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Who: Reader x Sun Ju Kyung What: Smutmance (what you get when Smut and romance have a baby) Story: You never thought you'd agree to something like this. His interests are unconventional but you're willing to taste this life he likes...
Y/n's POV You opened your eyes wide at the champagne colored hall. A chandelier was center in the large room, people were moving about with masks, some had pets others had women or men on their arms. Somehow it was still clear which one was dominate and submissive based on how they walked and even who talked first. There were men in tuxedos and women in beautiful dresses and here you were in a white body suit dressed as a bunny. Ju Kyung led you through the crowd keeping you close to him. Waiters with champagne glasses floated around for people to grab one. Was this an event or was it just an everyday thing? He really wanted you to behave, you weren't sure you could. You looked around curiously eyeing everyone that was in the room. There were political figures here too? Shit this is wild. Ju Kyung continued to pull you along; you were getting distracted by other things going on in the room. Some actors were here that you recognized and even idols. Mostly rich business owners were here and in charge. You stopped to look around at the beautiful room around you. You felt like Cinderella lost at the ball except you didn't get to arrive in the pretty ball gown just a bunny suit. Music played in the room loud enough to hear but soft enough to talk to the person next to you without having to shout in their ear. These people were fans of using their inside voices. They seemed classy in a way but also stuck up, the kind of company that would make you forget your manners. You had stopped moving without realizing it and Ju Kyung came and wrapped his arm around you. He came close to your ear and said, "You need to stay with me Velvet do not stray." You looked at him finally breaking your attention from your surroundings. He cupped your face and gave you a light kiss. He slipped his hand around your waist and kept you close. This way he could make sure you kept up with him. You finally walked back far enough where the Masters and pets seemed to generally hang out at. There was a bar in the corner with a bartender serving drinks to Masters or pets picking up drinks for their Masters. Ju Kyung led you over to a couch that was occupied by a woman and her male pet currently licking her heat. His attire was...odd. He was in a very revealing suit, his crotch bunched up into a leather thong like bottom. He had a spiked collar that had a harness that connected to his thong and went around his body. She was holding his leash while she leaned back sipping her drink. She looked unfazed by what her pet was doing to her. "Queen you look bored today." Ju Kyung said. The woman looked up at Ju Kyung and her originally dull and bored expression brightened up when she saw him. She sat up straight and placed her glass down on the table next to her. The male kept licking her without ceasing, "Ju Kyung you're back! It's been so plain without you around. This must be the new little pet Hyunsu has been talking about." She said. She smiled big but there was a dark tint in her eyes. Some dark desire that existed in her, the same look Ju Kyung gave you sometimes. Ju Kyung didn't notice it or maybe he didn't care, "Yes, her name is Velvet. Say hello Velvet." He said to you. Hello? You didn't remember what he wanted you to do. You looked to him. He sighed and whispered in your ear, "Twitch your nose." He said. You nodded and twitched your nose. Queen giggled happily, "Oh what a cute trick, that's something I've never seen a bunny do. I'm actually surprised at you Ju Kyung for not only taking on a new born but a bunny. She'll be awfully difficult to tame." She said. Ju Kyung nodded, "She hasn't done too bad so far." "Well a streak can only last so long before it's broken." She said. "Fair enough." "Come sit I need something entertaining, this dog of mine is unsatisfying today," She looked down at the dog licking between her legs and pushed his head back hard. "Alright knock it off you've done nothing for me today." She said. He whined but sat as he was supposed to, keeping his eyes on her. Ju Kyung let go of your waist and sat down next to Queen. He looked to you and simply said, "Sit." There was no room on the couch for what he wanted you to do and so you took the floor, as he had trained you to and stayed by his legs. Queen and Ju Kyung began to talk and you looked around. The couches seemed to be situated in a way where you couldn't really see beyond this section and then anyone in the section would have to turn or look over the couch to see what was going on. You wondered why it was set up like this. It seemed to you that the others were doing some other things. You looked around the room and then to the guy next to you. He was still looking at Queen. He hadn't moved from his position, there was no making him until his master gave the command. You then looked up to Queen, you hadn't been paying attention to their conversation at all but you finally noticed her leaning over to Ju Kyung and her two fingers walking themselves up his thigh. She placed her hand on his cheek and you sat up a little, unaware your face showed how annoyed you were. You didn't even know why you were annoyed you had no problem sleeping with or kissing other people. Besides, this