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You know how shitty American dramas are right? Their script is boring and overdone, the sets are obvious, and the cameras film at porn quality. Well, because of that I never watched any, but after I heard that T.O.P is an actor, I immediately searched his name on Netflix and The Commitment came up. Thanks to him, I have watched so many dramas, had my heart broken so many times, laughed and cried, cringed at awkward kisses (not from Lee Jongsuk and Lee Minho though because they don't fuck around with those lame pecks on the lips, they go for it) I've also seen more Korean history films and shows than I have with American history. For example, I never watched war films, but I watched 71: Into the Fire and honestly kinda loved it. His acting is so amazing
Seungri helped out a bit with Angel Eyes too hahaha
i loved angel eyes! 😂
Me too. I need to watch it again
😍😍😍😍😍 His moviessss.. but i cant with the endings.... 😣 thank you for joining 💜