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This is my entry for the special prompt for this week! This week's very special prompt: Heartbreak! This may be a wild roller coaster ride but I must say this first!

Trigger Warning:

There is abuse and alcoholism in this fanfiction. Beware, read cautiously and responsively! Onwards, to the story I have concocted from my own brain with one of the characters based off of the book series "Wings"! If you haven't read it, I recommend it. It's a great fantasy book series. Story time~!

Cassandras POV

" "Cass!" I turn around to find my boyfriend, Blaine Adam Dodds, running toward me with a basket in hand. "I'm so sorry about blowing our date off yesterday! My father needed some help!" Blaine profusely apologizes. "Blai, it's fine! Your father needed help, its okay. I understand." I say softly, smiling warmly at him. He returned my smile before he set up the picnic he brought me. "Cassie, are you having another flashback?" A soft voice breaks me out of my thoughts. I look up at my best friend, Laurel. I smile weakly in an attempt to reassure her. "I'm just thinking, Laurel. No need to worry." She frowns in response. "I'm always worried about you, Angel." I frown at the nickname of my middle name. "Angel, I didn't mean it. I had a few drinks, I didn't mean any of it." He begged but I turned away, holding a hand to my swollen cheek. "That's what you said the last time." I say flatly, fighting back the stinging tears. "Cass, please! I didn't mean it!" He cried and I heard him sink to his knees behind me; I assume he was clasping his hands together. "Blaine. I can't forgive you." I sigh, clutching my elbow before I was suddenly spun around and pushed against the wall as his lips crashed on to mine. He always knew how to make me forgive him, even if hes hurt me. "Cassie, please stop spacing out on me." Laurel begs and I stare at her. "'M just daydreaming. Its no biggy." I smile at her, moving past her to my couch. "What do you want to watch?" I ask, sitting down. "How about 'Law and Order: Special Victims Unit'?" She requests, plopping down next to me. "Why do you insist on watching this?" Blaine sneers, he obviously had too much to drink if his alcoholic breath wasnt a dead give away. "It's interesting." I shrug, pulling my blanket closer to me. "Well, it's absolutely disgusting." He comments, standing up and sways slightly before sauntering away. "Where are you going?!" I freak out, standing up. He couldn't go out while dead drunk! "Blaine! You can't just walk out!" I worry before he spins on his heel and backhands me. "Shut up. You're much too whiny for me. I'm going to get more beer." He sneers, not acknowledging that he slapped me before he left my apartment. I can't believe I let myself fall in love with such a man as him. Blaine was nothing more than a smooth talking, lying, and cheating boy. He shouldn't even be classified as a man at this point. "Let's watch something else." I suggest, changing the channel to one of the Disney channels. "Oh look, they're showing their animated films tonight!" I exclaim, smiling as Laurie laughs. "You're such a Disney freak and I love that about you." She smiles, leaning back for the marathon. My shattered heart flutters at the compliment from her. "Why are we watching Disney movies again?" Blaine complains, putting his hands behind his head. "Because they're cool, duh!" I exclaim, smiling widely as I excitedly watch the movie. "Disney movies are for little kids. What, are you five, Cassandra?" He sneers, leaning back and closing his eyes. My heart breaks at his words. "Oh my gosh! No, no, Flynn Rider can't die!" Laurel shouts at the screen, tears escaping her eyes. I laugh quietly, covering my mouth to further quiet the noise. "He'll be okay. He's probably got out of worse situations than this jailhouse." I smile knowingly, playing with the end of my braid. "Gosh, I hope he and Rapunzel get together. They're so cute together!" She squeals. "Blaine? I'm home, Blaine, where are you?" I call out, frowning as I hear nothing in response. "Blaine, I swear to cows on the moon, if you're trying to scare me…" I trail off, heading toward our bedroom. I stop once I hear voices. My heart stops when the door opens by itself. Blaine had invited his friends over and there he was, surrounding by empty beer bottles on my bedroom floor and making out with another girl that was one of his exes that he had told me not to worry about. "Blaine Adams Dodds! What is the meaning of this?!" I yell, furious and heartbroken at the thought that maybe he did this because I just wasnt good enough. He pulls away from the girl, slightly dazed before his gaze focuses on my angry yet despaired figure. "Sorry, bae, but you just weren't cutting it. You're e always away from me and you never had time for me. I needed somebody to give me time, unlike you." He sneers, efficiently shattering my heart. "Then fine. Collect your things and get out of my apartment. We're through." I calmly state, trying not to completely fall apart in front of him. He shrugs, getting up and gathering few of his things before he leaves with his friends and girl toy following him. "You were riCassie? Are you okay? No, no, stop crying, please! Youre going to make me cry! Laurel softly murmurs, suddenly pulling me to her. Thank you for stitching me back together. I murmur into her neck after a few moments. What? I love you.

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