wasn't a relationship but you didn't want her lips on him either. Your lips pressed together and your eyebrows came down the longer they held the kiss. Your entire body was heating up but more from anger and annoyance than being turned on. Queen came off Ju Kyung's lips and she caught you in the corner of her eye. She chuckled and pulled away to look down at you. "My my, your bunny doesn't like me." She said. She wasn't wrong. Ju Kyung looked down at you and he chuckled, "It would seem so. She didn't like Hyunsu either." "She doesn't like it when I touch you though." Queen reached for Ju Kyung's crotch and you looked away pissed. You were still trying to figure out why you were pissed. This was just supposed to be a sexual relationship. If you thought about it hard enough, the reality of it was that you never really liked seeing Ju Kyung around other women. Especially when you two went drinking together, that was part of the reason you went so wild around him. You didn't like seeing it but you never really noticed that you felt this way until now. Somehow Queen had enhanced your dislike of him being touched by another woman or perhaps if was the situation that he was your Master so you should be the only one he was touching and kissing. Ju Kyung's hand came down and his finger tips met your chin to turn your face to him. He bent down to give you a little kiss on the lips. His tongue only grazing yours for a second before he sat up straight. Queen smiled at you and then she looked at Ju Kyung. "Hyunsu said your little bunny had fun with the pups. That means she likes women too right?" She smiled. "She's been with women I can't necessarily say she likes them." Ju Kyung said. She hummed amused, "Let me play with her." She said. "Queen I let the pups play with her for a reason. You know I don't like to share." He said. "You don't like to but you do. I've seen you do amazing things to your pets. Somethings I'm sure you'll do to her. The poor sweetheart has no idea what she's gotten into does she?" She said. "She's different so things have changed." He said. She laughed, "Come on Ju Kyung, this pathetic doggy of mine hasn't been able to ring my bell all night let me play with your bunny. I want her." She said. You looked to Ju Kyung wondering what he was going to say. You figured he may let her do so because she was a woman. He probably would've been more hesitant with Hyunsu. You wondered what she meant by Ju Kyung doing "amazing things" to his past pets. It honestly didn't sound like a good thing. Ju Kyung shrugged, "Fine do what you like." She smiled, "Come here Velvet dear, I want to know how good you are." She beckoned you over with a finger and you looked up at Ju Kyung. You crawled up between Queen's legs and she lifted you up on your knees. She cupped your face and gave you a deep kiss, her mouth sucking on your tongue and the wet sounds filled your ears while your core begged to be touched. She came off of your lips and opened her legs a little wider and she lifted her short dress a bit more for a better view. She was still wet from her pets tongue and he still hadn't looked at you. Did he feel the same way about you kissing her as you did when she kissed Ju Kyung? He was dedicated to his role far more than you could understand; he wasn't taking his eyes off of her. Queen's hand came to the back of your head and she pulled you to her heat. "Come on baby girl, show me how well you can lick." She said. She smelled like pure sex. You began to swipe your tongue up her slit. Your tongue circled around her clit before you gave it a little kiss. You started licking a little faster, the tip of your tongue worked at her clit moving in short quick strokes to tease her nub. Her hips rolled a little in your face and she brought you in more as she moaned lowly. "Oh Ju Kyung she's such a good little bunny." She moaned. "Yes she is." Ju Kyung hummed. You felt his hand pet the back of your head while you continued to lick her. You moved your head to one side for a different angle then to another side for another angel. You brought your tongue to her rim licking around and teasing it with your tongue. "Oh fuck she's so fucking good." She moaned. She looked to her pet and said, "You see that, that's how you eat a girl out. Now I want you to watch how she does it." She looked back to you, "Fuck little Velvet you can use your fingers too." She said. It wasn't a suggestion, she wanted you fingering her too. You didn't even look up at Ju Kyung, if he could kiss her then you'd do this without looking for confirmation. Your fingers went up to her heat and she hummed nicely, "Curl your fingers more." She said. You did as she asked but curled them a bit further and tried to push your fingers deeper into her. Your tongue kept working around her clit and her hips started to ride up into your face. "That's enough Velvet." Ju Kyung said. You kept going, "Don't stop her now Ju Ju she's got me so close." Queen said. You flattened your tongue to lick her up slowly. Her hand pulled you into her heat more with the intent to smoother you. Her sent filled your nose while your lips closed around her clit to suck on her. "Oooh, fuck Ju Kyung your little bunny likes women and men. Shit! -- She's a little slut." The moment you heard slut you stopped. She looked down at you and yanked your head up, "Hey! No stopping." She said disappointed. Ju Kyung looked slightly annoyed you ignored him and then the smile that came on his face made you think