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I'm baaaaaaaaaaack!! Sorry it's been a while since I posted a chapter, but I am going to try to work on a more consistent schedule. I went on vacation to MEXICO, on a cruise, which was why I was gone for so long, and I'm only just recovering because as soon as I returned, I started school and work full time again, so I'm catching up. Anyway, ya'll don't want to hear me ramble, so without further ado, here you go.
I looked over the nine bags of gifts that I had, proud that I had managed to finish all of them in time for Christmas in about ten days. *I have your Christmas present* I texted to Lisa and GD. I set my phone down and separated their two gifts, ready to give it to them when the opportunity arose. <Can you run it by now? Im in the studio *Sure. Ill also be able to deliver Lisas while Im at it* Excellent. Ill let them know youre coming. I felt excitement pump within me up as I got dressed, I was going to get to see INSIDE YG!! After delivering the presents, Id head into Jellyfish and see if anything needed to be done. After a quick subway ride, I found myself in front of YG Ent. I was practically shaking with excitement, but I forced myself to calm down and walk into the building. Can I help you? the guard at the door asked. Im here to deliver something for GD? I tried to sound confident. Ah, Miss Smith, he said you were coming. Please, come in. He is on the 8th floor. Thank you, I smiled, glad Id gotten in, and walked towards the closest elevator. Pressing the 8 button, I waited for the elevator to close and head up. Hold the elevator, someone called out. I pressed the Open doors button quickly and stuck my arm in the doorway to keep it from closing. Sliding into the elevator was none other than Daesung. 8th floor please. Okay, I answered, pushing the close doors button while trying to contain my excitement. It was literally about to burst. If he said anything to meSo youre going to the 8th floor too? Im a huge fan! Im sorry, I was severely embarrassed. Yes, Im going to the 8th floor. Are you a trainee? he asked with a chuckle. Ah…no. Im just here to deliver something. Deliver? Food? he tried to glance into the bag but I drew them away. No. A gift for a friend. Really? And they let you in? Yes.
The elevator dinged and the doors opened. GD was standing there, waiting, Lisa was right beside him with a warm look, Michelle, were so glad you could make it. Thanks, Im glad I had the opportunity to give you your gifts before Christmas, I smiled and stepped out of the elevator. You know her? Daesung looked at me and then at GD and Lisa. Oh yes, she recorded the song for my duet with Si-Kyung, Lisa took the proffered gift bag, and then I handed GD his gift as well. And I helped her get a phone. Its a bit of a story, I added as Daesungs look of wonder and awe fell across his face. A scarf? Its lovely! Lisa looked at the pink scarf that Id given her. I know its not much, but its been so cold lately, and I know you already have scarves, but its really all I can loom. Its wonderful, and so thoughtful. Thank you, she hugged me. I thought it was a bit uncharacteristic, but then again, she wasnt Korean. I like mine too. Youre very good at making scarves, GD grinned, looking over his black scarf. Thank you for the gift. Well, youve done so much for me, I wanted to thank you again, I bowed to both of them. Those look really warm, Daesung commented. Do you want one? Im afraid I would have to make it, since I dont have any extra right now, but I can. I think he would like one, GD responded for him. Do you have a specific color youd like? And do you prefer a rounded scarf, or a more square scarf? Well…Yellow is one of my favorite colors besides black, but I dont want mine to get mixed up with GDs. Ill make it for you then, and get it to you as soon as possible. Can I have your number? he asked. My inside fangirl was having a party and bouncing around, but on the outside I managed to somehow keep my cool. If you asked me about it later, I couldnt tell you how I accomplished it, only that I did. We exchanged information and I took my leave, thanking them again for their kindness and friendship. I hoped my scarves would receive as good reception with VIXX.
