of his photo with part of his caption saying "A Piece of Cake" as it's also written on the sleeve of his jacket.
I can handle your cuteness and laugh, but don't wreck my list boi. You already on the borderline of regular bias and bias wrecker.
Also the moment finally came!!! The last solo teaser!!



*dies and comes back to life*
I'm good...I think
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