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due to language, and sensual content and violence
Reader & Loco

When Sober, he as sweet as a puppy, but when Drunk He's a true thug... You as one of the best cat burglars get caught when he's a Drunken Thug. Oh the things he does to you, the threats he makes come true. Makes you work for him, but only when he drunk. He ignores you when sober, in fear you will use his sober state as an escape.

~(Y/N Pov)~

When I came to, I was strip down to my bra panties set, and under the covers of a foreign bed, of a foreign bedroom. I got up to see a note on the night stand.

'Hope its to you're liking, you will be staying here for now on, and don't you care avoid my calls my beautiful 'Dream'. I will see you tonight.' - Loco

I sigh heavily, as I hung my head. I then noticed a newest I-Phone 7 next to the card. He really was planning to have me work for him. I picked up the phone to check the contact. I set up my own personal lock, so he couldn't get inside of it. I noticed my only contacts were from my actual phone, aside from the new contact... Loco.

I smirked and renamed it Wanna-be-Gangsta, before going to explore the apartment. The place was sweet, and fully hooked up. I had all the channels on my tv, local and overseas. The fridge was fully stocked and so were the cabins. I went to check the closet, and saw the only thing hanging was my clothes fully dry clean.

I took my clothes and wash up before getting dress. This place was better than my one room apartment I was renting like a hotel room. I was going to need to talk shop with this man before I did any business for him. I did have some grounds rules I wouldn't break for a soul. Plus I needed money to help my little sister. I heard the phone chime as I went to get a bottle of water from the fridge. I went to see who hit me up, and saw that it was him.

From Wanna-be-Gangsta,

'I'm gonna send one of my men over to help you get your shit to your new place. Tonight we can talk shop. Currently busy dealin with business... so I'll Deal with ya personally later.'

I rolled my eyes, after reading the text message. I was starting to not be able to stand this man. He really did have plans for me, and already he thought he was boss. I text him back that he couldn't do this to me, he didn't own me. I smirked, as I got the key, and went to leave the apartment. I was stopped though, as two big guys in all black suits stood before me. I heard my phone bing again, and looked down at the text message.

From Wanna-be-Gangsta,

'Oh but I do, cause you know there is no escaping me, Y/N. You either do what I want you to do or you can for become a beautiful angel fish. Now be a good little girl and get your shit. Instead of trying to be a big bad bitch.'

I click my tongue against my tongue and snarled at the guys, as I glare back up at them. "You're the goons he sent over?" They just started at me, as I sighed heavily, under my breath. "You're all fucking lucky I have a damn reason to live." I push pass them, as I spoke. They follow me to the elevator, and stay attached me, even to the studio apartment I was renting.

I pack what little stuff I had, and carry it all in one bag. I really didn't have much, since I had to sell most of it and the stuff I stole to pay the medical bills. One of them stop me form leaving the room, as the other look at him. "You know we should get some fun in ourselves with her, not like boss would know." I growl under my breath, quickly pulled out my knife and cut is arm, before punching him in the face.

"You try doing that and I fucking swear I'll kill you." I growled through my teeth.

I had the knife to his neck, as I grabbed hold of his gun he had hiding in his pants, and press it against his crotch. He didn't move as I turn to face the other goon. "If you try to back him up, I will pull the trigger, and his nuts will be gone." He just laughed and smiled at me. "Damn you're spunky, no wonder the boss likes you. You and I are good...I like men after all."

I raised an eyebrow and smiled at him. "You're gay.... Oh if that's true...that please make sure your the only man that escorts me to any business transactions between me and your boss." He just winked at me, before I back off the other, but kept his gun. I put my knife away, as I put the gun in my pants this time. "Seriously, why you have to go and tell her that."

He had fixed himself, and stood up, before treating his wound with a face-cloth. "Because, she went from Dream to Nightmare, just like the boss warn us. And any woman in this field of business that has something to loose... well lets just say I know from experience, 'Don't fuck with Mama Bear'." The gay man winked at me, and gave me a soft smile.

"Seriously, let me keep you." I pecked the gay one's cheek, before going for the car they drove me in. They took me back to the apartment, where I actually waited for Loco. I was so board, that even the games on the phone stop entertaining me. I drifted to sleep on the couch, with the gun hiding under my pillow.

A hand grazing my arm, woke me up, and my instincts triggered. I grabbed to gun, and put it to Loco's head, as I made full eye contact with him. "They warn me you had a gun. A bit surprised you dared to pull it on me. I am the only one that has the access key to your apartment, other than you, Dream."

