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One of the members of the b.o.b is up to something. She has been awfully quite lately.
"Noona you ready to go? If we’re late he won’t ever let us hear the end of it.” Bobby smirked from against the door frame. “Isn’t it more fun that way Jiwon.” I laughed glancing his way. “For you maybe, but he takes it out on me so if you would.” He motioned towards the door. “Okay okay let me go say goodbye then we can leave.” I smirked heading into the other room. “You know I am beginning to dislike Thursday.” Daehyun grumbled from the couch once I entered the room. “It’s only one day.” I smirked quickly hugging him. “One day too many if you ask me.” He griped reluctant to let go. “I will be home before you know it.” I laughed walking over to say goodbye to the others. “Oppa keep an eye on Daehyun he seems extra today.” I whispered quickly before anyone could notice. “He will be fine, go have fun on your date.” Yongguk laughed ruffling my hair. “Not to be one of those people Noona, but we really need to leave or we will be late.” Bobby urged coming to my side. “Fine, you boys behave while I am gone.” I smiled before following Bobby out the door. “June is going to kill me.” Bobby sighed once we were seated in my car. “I will talk to him don’t worry so much Jiwon.” I smiled brightly. “Okay I leave my fate in your hands Noona, but if he kills me that’s your fault too.” He smirked returning to his normal self. “There is my Jiwon.” I laughed starting the car heading towards Yg. Daehyun’s Pov “So why exactly does Noona go to Yg every Thursday?” Niel hesitantly asked. Before anyone had a chance to answer there was a loud repetitive banging on the door. “Just who in the hell.” I hissed rushing to the door. “Oh Sail, To what do we owe this visit” I griped trying to hide my annoyance. I wasn’t exactly annoyed with her per say, but she was usually up to something when she came to visit. “Why else, of course I am here to see my Unnie.” She beamed waltzing into the house without hesitation. With a long sigh I quickly set off after her knowing she was up to something. “Sail, It’s thursday. You know Noona isn’t here on Thursday’s, Why are you really here?” I sighed catching up to her in the living room. “Oh is that so I guess my days are mixed up.” She shrugged throwing herself down where I had just been seated. “Sail to what do we owe this honor?” Yongguk-hyung said cutting in before I went off. “Like I told Mr. Grumpy over there I came to see Unnie.” She smirked as her eyes scanned the room. “So bunbun wasn’t lying there really is a new face here.” Her grin grew as her eyes landed on Niel. “Sorry Umm.. I am Niel from teen top it’s always nice to meet Noona’s friends.” He awkwardly greeted her making her smile grow more. “I like him, he at least has manners unlike someone.” She hissed glaring towards me. “Well our encounters thus far haven’t been the best my dear Sail, but not to sound rude why are you still here?” I spat in return plastering a smile on my face. “See as I said, at least Niel has manners.” She waved off my question with a smile looking back towards Niel. “So Niel Oppa do you know where Sam Unnie went?” She smirked innocently. “So that is why you are here?” I laughed as her eyes shot daggers in my direction. “As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted. Do you know where she is?” She smiled leaning forward. “Well She went to Yg with Bobby?” He questioned clearly confused at this point. “Ahh typical Unnie.” Sail smirked leaning back clearly satisfied by his answer. “Why would she tell you about her weekly dates with her ex-ub.” She nodded as if agreeing with herself. “I’m not sure what you are trying to do, but he hasn’t been here that long Sail.” Yongguk sighed stepping away from the wall he had been leaning against. “Me absolutely nothing Oppa I just thought he should know.” She feigned innocent. “Yes, but when Sam is ready to tell.” He sighed unsure what to do. Sail had made it very clear she wasn’t leaving anytime soon. Sighing I made my way into the kitchen growing annoyed. “Where are you going Daedae?” Her voice sang out full of cheer. “Food.” I grumbled without looking back as the door closed behind me. Sam’s Pov “You are late.” His voice echoed throughout the empty parking lot. “Koo my dear at