he found the perfect payback. "Keep going Velvet, make her cum." He said. You stared at him in refusal to continue this. He stood up and came around to your other side. He moved the man out of the way and the guy walked around to your other side. Ju Kyung grabbed Queen by her knee and opened her legs wider. He knelt down next to you and brought you into a kiss. His tongue explored your mouth finding her taste on your lips and somehow you were okay with him tasting her that way than him kissing her. He slowly pulled away from your lips and he gave you a sneaky smile. He turned to her heat and licked at her folds. You felt your heart pound and even a little huff left your lips when you saw him do it. He continued to lick her in front of you and your stomach twisted. Why was this pissing you off so much? He came back up and kissed you. You held onto his shirt and tried to push into his lips to make it deeper. You didn't want him on her. You didn't know why you didn't want him on her. You didn't know why you were jealous, you just knew you wanted him off of her. He ran his fingers through your hair making your kiss even deeper. His other arm wrapped around your waist and he pulled up to whisper, "You're being bad Velvet. Very bad." He was breathless, he was turned on. Queen leaned over and said, "Let's go into one of the back rooms to finish this play time." Ju Kyung stared into your eyes and said, "I think you're right. Come Velvet, stand up." He said. He stood up letting you go and held out his hand for you to grab. You stood up on your own without his hand and Queen laughed. "See, difficult to tame." She said. Ju Kyung grabbed your jaw tight and came near your face. You looked upset at him but it was really because he was hurting you. He did the same thing in the car yesterday. You wondered if he even realized how hard he was gripping your face. "Fix your fucking face Velvet, if I offer you my hand you take it, do you understand?" He whispered pissed. You nodded. "Say it." "Yes." You said. "Yes what?" "Yes Master." You said. He let go of you and wrapped his hand around your waist. He kissed your jaw when he saw you rub it. He whispered in your ear, "Sorry." He must've realized now that he hurt you. You could hear he was genuinely upset earlier and now he was genuinely apologetic. You two followed Queen and her pet that followed her on his hands and knees. You never thought you'd see a man be that submissive to a woman even to the point they'd walk like a dog and be led by a leash. Ju Kyung said it was all done with consent, she couldn't do it if he didn't consent but it just didn't click in your mind that easily. He was on all fours walking around, what about his knees? Your concern for the man was lost when you entered the room. Queen had gotten a key from one of the staff members. This place was built like a hotel almost so their private rooms up here needed a key to get in. Once again there was a large round bed but the sheets were gold. There was one chair in the corner of the room and there were gold sheer curtains hanging around the bed. The lights were dimmed low and there was a small door that led to a bathroom. Clearly this wasn't a place to stay for the night just a place of pure sex. Queen had her pet sit in the chair and for some reason you found relief that he was no longer on his knees. Ju Kyung looked to him and then to Queen, "If he touches her there better be a condom." He warned. She waved him off with an eye roll. "Please like I'd let him touch one of your girls. He's been unsatisfactory all night any way so he can watch. As for you sweet bunny-" She came over to you, her forefinger meeting just under your chin and lifting your face to hers. "I want that tongue back down on me. If you can make me cum I'll do amazing things for you too. Things even your Master couldn't do." She said playfully. That dark desire in her eyes flashed again. You looked back at Ju Kyung to see if it was in his eyes as well. He had let go of your waist but he was staring at Queen annoyed. "Don't forget she's mine, you can only have as much of her as I want." He said. She nodded and hummed her understanding while her hands cupped your cheeks. She pulled you close to her and kissed you for a long while. She was taller than you because of how high her heels were and with her pushing down on your lips and her tongue exploring your mouth you could no longer ignore the coil in your stomach. Your body heat rose wanting, craving sex. Like when you were drunk, you just wanted sex. She pulled up from you and said, "Take my dress off." You reached for the hem of her dress and pulled it over her head; she was naked underneath. She got on the bed and beckoned you to follow. Ju Kyung followed behind you as you climbed on the bed to get to her heat again. You went back to licking her again and you felt fingers come to your entrance making you moan. You looked back shocked. Ju Kyung stood behind you, he'd moved your suit to the side and pushed two fingers inside of you. He twisted them making you moan again. "Keep going." He ordered. You turned back to Queen and licked at her heat. Your tongue flicking her clit fast then circling around it before you began to suck on it. She pushed your head down in her heat and your fingers went inside of her curling up even more. She cursed while moaning loudly. You hummed on her clit while Ju Kyung's fingers continued to fuck you from behind. He added a third finger to stretch you out