Loco didn't look scared at all to have a gun to his head. I search his eyes, and he really wasn't afraid, he seem more turn on and excited than scared. I could smell the liquor again coming from his breath. Since he was so very close to me. I slowly pulled the gun from his head, but his hand instantly grabbed my arm that held it.

"How about we take that dangerous toy away from you. For your own safe, as well as mine."

I hesitated, but I ended up giving up the gun to him, as I sat up. He sat down beside me, but made my legs go across his lap. "Now, Y/N, Let's talk. I bet you want me to make sure you get some percentage cut form anything you steal for me, or get back, Am I right?" He smirked at me, as his hand rubbed my leg. He set the gun down on the stand beside the couch.

"So now we can talk business, okay lets get this fucking straight. I understand I have to work for you, to live, or else you'll kill me. Doesn't fucking mean you own my ass. I will fight kick and scream bloody murder while shooting up a place, before I become anyone's bitch."

Loco just laughed at my words, as I was being dead ass serious with him. "Alright alright, I'm not asking you to give me you're entire freedom... Lets just say you're free when the sun is up, but when night falls...." He turn to look at me, as his expression turn serious.

"You're sexy ass better be here in this apartment, awaiting for me to give you orders."

His hand tapped the gun on the stand, as he spoke to me. I ended up in a stare down with him, as I sighed heavily. "I'll give you till 1am to give me orders.... if not I'm going to do my own thing. As you said I do need money. I have my own personal reasons for it, but I will not do anything for you with out at least some percentage of money."

He nodded, letting me know that he understood. "ten to thirty percentage is all I'll give you. But you need to keep yourself in check. I don't want my Dream getting caught, so no stealing from anyone I haven't order you to steal from." I groan and lay back on the couch, earning a chuckle from him.

"Dude, you're killing my buzz here. I'm already fucking board out my mind here." I saw him move my leg up, making me look at him. He was brushing his fingers along the tear in my jeans. He then noticed that my wound was never treated. "I gave you an first aid kit, and left it on the counter. Why didn't you treat this?" He glared at me, from the corner of his eyes.

"Its just a flesh wound."

"Flesh wound?!"

He sounded annoyed, as he grabbed my pants, pulled them off me. I went to stop him, but he grabbed my arms. Once my pants were off, he pushed me down, and got up, after pushing my legs off his lap. I was a bit stun as he went into my room. He was only in there for one second, before coming out and pointing inside.

"You're fucking kidding me? That all you're shit?"

I nodded my head, as he groan and whilst rolling his eyes. "This won't do." He went towards the exit and spoke to his men, he came back in and went straight for the bathroom. I went to grab my pants and put them back on.


I looked over at the stand and saw that the gun was gone. "Oh come on!" I sighed heavily and lay back on the couch. Loco came out of the bathroom, and came to treat my wound. I wince in pain as he looked up at me. "Oh its painful? Well that what you get for not treating it."

I glared at him, as he grabbed my hips and turn me, so his head was between my legs. "Don't make me punish you... Stop with the dirty looks or you'll never get to see my nice side." I instantly cover my womanhood with my hands. He smirked as slowly blew on my wound, before covering it.

"I need you to take care of yourself, Y/N. You're not just going to steal and get back what is mine. You're are personally going to be my date for everything. After last night...." He bit his lip as he drew closer to my face, towering over me. His hands resting on the side of me, as his forehead rested on mine.

"I want you so bad right now you have no idea. I have never had a woman like you before, and I can't get you out my mind, even when I'm sober." I took a deep breath, as I noticed he licked his lips. "Are you actually drunk right now?" Loco's eyes shot open, and locked eye contact with me. His hand had shot up to my neck, but didn't squeeze. It just rested on the base.

"Remember this, I'm your boss now, Y/N. Don't ask pointless questions, or I'll shut you up like I did last night." He sent of alcohol burn my nose a bit, as I his thumb push my chin up, so our lips locked. "I'll make you want to be mine... just you watch. For now, I want you to rest for the evening. Its still early, so go shopping and get some clothes. I made sure the guard you like will be with you at all time."

He pulled away from me and threw my jeans at me. He place the first-aid kit on the kitchen island, and grabbed his jacket. "When you're done shopping wear the sexiest dress you get, and come meet me at the club. Like I said you'll be my date when you're not working."

Loco had turn to me and winked, before leaving me sitting on the couch... speechless...
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