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Hello Candies! I hope everyone is well.
I was looking through my stash of Takuya pictures and my pictures of Mark from GOT7 and I realized they could be twins! I mean Takuya could be the Japanese Mark, and it's kinda funny too, their personalities match, they both can be really quiet and sneaky when they are playful.
The first pic when I first saw it I wasn't sure if it was Takuya or Mark but after looking at it more closely I could finally tell, but still. Same with the 4th pic, Takuya or Mark, if Takuya didn't have his beauty mark he would be 100% twin of Mark...I guess that's why I like Mark from GOT7, they look so much alike and their personalities too. They remind me of princes and cats...I may be crazy but that's my opinion
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Yeah I can see the similarities between them 😀