more and you began to rock back on his fingers. You removed your fingers from her core and you let your tongue penetrate her. "Oh shit, she's so fucking good." Queen moaned loudly. She held her leg up high, her heels still on and you still clothed. Ju Kyung kept his fingers inside you as he moved to your side and knelt down beside you. He kissed your cheek then your neck making you moan into her. "Look at me." He said. You turned to face him and he kissed you quick. "Make her cum." He commanded. The command made you tighten around his fingers and he sort of smirked at that. He got up and went behind you again. You pushed your tongue inside of Queen licking around her and her moans got louder. Ju Kyung's fingers left you and his tongue met your heat too. You moaned as Queen cried out, "Oh fuck, make me cum. Come on little Bunny, make me fucking cum." Her dirty mouth struck you more and you licked her with the purpose of finding her release. Your fingers pushed inside her again, this time three meeting her heat. Your fingers pounded into her body and you sucked on her clit. The wet sounds in your ears turned you on more and you tightened around Ju Kyung's wet muscle. Shit this was too good. Queen gripped your hair as her legs shook and she announced that she was coming. She screamed her release and came down from the high panting. "Shit. Wow, what a talented Bunny. Now this how you make a girl cum." She said. You were moaning because Ju Kyung was still licking you up. Queen sat up to get to your lips and she kissed you while he kissed your sensitive clit. Your heart was racing, you wanted Ju Kyung to do more to you but Queen was greedy. "Let me taste her Ju Kyung." She said. He smacked your butt playfully and he said, "Let her have a taste." She laid back and you made your way up her body and sat your knees above her shoulders. She wrapped her arms around your thighs and you felt her tongue swipe across your folds. You moaned and bent over. Ju Kyung shook his head, "Sit up Velvet." He said. You sat up straight and you felt her pull your body suit over more. Her tongue came back and your face contorted in pleasure. Ju Kyung came up to you. His hands met your breast, making you come down lower on Queen's face. Her tongue pushed in and out of you at a far different pace than you did to her. He kissed your neck and your hands came up to his shoulders. He pulled your hands off of him and held them behind your back. Your breathing was heavy and your legs shook a little. Your hips moved harder on her tongue. "Ju- Kyung." You moaned. He grabbed you by your neck and came close to your lips. His eyes shifted from your lips to your eyes and he said, "Address me properly." "Master." You mewled. He squeezed your neck a little tighter and pulled you down to his lips so he could kiss you. You pulled up from him to breathe. "Don't you dare cum." He said. You shook your head, "Please." You begged. "No." He said sternly. You were going crazy your hands came to Queen's hair and you tried to stop riding her tongue. She spanked your butt to get you to keep moving. "Don't stop Velvet. You keep moving." Ju Kyung said. You had a limit for fuck sakes and you were reaching it. You kept moving like he said, trying to hold back from the orgasm that was coming anyway. "Don't cum." He warned. "I can't. I can't," You repeated helplessly. "Let me stop." You begged. "No keep going." he demanded. "I'm gonna cum." "Don't." He said. You were breathing hard and losing yourself. He came back to kiss you. He'd been holding your neck this entire time. He kissed you deeply. "I'm the only one that should make you cum." he said. "Ju K-Kyung." You cried. He tightened his grip on your neck again but that made you scream your release. Your body jerked uncontrollably at the orgasm. You tried to catch your breath. Ju Kyung pushed you back into the bed. "Did you just fucking cum?" He growled. You swallowed hard and nodded slowly. "Didn't I tell you not to cum?" He said. "Yes." "Yes what?" He growled again. "Yes Master." You said back quickly. He was scaring you. You didn't want to admit it but he was. Your adrenaline rushed through your body. He'd never been like this before. Not when he was drunk, not when he was annoyed and you didn't recall ever seeing him this angry especially at you. That dangerous tone and dangerous look in his eyes is what made you scared. You didn't know this Ju Kyung at all. He got off the bed and stood up straight. "Get the Fuck off the bed. You disobeyed me so now you're going to be punished." He said. "Wae? I told you I couldn't stop it." You argued back. He snatched your jaw and pecked your lips but he was definitely still in this dangerous mode. You clenched your jaw still scared. You looked at him wild eyed. "It's in your best interest to stop speaking right now or your number will jump from six to eight. Do you understand?" He said. "Yes Master." You said. You stood up and he led you to the door. He took you out of the champagne colored hall and to the elevator. Queen and her pet followed you two out. She wanted to watch, it annoyed you that they wanted to watch. He brought you down to the same training room you two were in before and he pushed you into a single room. He demanded Queen and her pet stay outside. She didn't argue with him. He closed the door behind him and walked you over to two chains hanging from the ceiling. He lowered them enough for him to bind your hands in the cuffs attached to the chains and kissed