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I hear the sound of the gunfire. I start breathing heavily. I open my eyes and see blood coming down. I hear the gunshot again. I'm on the ground now. "You could of lived (y/n) but you chose yo save him. Now look at you how pathetic. " Jay laughs. I hear a final gunshot and Jay stops laughing. He collapses to the ground. I look up and see Sicheng holding a gun. "Si-SiCheng?" he unties Yoongi. Yoongi rushes over to me and holds me tightly crying. "(y/n) oh my God please forgive me. I'm sorry for everything! I love you! " I'm losing blood fast. "Hey (y/n) I'm really sorry I tricked you. it's just I started noticing how of an amazing person you are and I hate myself for kidnapping you for Jay. " SiCheng says to me. "It's okay" I whisper. "Can you walk? " Yoongi grabs my arm and puts it around his neck. "Thank You SiCheng. " we head to the hospital walking. SiCheng P.O.V. "Thank You SiCheng" (y/n) says to me. She seems so hurt. I feel so guilty. I've been actually catching feelings for her but look what happened to her because of me. I wave goodbye. They leave. "What should I do about him? " I look down and slightly kick Jay. I hear Yoongi scream. I ran and see (y/n) 's lifeless body on the floor. Tears form. I grab one of her hands. "Goodbye (y/n) "
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