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Thanks to everyone who participated in this giveaway. Below are the winners. If you won, please send me a private message (don't post on here since everyone could see your personal information) providing your address (Don't worry, I'll keep all your information private and will not share with anyone). I will be shipping these next week, so let me know by Monday January 23rd, aaannddd I'll get these over to you!
I hope you guys had fun. I know I did, reading your love for anime, it's awesome!
!!! If you liked this giveaway and would like another one, leave me a comment below with your idea of a theme, or anime you would like to see for next time, and I'll see what I can do!
Articuno mini pillow: @Shadow3750
Zapadoz mini pillow: @AmeliaMorgan
Moltres mini pillow: @AnimeLove300
One Piece journal: @politot and @FairyTailFan56
Sailor Moon journal: @CyderShadow
DBZ journal: @Riethu
--- I had two items left so I decided to take those who were left and randomized the remainders...but if you don't want them...lmk and I'll pic someone else:
DBZ journal: @jjbosy
Sailor Moon journal: @HunnaBallue (since idk if you are a girl or a boy...idk if this is appropriate, but if you don't want it, just lmk :D)
next should be Fairy Tail
oh yay!!! thanks