your head. He lifted your face so that you'd look at him. "No one else can make you cum but me. You weren't supposed to cum, that is why you're being punished. You didn't listen to me." He said. How was that something you could control? If she had let you go, if he had let you stop then you would've held out but he purposely pushed you to it. He was looking for a reason to punish you. Just one time to give you an example of what it was like. "You'll have to train yourself to hold it even when you keep getting stimulated. The other pets had to learn too." He said. Damn, you wish you knew how. He walked behind you and then came back around only to show you what he grabbed. "The paddle, you get six strikes. You're going to count out loud each strike. Do you remember your safe word?" He asked. "Cotton." You said softly. "If you can't take it then say it." He said. He said it almost like a challenge. He was using everything he knew about you against you. You were way too stubborn to admit you couldn't take it yet he was always the one to see you in the most vulnerable states. You felt him strike you with the paddle the first time. It stung but it wasn't unbearable. "One." You said softly. He hit you again slightly harder. You clenched your teeth feeling the sting last longer. "Two." You said. He hit you the third time with more force that made you groan your pain out loud. "Three." Your hands started shaking. He hit you harder; you sucked in air and your legs started shaking. Your hands curled into fists. Tears left your eyes despite you holding back. It was so painful. He was hurting you, "C-co-" No. It's only two more, you can handle it. "Four." You said before sniffing. "Your ass is turning red. It looks so cute." He said low. He was getting off to this. This was why he wanted to punish you. The second strike was clothes pins wasn't it? He was going to yank them off of you all at once. The sound of his next strike mixed with your cry. One of your legs came up and you cried, you tried to settle yourself, you tried to breathe. "Count." He demanded. "Five." You said weakly. The last one hurt the worst, the stinging from the fifth strike hadn't gone away and he hit you harder than any of the others. "S-six." you said broken. You heard him set down the paddle and he came to face you. You tried to hide your face by looking down but he could hear you crying. "Why didn't you say it?" He asked. He tried to touch you and you backed away. He looked at you shocked that you ran from him. He took you out of the cuffs and you wiped your face. "You have to say it if I go too far Velvet." He said guilty. He really felt bad for hurting you. He kissed your forehead and shushed you. He scooped you up in arms and you wrapped your arms around his neck. He opened the door and stopped for a second. You hid your face in his neck. "Tell me Ju Kyung, do you still wonder why your pets never come back?" Queen said. There was a smug tone in her voice. Smug but knowing, she knew what Ju Kyung was like that's why she came. She knew this side of him. You had every right to be afraid of him. He was scary this way, if you disobeyed he was terrifying. He never responded to Queen he just left with you in his arms. You two stood outside while the valet got your car. Once he pulled up, Ju Kyung set you down and opened the door for you. You got in but your ass was killing you. He got in the car and drove off. You hadn't said a word to him, you just looked out the window. "Enough Y/n." He said. He was releasing you from your pet role. You took off the ears but you didn't look at him. "Please don't hate me." He whispered. "She called you Ju Ju." you said looking at the window. "Yeah." "I thought I was the only one to call you that." you said hurt. You thought that was your own little nickname for him that no one else could say. He kissed her, was there something between them or was it just to get you into this situation? "Are you done with me tonight?" You asked. The obvious anger in your voice couldn't be hidden. "Yes." He said lowly. "Good, drop me off at home." You said. "Y/n, stay with me tonight." "I have a very important business meeting tomorrow I need to be well rested for. I need to go home. I need to be away from you." You said. He was silent for a moment. He took in your words and then he sighed. "Alright, I'll take you home." He said lightly.... You woke up the next morning early to get ready for work. Your butt had a bruise on it from the paddle. You were so upset. Ju Kyung was too dangerous like this. You weren't even sure he knew his limit. To top it off his anger at you had reminded you of the one man you wanted to forget. He was in your dreams again, after you worked so hard to get rid of him. You called up Chase before you left work, "Hey Cha cha." You said his nickname. "What's up lil boo." He said. "You and Jay tryna get fucked up tonight? I really need a chaperone." You laughed. "Shit it's been a while hasn't it? Yeah let's go out tonight I'll tell Jay. What time do you want to meet up?" "Eight." You said. "That's a bit early for you isn't it?" He asked. "Let's just say I need the escape." You said. "Alright I'll come pick you up then." "Great." You two hung up and you headed to work. You shut off your cellphone for the rest of the work day and even told your secretary to cut off any calls coming from Ju Kyung. He left three messages telling you to answer your phone or to call him back. You didn't and you wouldn't. Your