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Yoongi Body Part Appreciation Post

I love his hands. I don't know why, I just do. They look so delicate... If I could hold his hand, I gladly would bc YES.
HIS THIGHSSS. They have been bulking up lately and I'm loving it. (Ofcilovehisbeforethighstoojs)
I had to gulp down my drool when I saw those thighs.
Just gotta say, don't underestimate the hands
I've never thought his hands were delicate.I've always thought that were so manly and masculine.which is a dumb thought bc he's a dude I know. LOL
It's not a dumb thought at all, lol. I mean, it's all opinion-based but his hands could be described both ways. :p
😂😂 yes cuz my eyes totally went to his thighs instead of his crotch first 😂😂
I agree with you on those thighs😃
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