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SO BEAST! 안녕하세요, 비스트 모드 스쿼드 입니다! (SO BEAST! Hello, we are BEAST Mod Squad! *Throwing Double Peace Signs!* Hello Beauty! Its Melissa, one of your Beast mod supporters. Today I'll be providing you connections with Beast Around Us Official SNS. V app channel Beast Around Us YouTube Beast Official Channel Around Us Official Channel *Please note that these links are to videos from those channels.*
These are the YouTube channels of Beast and Around Us Entertainment Twitter Beast Check out BEAST 손동운 (@beastdw): Around Us Check out Around US Ent. (@ent_aroundus): Instagram Beast Around Us Facebook Beast Around Us I hope these links help out all the Beauties stay in touch with our Beast.
Yay I'm so happy they have official accounts now 😊😊😊
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It is 😊😊😊
a year ago
Thank you! Now I can get the office accounts!
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@sukkyongwanser You're welcome! ❤
a year ago
Awesome! Thank you Melissa!
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