ass had been hurting all day because of him and he had been on your mind all day already. You were distracted at work and you fucked up a few things because if it. You didn't have time to deal with more of his bullshit. You should've just said it, you could've spared your ass the pain. Ju Kyung had two different personalities and it seemed whenever you were in a certain emotional state his personality would change or it would worsen. The more afraid of him you became the more dangerous his personality but when you cried he felt bad. It was like when you started to panic when he told you about the cage and he kissed you. That was your first kiss with him. As the day flew by you couldn't wait to get drunk with the guys. Jay and Hyukwoo ended up coming as well. You dressed up in your sexiest dress and you did indeed get fucked up. The guys had you doing shot after shot and then you chugged a few beers. You weren't thinking straight and barely even speaking straight. You and Hyukwoo were trashed, you remember grabbing Chase's face and saying, "Damn it Cha cha you're so fucking sexy. I bet you taste like chocolate. Why haven't I fucked you yet?" He laughed and said, "Y/n you're way too drunk I'm cutting you off." "No no no, I can have like three more and then I'm done. I wish they had tequila, oh my god! Who wants to do shots off my belly button?" You screamed turning from the bar. Jay came over to you and wrapped his arms around your waist. "I call first." He said. "Ooh yummy." You laughed. "Alright, break it up." You turned your head to see Ju Kyung coming up to you two. "Ju Ju what the fuck are you doing here?" You said. "I'm here to get you." He said annoyed. "Well fuck off I'm having a good time and I don't need you." You said in a childish voice. "Y/n you're drunk." "Hell yeah I'm drunk. I'm fucking trashed, oooo that girl is really sexy. Wanna watch me fuck her too?" You laughed. "Alright that's enough, let's go home." He said. He lifted you over his shoulder and you kicked your legs. "Let me go!" You struggled. He took you out to his car and you blacked out... You woke up the next morning with the biggest headache ever. You weren't in your house and you certainly weren't in your bed. Someone walked in and it was a maid. "You're awake miss." She said. "Why are you screaming at me?" You said holding your head. She chuckled lightly and came over to you with two pills and some water. "Here take these, Mr.Sun will be back soon." She said. "Sun? Wait you're Ju Kyung's maid?" You asked. That's right this was the room he gave you your suits in. How did you get here though? The maid simply nodded and stood up, "He bought you some new clothes. He asked that if you wake up before he returns that you are showered and dressed properly." She said. You scoffed. What so he just got to dictate you now? How did you get here? Did you call him? You vaguely remember asking someone to fuck but if you two had you would be in his bedroom. The maid came on certain days, your remember he mentioned that years ago that's why you hadn't met her the other day. "Mr.Sun would like to take you to brunch so I would hurry." She said. "I can't I have work I'm probably already late." "He's called you out of all your scheduled meetings today. He's notified your office that you are unwell and will not be coming in today." She said. "What?" She nodded and then headed out of the room. The nerve of him calling you out of your meetings. Your ass still hurt from his little punishment and honestly so did your pride for even crying in front of him. You took a quick shower and got dressed after taking the pills she gave you. He even left a brand new tooth brush and toothpaste for you. Considering you got wasted last night, a good tooth brushing was what you needed. You came out of the room well and refreshed, the headache lingering but mostly gone by now. Ju Kyung came into the house just as you were trying to leave. "Avoiding me?" He asked. You looked away from him, "I told you I needed to be away from you." You said. "For the night I understand but to completely ignore me and then to get drunk with the guys behind my back, you know how you get Y/n." He said. "Do you know how you get?" You said pissed. He sighed, "Does it still hurt?" "Yes." You said annoyed. "Come on, let me take you out to eat." You shook your head. "I need to get to work." You said. "Mina told you I called you out didn't she?" "Yes but those meetings are important and I can't miss them-" "This is important." He said. "Not as important as my job." You said. "You're not going to lose your job by calling out one day. You're there everyday on time or early the office can live without you for one damn day but I can't." He said. You straightened up at that last part making sure you heard correctly. He sighed, "If you don't want to go out and eat I can order something and have the driver pick it up for us but I need you to stay here so we can talk." He said. "Talk about what?" You said. "Y/n you're important to me." "Yeah you said safety was important too." "You were safer with me than you were last night." He shot back. You looked away indignant. He was probably right though. How you got when you were drunk, a lot of terrible things could've happened to you. He came up to you and brushed your hair behind your head. "I really don't want you to hate me." He said. "I don't hate you." He grabbed your hand and pulled you deeper into the house. He led you back to his master bedroom and