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You vote for Kpop fanfic 馃榿馃榿馃榿
Hello my favorite Kpop social media fam. 馃榿 I've been writing a fanfic but I don't know who should be the three main characters. Let me explain the points and then you can choose, you need to pick one member of each group.
One member of Xo for the main character.
One main character from Got7.
And one from Bts.
Leave them in the comments and I'll pick the three most popular, and state weather you want them to be either "Y/N's" crush, best friend, or old dance partner. 馃榿馃榿馃榿 I'm really excited to see who you all pick. I haven't tagged anyone in years if you wish to be tagged in the up coming fanfics please tell me in the comments. Let the voting BEGIN!!!
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exo- chanyeol best friend Got7 jinyoung crush bts jhope old dance partner
7 months agoReply
EXO-Kai, old dance partner GOT7-Jackson, best friend BTS-Namjoon, crush and please tag me馃槉
7 months agoReply
exo beakhyun got7 youngjae BTS jungkook oh and tag me plz
7 months agoReply
EXO - chanyeol GOT7- bambam BTS- jhope or TaeTae either one I'm happy 馃槉 Please tag!!
7 months agoReply
Tag me please 馃
7 months agoReply