When I got back to my apartment, I grabbed the rest of the things Id need for work, and headed in. I had an extra scarf made as well, dark blue, for the guard at Jellyfish. He was always so nice and very patient with me. He thanked me for the gift, surprised that I would get him something, and I thanked him for his hard work and devotion to protecting everyone in the building. Finally, I got into the main part of the building and made my way to the bosss office. Come in, he called out when I knocked. Ah, Miss Smith, excellent. What are those? Ah, nothing special, I replied vaguely. How can I help you today sir? Ive got a friend of mine coming in this afternoon to test VIXX on their English skills, and hell determine how much more they will need for the company to profit. I wanted to let you know that Leo finished his song and recorded it yesterday. Really? Thats amazing. And hed been stuck on it for so long. Yes. I think inspiration finally came to him. It sounds very good. I look forward to hearing it when he releases it, I smiled. He might let you hear it beforehand. If he did, that would be a gift indeed. But I would never ask such a thing of him. Well, stay in the building until after the test this afternoon. You can feel free to use anything in the building that you need to. Thank you sir, I stood up, bowed, and left his office. I headed to the classroom, placing the bags all in a nice, neat row on the desk, and went to find the guys. I finally found them practicing a new song in the studio. Instead of staying to listen (since that wouldnt be fair to other fans), I left them to practice and went into Leos practice room, with the piano. I thought about what to play and finally smiled at my choice. 잊지 못해 너를 있잖아 아직도 눈물 흘리며 널 생각해 늘 참지 못하고 투정 부린 것 미안해 나만 원한다고 했잖아 그렇게 웃고 울었던 기억들이 다른 사랑으로 잊혀져 지워지는 게 난 싫어 어떻게든 다시 돌아오길 부탁해 처음으로 다시 돌아가길 바랄게 기다릴게 너를 하지만 너무 늦어지면은 안 돼 (Please Kim Bum Soo)
My fingers finished out the chords at the end and I smiled in satisfaction. It couldve used a violin or two maybe, but for the piano, it wasnt bad. Wow, you did just as well as Leo did, Hyuks voice said from the doorway. I stood up rapidly and turned around to find Hyuk, Hongbin, and Leo standing in the doorway. I didnt realize you were there, I blushed. Well, you werent exactly quiet in this studio, and despite being mostly sound proof, we can still hear if were passing by, Hongbin explained. Ill need to remember that, I smiled nervously. Sorry Leo, I didnt mean to take your piano. No, its fine. Anyone as talented as you, I dont mind if you use my piano. I heard you finished your song, congratulations. I cant wait to hear it when it gets released, I congratulated with a big smile. Im so happy to hear you were finally able to work through your block. Hyuk smirked and I looked at him in a puzzled way, but Leo just blushed, Ah, thanks. Well, I have gifts for all of you, if youll follow me, itll only take a moment. Gifts? Hyuk seemed surprised. I know you have a policy on gifts from fans, but this is honestly just a thank you and Christmas gift for all of you, I explained, wanting to make sure that there were no misunderstandings. I went to the classroom, and very soon, all six members were there, looking at the colorful bags. Okay, here are each of your gifts, I handed each of them their respective bag and watched them pull out the scarves. For Hakyeon, I had made his black and grey intertwined, for Hyuk I had done solid white, for Hongbin I did a navy blue, for Ravi I did a solid grey scarf, for Ken I did a white and gold intertwining, and for Leo I did a solid blue scarf. I tried to make them all uniquely colored so you wouldnt get them confused. And I know, theres a policy on gifts from fans, but think of this as a Christmas present, but also as a thank you present for being such amazing students and welcoming me so warmly here at Jellyfish. I cant thank you enough, I bowed to them. I watched them admire their scarves and it made me happy to see that they seemed to like them, well, at least they were good at pretending if nothing else. Leo held his new scarf in his hands, caressing the fabric, Did I get the colors right? Yes, thank you, Ken put his scarf on, Its so soft. Thank you, he grinned with a slight bow. And its warm, Hyuk wrapped it around his neck. Thank you, Ravi put his on as well. Im so glad that you all like your presents. Well, I dont have a gift, but I can sing a song for you as thanks, Ken stepped up with a smile. Its okay, I dont need anything in return. You should save your voice and put out an amazing album for STARLIGHTS this coming year. That would be thanks enough. Well said as both staff and a fangirl, Si-Kyung appeared in the doorway with a neutral expression. Oppa, I bowed respectfully. Boss wants you to work on a song. Surprise, I stared at him until he gave me an impatient look. I shook myself from my shocked state and stood up properly, Well then, Ill see you all later, I bowed and followed Si-Kyung out of the room. So…boss wants me to work on a new song? Gugudan is still busy touring and you can sing well enough. Oh…I see, it didnt really make sense to me, but then again, maybe it made sense in a cultural setting? We went into a studio and he handed me large headphones that covered my ears, and the lyrics were sitting nearby. I will leave you to it. WHAT? He is just…leaving me here? He closed the door and silence descended up on the room. I was just going to stay in here then? What had I gotten myself into by working here? Who knew that my duties would be so…out of the box. Merlin help my sanity.
And thats chapter 9 folks! In this chapter I included the original singer, Kim Bum Soo, and also Leos version of it. Let me know in the comments what you think, and if your heart melted like mine did! :)