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Many online journals are ready to publish bad research in exchange for a credit card number. That's the conclusion of an elaborate sting carried out by Science, a leading mainline journal. The result should trouble doctors, patients, policymakers and anyone who has a stake in the integrity of science (and who doesn't?). The business model of these "predatory publishers" is a scientific version of those phishes from Nigerians who want help transferring a few million dollars into your bank account. To find out just how common predatory publishing is, Science contributor John Bohannon sent a deliberately faked research article 305 times to online journals. More than half the journals that supposedly reviewed the fake paper accepted it.
this makes complete sense, everyones up for sale
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At the end of the day... its all about the money. Sad to see this has hit the sciences as well... What can we really believe these days?
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probably everything you read on the internet....
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