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So let's start this card off with, I.M can literally be so cute in adorable.
And then go to this in like .5 seconds
Cute and adorable and fluffy!
Ok. I'm gonna be honest. I didn't even watch this all the way because my friends have basically warned me not to look at my Ultimate bias shirtless. So if he's shirtless in this video, I apologize for killing you. In general, I apologize, because this man can kill me by just taking a little breath in. Yeah, you know what I'm talking about. That little breath he takes in Stuck, slays me. Slays me, every time.
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He is sexy and cute!
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I.M is a wrecker to my bias wrecker 😁
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@bapastro That's what wreckers do. They try to wreck who is your bias 😁
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//falls back with a nose bleed Can he not 🙃🙃🙃🙃 Also do you think you can tag me in your MX cards? 🙏🏻😩
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Thank youuu 🔥💙🙏🏻
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