he took of his suit jacket only to hang it up in his closet. He took off his tie and sat down on the end of the bed. You stood in front of him looking down at him. "Are you done with me Y/n?" He asked. "Depends." You shrugged. "I'm being serious, are you ending this?" He asked. "Not really but I haven't decided yet." You answered. He stood up, "I'm sorry for hurting you." He said. "You see, you say that but I don't think that's true." "Y/n." "No I'm serious. You told me not to cum knowing full well I couldn't control that. I tried to stop and you had her keep going so you forced me into a position so that you could punish me. You may not have intended to see me cry but you wanted to hurt me. The fact that I did cry was a bonus for you. You got off on it. Just admit it." "Admit what?" "That you're a sadist. Why didn't you just tell me before I signed?" "I told you there was sadomasochism involved." "You didn't say that you were in fact a sadist. Sadomasochism has different levels, when you said that I figured you'd spank me and slap me around a little but each time you hit me with the paddle you hit me harder and harder. You wanted to hurt me. So just say it, say it so I can hear you." "Alright, --I'm a sadist." He said. "Why didn't you just tell me before?" "I didn't think you'd sign." He said. "That's miss leading because there was only so much I thought I'd be introduced to when I signed and you did not tell me you would enjoy seeing me in pain." "I don't want to do that to you." "Yes you do!" You said upset. "Y/n- I do but I don't want to hurt you. I don't want to hurt you beyond a pleasure pain but you bring a side out of me where I can't help it." He said. "I bring out that dangerous side of you? The side that terrifies me. You liked seeing me like that. You liked hurting me. You liked seeing me cry and then you wonder why I ignored you or went out drinking with the guys?" "I don't want you to ignore me. That drives me insane, you drive me insane. I don't want to hurt you I just want to punish you." "So all those times where you found my smart mouth amusing it's really just been you wanting to punish me and make me behave?" "No." "Then why do you want to punish me?" You said upset. "You- I crave it. I crave you. I just want you, I want you all to myself I want you only with me." He said. "How can you say that when you've only had sex with me once but you'll let Hyunsu's girl eat me out and you'll let Queen touch and kiss me? To me sex is sex I don't give a fuck who I sleep with but you said I was only yours and I believed you. Yet you like watching me with other women. If that's what you wanted you should've said it." "That's not what I want." he said frustrated. "Then why did you let her touch me?" You yelled. Ju Kyung ran his hand through his hair with a frustrated sigh. He wanted to punish you now. You could see it. "You want me to bend to your will, you want me to be yours and you want me to obey. I agreed to be punished, I agreed to be a pet I did not agree to be abused and to be offered out to every person at that club. It's only two days in and I already feel like it's too much." You said. "I don't want you with anyone else. You just like being touched by women." "No I like sex, so anytime I'm touched, teased or coaxed into having sex I have sex. If you had let Hyunsu lick me I would've had an attitude for all of ten seconds before I would've just given in. That does not mean I like Hyunsu because honestly I've met the guy once and I already hate him but I like sex. Yes I liked her tongue on me, yes I liked eating her out too but I wanted you. You were the one that said this was a sexual relationship and you've only slept with me once. So what it really is, is you getting off watching me get fucked by someone else and then you give me a command that I can't possibly obey just so you can punish me, right?" He stood up and you backed up because his action was too fast. It caught you off guard. He looked at you then looked away, "I don't want you to be scared of me." "Then just help me understand it because I honesty don't get it. Why won't you touch me? Why can girls touch me but if another guy tries you'll castrate him?" "You're mine if another woman touches you you're just having sex with them that's all you've ever seen in having sex with women granted you've always been drunk when you're with them but a man could take you away from me. I wouldn't be able to handle that." "If I said I wanted to end this right now how would that make you feel? Would you want to hurt me?" You asked. "I wouldn't touch you." "Would you want to hurt me?" You repeated. He sighed. "Yes." You took in a deep breath. "I don't know you." You said. "I'm still Ju Kyung." "No you're not. Not when you're all business or in Master mode, you're some whole knew guy that I've never met before. Ju Kyung, the guy I know is an idiot and he's funny. He's a dork and I enjoy talking to him now I feel like if I slip up once my owner is going to hurt me. I was afraid of you, do you understand that? When you pushed me down, the way you talked to me and the look in your eyes, that terrified me. I've never been afraid of you Ju Kyung and that night I was genuinely terrified." You said. "We should end this." He said. "That's not what you want." You said. "No but it's what you want." "No what I want is to understand. Ju Kyung you asked for me for a reason. You said you craved me that's fine I'll give you what I have but you can't keep