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Happy Friday!! XD

Here is the next diary entry for you all! I hope you enjoy it! ;)

Need a recap? Or new to the story? I gotchu~

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WARNING: There is mild language. It is not too bad but I wanted to give a heads up!^^

Hey Diary,

Time has flown by fast. Can you believe it is December already?
It is even snowing outside today, what are the chances of that?!
But these last couple of days have been tough. Really tough. Like taking a piece out of 3 day-old steak tough.
I know you probably hoped I would make the right decision after I last wrote in you but your owner is stupid.
So I went along with the little she-devil’s plans; I ignored my friend.
He would see me in the hallways and I would go the other way. He would try to come and practice with me after rehearsals and I would leave.
It was really upsetting Diary. I hated doing that to him but I couldn’t think of anything else.
I was just thinking that if I continue to find some dirt on IU then maybe I could find something and blackmail her into stop blackmailing me.
And I only found out one other thing. It is HUGE but it is still nothing much to go on yet.
My crush likes someone.
Right? What a dramatic showdown! I can just picture him telling her and I could practically feel the steam coming out of her ears.
How did I find out? One of the other OTHER band members. Like man, they don’t keep secrets very well lol.
He told me about it and I was so surprised. I was also confused as to why he told me but you know, it’s about time I got something good.
But then he also told me about how my friend has been super upset after not hanging out with me lately. He said he thinks I am avoiding him, which isn’t a lie.
He then told me that whatever it is, whatever is causing me to avoid him, I should think about whether or not it is important enough to lose him as a friend.
He had a point. I felt like such a horrible person. Here he was, hanging out with me and I stop talking to him all of the sudden? No wonder he would be upset. I would be too.
So you know what I decided to do?
Screw IU. Screw her little mind games. She can’t control my life or who I hang out with even if she is the idol I work with.
Because no way am I about to lose something for her petty behavior. I have decided to change things.
I have decided to not avoid him any longer.
If she tells my crush, so be it. One less thing to worry about, right? Maybe he will even find me adorable, WHO KNOWS.
But there you have it, Diary.
I guess your owner has some balls after all.

Ahh, more trouble to come!

And tomorrow... another hint is to come! A BIG ONE. ;)

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That's right!!! You tell her!!!
Yes, exactly!! You let her tell him!! You can't just let you friendship with this other guy get ruined because you're a wimp!! (kidding cx) But yay!! More exciting stuff~
tag please 😆
For sure! 😉
Wow! I have a feeling a big surprise is heading her way. 😊