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So even thought 24K has been around since 2012 they're still even after all these years not that well known. I will be doing a brief intro on 24K at a later time but today's card is all about their Dancing Machine Kim Jeonguk.
Name (Real Name): Jeunguk (Kim Jeunguk) Hangul: 정욱 Position: Dance, Rap Birthday (Y.M.D): 93.03.20 Nationality: Korean Height: Height: 178cm (5ft 10in) Weight: 58kg (127lbs) Blood Type: AB Sub-Unit: Solo Has tattoos
Jeonguk is one of the original 24K members. He always used to joke around with Daeil saying that he wants to be called Dancing Machine as well along with Daeil because he's always perfecting his dancing skills. Daeil replied saying if it was Jeonguk he would be honored to hand over that title to him. He is very close with all of the members. Jeong has a more gentler dancing style which also consists of popping. He has even written his own raps in various 24K songs.
Jeonguk has also released a mixtape and a collab with his fellow member Cory. Which I might add are AMAZING!!
Here are also a few of my personal favorite videos of him showing off his amazing dancing skills.
He is a very adorable, down to earth guy. I love watching him in their 24K TV they did a while back. So please join me in showing this boy all the love he deserves along with 24K.💖
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Plz tag me in future cards I would love to learn more about them
You bet! We will be doing one of these for each member called the 101 series and we will be doing one for the group as a whole as well. So glad to have a potential 24U added☺️💖
Jeonguk is amazing dancer. He is also very talented young man ❤
Right?! They all are super talented in that group but especially Jeonguk!💖