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Love Hurts - Jungkook FF -- Characters- Kim Mina - Main Jeon Jungkook - Main Rest of BTS - Support Chu SooJin - Support Lee Yein - Support Chu KwangHee - Support -- 1 day ago -- "Do it I dare you!" I said and what was happening was that my friend was going to ask to boy I like if he liked anyone, but it gone wrong "What did he say?" I asked Yein "Well, he knows you like him" She said nervously and I felt sick I quickly walked away and walked back home where I was wanting to stay at tomorrow because I don't want to see Jeon Jungkook -- Present Day -- "Yah! Mina get up!" My mom pulled the cover of my sheets and I groaned "I don't feel good, can I not go to school today?" I asked but obviously she was going to say no "No! You need your education no matter what! No go get ready!" She walked away and I groaned even more Yesterday the worst thing has happened now I don't want to go to school. Please help. I isolated myself from all social media and now I don't know what's going to happen -- School!!!!! -- "Why?" I asked myself and managed to get to my locker without seeing him, and just so you know his locker is next to mine which is the worst part too "Hey Mina!" I heard a boy say and I looked around and saw Taehyung without the rest of his group "What?" I sorta nervously asked "Come to the rooftop with me!" He said in a cute way and I rolled my eyes "No now leave me alone." I said sternly and ignored him "Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please!" He kept saying and I gave in "Fine but go have 10 minutes of my time" I said and followed Taehyung to the rooftop "Bai" He said and pushed me out the door then locked the door leaving me alone "What the heck! Kim Taehyung! Unlock the door right now!!" I said banging on the door, but someone tapped me shoulder. "M-mina?" Someone said nervously and I turned around and saw Jungkook "..." I kept quiet and acted normal "I want to tell you something" He said and grabbed my hand "I like you." He said and I was shook "Y-you what?" I stuttered a little "I like you more then anything" He said again and hugged me "I don't know" I said then heard the door being unlocked. I ran to the unlocked door and ran down. He really confessed to me. I have to get out of here. I ran out of the school secretly and to the forest then I suddenly started crying I was crying and crying and crying even more. It has to be a joke I mean he is a butthead all boys are. I can't trust him because of something. Jungkook and I knew eachother since we were little but he moved away and forgotten about me. But now he confessed, he has to be lying But before he moved we were dating, and was each others first kiss, but he broke my heart and dumped me by a stupid text. Now I was heart broken, but the first time I saw him since we were little I fell in love with him. Now my secret gone out. -- To be Continued Yassssssssss, but the start of the story was actually true about me. Today my friend asked the boy I liked and he said he knew that I liked him, so now I feel like trash Somebody halp me!!!!!!!! I gotta face him tomorrow since I have 3 classes with him and his locker is next to mine. Tags - @KaiLuhan4ever @Mavis2478 @NicoleFireRose @BetseyBleau @KaelieShearer @Michelle305 @MariaMontoya1 @VatcheeAfandi99 @MelissaGarza @FromBlue2U @SaraHanna
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Is this new fan fiction? I can't wait to read what happens next.
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@KRuinedMeLife ok I'll definitely will be