passing me around like a bong at a party. If I'm yours then take me, have me. You can share me sometimes, I don't care but you have to touch me." You walked up to him. You grabbed his hands and placed them on your sides. You led his hands up your body and he stepped closer to you taking in a deep breath. His hand came to your face and his thumb came to your bottom lip. "Do what you want to me." You said. "If I do want I want Y/n you'll hate me. I can't handle that, I need you so fucking bad. You're pure torture for me, everytime I'm around you I want to eat you up but I have to control myself. I only lost a little control with you that night. Don't ever give me permission to do whatever I want," He was looking down the entire time he was talking. His thumb lined your bottom lip and his forehead was pressed against yours. He looked up when he finished, "I'm a monster." He said. "I've dated the devil you're barely his apprentice." You said. "Y/n- it's hard for me to touch you. I want to but I also want to make you scream and that scares me. I don't know how far I can go with you. I like pain, I am a sadist and I want to hurt you but I don't because it's you. I never want to hurt you. I shouldn't have asked you to do this but this was the only way." He said. "Only way?" "The only way no other man could have you." he said. He kissed you but briefly so he could breathe. You brought your hands up to his chest. You could hear his breathing shift. His hunger for you rising like the day he first had sex with you. "Why can't you be gentle? Why do you have to do this?" You asked. He cupped your face. He closed his eyes trying to contain himself. "You have no idea how frustrating you are to me. Every time another man touched you- I've done terrible shit Y/n and it's because I wanted you. It's like trying to survive one hundred stab wounds, it's nearly impossible. I wanted you as mine for so long, I just wanted to fuck you so bad. I want you all the fucking time, you make me this insane." "Ju Kyung." "I want to rip those clothes off of you, tie you down to the bed and fuck you so hard that you're screaming my name. I want everyone to know you're mine and only mine." "Ju Kyung," You pulled away from him. He looked up at you and you saw him panting. He wanted you so badly. Seeing him this way, you wanted him too. You didn't understand why he wanted to hurt you. Yes, he was a sadist but he said he didn't want to hurt you. He seemed to have this powerful urge to want to hurt you though. One he tried to control. One he even said, if you didn't restrict what he could do to you, you'd hate him. He looked really sexy, his pupils were blown and he looked ready to pounce on you. How many times have you secretly had dreams of Ju Kyung coming into your bed at night to have sex with you? You always wrote it off as drunk dreams because you were drunk when they happened but it left you wondering sometimes what it would be like to have sex with him. "In the contract you said that I could choose once a week we'd do something just you and me." You said. He settled for a second and nodded. "So?" He asked. "I'll let you do whatever you want to me tomorrow but today you have to sleep with me." He stepped up to you, "Y/n." "Wait. We're going to have dinner together and you're going to make love to me but not as Velvet, as me." "Y/n I don't make love." "I'll show you how or I can walk out that door and end this." You said. "Why would you do that to me?" "You want to hurt me and I don't understand why and whatever the real reason is you won't tell me. I'm allowing you to get out your dark fantasy you just have to give once a week, a single day where we go on a date and you only make love to me, not Velvet. No bunny suit, no pet, master play. You, Ju Kyung, will make love to me, Y/n." You said. "And you want to start that today?" "Yes. Today's as good as any, you've called me out of all my meetings and my ass still hurts so it's not like I can handle a hard fucking anyway. So make love to me, haven't you ever been gentle before? Haven't you ever made love to a woman?" "No." He said. You walked up to him and started to unbutton his shirt. "Here I'll show you, just be soft and move slow." You said. You pushed off his shirt to reveal his tattooed arms. Sun Ju Kyung. He was so sexy. Your hands came up to his neck and you let him lean down to capture your lips. His arm wrapped around your body while his hand gripped your waist. He walked you back to the bed and you sat down, you leaned back slowly so he'd have to follow you. You broke the kiss and said, "I want your hands all over my body, just move slow." He nodded and his hands undid the buttons to your suit jacket. He snuck his hands under your shirt and let them ghost over your body slowly making you sigh with pleasure. This Ju Kyung was the one you wanted to hold....
STOP DOING THIS!!!!! WHY DO YOU DO THAT!!!!! You're just like him you like seeing us like seeing us in pain 😭😭❀❀❀❀ (why do i still love you *sniff**sniff*)
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every chapter I read I wonder could i really be a pet? the answer is...
every chapter I write I think the same thing and honestly I think anyone could do it it just depends on who you're being a pet for and what you agree to. Consent and Safety are the two biggest thing in BDSM
lmfao Thank you, don't lose your voice πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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