least I am here.” I smiled making my way towards the pouting 97liner. “Well I only see you one day now.” He pouted pulling me into his arms. “Well that is because you never come by the house anymore.” Bobby mumbled earning himself a glare. “I have my reasons Hyung.” He grumbled. “We have been over this you two. Jiwon I will see you later when it’s time to go home.” I smiled as he ruffled my hair. “Have fun you two.” He laughed heading inside the building. “So what are we doing today?” I smiled looking up into his eyes. “Movie at my new place? Dongwoo Hyung won’t be home today.” He smirked leading us back towards my car. “What difference would it make if he was or not.” I eyed him suspiciously. “Well… I want you to myself for one day Noona.” He pouted which was completely unlike him. “June Thursday’s are your day?” I found myself saying unsure where he was going with this. “Why didn’t that work like Sail said it would.” He griped looking out the window. “Wait Sail?” I sighed almost stopping the car to look at him. “Sail who said sail?” He tried to cover, but failed as a sigh escaped. “She came by the other day, and well said that you would come by more often if I acted cute and pouted.” He grumbled growing annoyed as I erupted with laughter. “Koo if you wanted to see me more all you had to do was ask.” I smiled taking his hand in mine. “Plus Sail only said that to see if you actually do it.” I snickered as his cheeks flushed. “This is the last time I take her advice.” He mumbled. “Wait you are telling me Koo Junhwe actually tried to act cute?” Bobby erupted with laughter opening the door for me. “He did!” I smiled. Walking into the house I could instantly tell something was wrong. “Thank God you are home Noona, make her leave.” Daehyun sighed pointing towards the living room. “Who is here?” I questioned already knowing the answer. “Unnie! You are finally back Niel Oppa and I were just talking about you.” She smirked. “Sail what are you doing here?” I sighed glancing towards Niel. “Well I heard from that one that you had a new person, and I wanted to see him for myself. How was your date?” She beamed trying to change the subject. “It was just fine thank you for asking.” I smiled just as an arm wrapped around my shoulder. “Sail It’s late you should go home I am sure Tao is lonely.” I sighed leaning into Daehyun. “And leave my new friend.” She pouted. “Niel I’m sorry I don’t know what she told you.” I started finally looking towards him. “She only told me about June, and your past with Ikon.” He smiled brightly. “Oh did she?” I said looking towards her. “What else would I do my dear Unnie?” She beamed. “Sail you are up to something I just know it.” I sighed looking towards Bobby. “Make sure she gets home okay, Jiwon.” I smiled as she started to protest. “It’s time to go home, before I call Tao myself.” I said as my own grin started to grow. “Fine, but I will come see you again Unnie.” She laughed hugging me tightly before rushing out the door. “You were gone too long.” Daehyun pouted pulling me closer. “You should've called me, and I would of came home.” I laughed softly kissing his hand. “Niel she really didn’t say anything weird?” I questioned, but his smile melted my worries. “No I actually liked her, she was nice.” He smiled causing me to look around the room. “She really didn’t do anything?” I asked looking towards Oppa. “No she was on her best behavior, well unless it came to Daehyun.” He smiled. “She is up to something.” I yawned loudly. “Let’s worry about that another day Noona.” Daehyun smiled quickly picking me up. “It’s my night so goodnight guys!” He smirked heading towards his room.
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you asking for her to attack? lmao she has been busy trying to kill me but i suppose i can see where her attention will turn now lmao
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she has been out to kill me with a panda.... and attack me. with donghae... and an evil baby.... its been bad... but! i will gladly let her turn her attention to you
thank you!!!
lolol niel is so sweet
😅😅😅 Yeah
Awwwww first time things have been quiet at your house 😆😆😆. Though I do feel like you just challenged sail to cause trouble.
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You did 😂😂😂😂
....... what the hell is this?
A story?