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Hi. I promise I'd upload at least 3 chapters today. I'm really trying my best to gather motivation to continue my story, I hope you're not sick of me apologizing all the time. :(
Thanks for taking time in reading and waiting for my uploads.
[ Yoongi's POV ]
Yanna was grabbing me by the wrist. We were walking for almost 30 minutes now, away from the dormitory. I saw a nearby park so I asked her to stop by and take a rest there.
"I'm sorry for dragging you all the way out here. I didn't even know what I was doing and where we would be heading." she said.
"It's okay. It's good that we're able to breathe some fresh air every now and then." I replied to her.
She gave me a weak smile and instantly looked at the ground. She stayed like that for almost 5 mins and I couldn't take it any longer so I grabbed her by the shoulders and motioned her to sit on the swing.
"You wait for me here, okay? I'll just grab some soda at the vendo machine over there."
I didn't wait for her response and slowly jogged towards the vendo.
When I was walking back towards her, she was still looking down as before. She didn't even notice me walking slowly behind her and I just did what went into my mind first.
"WAAAAH! YAH!" she screamed and stood up as I scared the shit out of her.
"HAHAHA the hell was that look on your face. You're so ugly."
"Come here!" Yanna shouted as we ran in circles as she's trying to give me a punch.
"You're so slow! Here catch this!" I threw her the soda can, and she was caught of guard. She caught the can but almost threw it back to me, "YAH! The soda's gonna get pretty shaken up. Throw it and I dare if you'd drink that. I hope it explodes onto your face when you open it." I told her while I was still laughing
She put her arm down and sat down on the nearest bench. I sat next to her slowly since she was still glaring at me while taking a sip from her soda. Damn, is she the cutest when she gets mad.
We just sat there for a couple more minutes, sipping on our soda cans when I decided to break the ice.
"So why did you drag me here? I overheard that you were supposed to go out with Tae though?" I looked at her.
She immediately tensed up as I mentioned Tae's name. Something was obviously up and I was really curious about it.
"Nothing." she replied as she took another sip
"Come on. It's not like we went all the way here just for me to hear you say nothing."
She paused for a brief moment then sighed, "It's just......I feel so conflicted right now." I sat beside her, listening. "Tae....and I. I mean...yeah we're bestfriends. And I know you already know that we, uh, kinda confessed to each other, right?"
As soon as I heard that, I just felt a bit of jealousy. I gripped my soda can a bit tighter, but I tried not to show it. I just nodded to her in response, then she continued. "Well.. it just happened so fast. The accident...then me liking Tae, and he liking me back, then there it happened, we just confessed...I was really happy to know that our feelings were mutual. But...Oppa.. I can remember everything now."
She began sobbing after that last sentence, so I went to her and hugged her, "I remember everything. From how we first met, how we got close and became bestfriends. Even the time when we promised we'd see each other often since he was already accepted as a trainee." from this moment she started sobbing louder.
"I waited for him for 2 years. He didn't visit me even once. I was abused by my own mother for neglecting every rule she made. I was always trying to sneak out of our house just to go our hidden meeting place, but he never showed up. I endured all the pain my mom caused me because I trusted him. That he'd show up one day. But he never did!!! So I planned an escape out of our house then went to him instead. I stopped by their house during that night and left the pen he gave me on their door step. I figured that he'd be training so I just left a note and stick it to their door. I immediately went to BigHit, and there I heard him talking shit about me. I just.....I couldn't bear the pain. I trusted him so much. I went through all those trouble just to be treated like trash. He slapped me the reality that I was never his friend. I hate him so much!!"
Yanna kept on crying. And I just held onto her until she slowly calmed down. I was feeling my insides burn with anger towards Tae, but I held it in because I knew that it wasn't like Tae could do something like that. I was mad at Tae, but I knew better to give him the benefit of the doubt.
I was feeling troubled myself. As soon as Yanna calmed down, I held her face to look up to me.
Her eyes were still glistening from the tears in her eyes but she still looked beautiful. I brushed my thumb on her cheeks to wipe off her tears. She was looking straight into my eyes and I could feel our eyes locked into each other.
I couldn't help but see her so adorable, and without thinking. sinking in my deep thoughts....
I slowly moved my face closer to hers, our lips only inches apart...
I kissed her.
Eeeeekkkk. Cringe. I can't help but feel cringey and somehow giddy making the kiss part lol. Since I kinda felt like it wasn't more of a Suga-thing. Lol
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