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I cannot believe how much these two look alike. heh okay I can, I've seen the pictures of them both, But I finally stumbled upon a video that had the moments and pictures that they did similiar/ same posses
they could be twins
😁 They really could!
apparently there was a case where ARMY'S werent happy with him bc he tries to copy taehyung poses and selcas like they said that when he has no makeup on he looks nothing like tae at all they look completely different which made ARMY'S really mad bc all he wanted was to look like tae since tae is also known for being the son of baekhyun and daekhyun from EXO and BAP known as the eyeliner family, but i could be wrong but my cousin also told me this and she was always telling be about all kpop news including scandals and stuff but its only what i have been hearing only idk if its true or not
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yea..its sad😔 people are just so mean my cousin does not like Sungho j bc of that scandal sigh*
Aw!! They're both adorable!! I can see the resemblance! And people should be seeing the copying as a way to say I look up to you/I respect you. Isn't that what parents always tell us when little kids, or even just siblings, are annoying us?