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Okay, so this is the first movie/drama review I have ever done. If you want me to do more let me know. (Warning: Spoilers) Synopsis Joo Joong-won is the stingy and greedy CEO of Kingdom, a conglomerate that includes a major department store and hotel. He meets the gloomy Tae Gong-shil, who started seeing ghosts after an accident. Their lives take a new turn as they work together to deal with the terror and sadness brought about by the spirits, while delving into a kidnapping incident in Joong-won's past. My Review Okay let me start off by saying that this was a well blended drama. It had a little bit of every genre of movie like romance, mystery, comedy, drama, and horror. The chemistry between Joo Joong Won (So Ji-sub) and Tae Gong Shil (Gong Hyo-Jin) was perfect.... I don't like dramas where the girl is too damn clingy no matter what the guy says or does and doesn't have a mind of her own because after a while I just can't take it anymore and want to throw my computer out the window, however although she was kinda clingy (using him as her shield) she did have a mind of her own (thank gawd) and, like I said it was a well blended drama so I didn't mind it at all. This drama is also really funny. President Joo's facial expressions and actions nearly kill me at times (I put some gifs of him on here). Although this drama is centered around ghost, it isn't scary to the point that it would be labeled a horror drama. I don't like watching scary shows but this was mild in the scary aspect. All the ghost in this drama have a back story and let me tell you (spoiler) the one lady who physically abuses her kid was a sad one. Tae Gong Shil (Female lead), usually figures out why the ghost haven't left and tries to solve their problems so that they can leave. President Joo's back story was him being kidnapped as a teen and that is brought up in almost every episode until they finally solve his story. His teenage self was played by my Infinite bias L!!!! Like a lot of dramas there is those few who like to mess everything up like (aka Queen B or the mean bishes).... -President Joo's Aunt: the wealthy (annoying!!!) bish who feels like President Joo is too good to date Tae Gong Shil -Tae Yi-Ryung: the model who tries to be better that Tae Gong Shil. Basically trying to 1-up everything she does. Usually in dramas I have second lead syndrome but not in this one. I didn't want Kang Woo to be with Tae Gong Shil although he is cute a times. Surprisingly I really wanted Kang Woo to be with the model Tae Yi-Ryung. Overall Overall I really like this drama. Its on my top 5 favorite list. Like I said I love how its a blend and balance of drama, romance, action, tragedy, comedy etc. All in one. If you are not currently watching any drama right now or can't find one to watch please look into watching this one.