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Ive been a fan of Taemin since his first solo debut, Danger. Even though his Japanese debut song Goodbye came out in July, Im still in love with it... Ive now become a fan of Shinee & was watching some interviews & only just recently realized that Taemin's song Goodbye wasnt a single... its a MINI ALBUM!! How did I not know~ I really like it though!! Im in love with TIGER & the ballad song Sekai ❀ I want this album~ but its not as easy to order Japanese albums as Korean albums sadly Taglist: @Kpopandkimchi @ARMYstarlight @MichelleIbarra @Morganelisabeth @belencitagarcia @baileykayleen @jiyongleo @chelseajay @madandrea @stevieq @kpossible4250 @Vkookie47 @amobigbang @sarahdarwish @sugafree @tracylynnn @Bekikunstman @sharayahtodd @chaerica @prettieeEm @xergaB20 @ilennrocks @tigerlily84 @kpopgaby @keziahwright @creetheotaku @tayunnie @ashleykpop @sarahvandorn @mandynoona @drummergirl691 @katierussell @emilypeacock @sugaontop @thepinkprincess @jinsprincess86 @nell03 @moonchild03 @stephanieduong @aubriepope @hajelf @rainac3 @kchavens09 @saraortiz2002 @taetaebaozi @jojojordy2324 @agentleo @sosoaloraine23 @lexxcisco @emilygardner @lashonda0917 @kwellnitz @nancyvongvilay @annahizaragoza @anniechang1545 @ninjamidori @nenegrint14 @morleecorielus @mrsbangyongguk @edwey66 @amberg171997 @deefran @kyky97 @lolimbetter09 @lilmnm @veronicaartino @vipfreak2ne1 @christianliu @torchix @jungkookie1 @destinabyrd @emealia @jessAS @kellyoconner @itsmari @heidichiesa @cindystran @vixenvivi @aimeeh @kiki29 @roxy1903 @lizanightshade @saraortiz2002 @everiemisfit @LizaNightshade @brawner13 @vatcheeAfandi99 @zyxzj @taehyungv
Yesasia.com might be a good place to check for this album, they sell music from Japan, Korea, China, and Taiwan :)
Also Tiger is πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
I love it too!! Sayonara Hitori is amazing and I don't get tired of it. personally I prefer the Japanese version to the Korean version... but that could be because I heard it first. Anyway, Taemin is my UB and I can't wait until he shows us more gems!
I totally agree. I love Taemin's style, all around amazing performer. πŸ‘ Im looking forward to what he does next!