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the tormented darkhorse of SungKyunwan Scandal is out with his new film ... 8. "Sup Girl. You like my thigh?" 7. I only see his beautiful neck and jaw line. 6. That coat has a lot of rope so obviously he would like it if someone kidnapped him. I'm only stating what I'm seeing! 5. Bite me instead. You know what? Don't even judge me because you're thinking the same thing and if you say you're not well then, you're just lying and you shouldn't live your life that way (-_-). #TeamBiteMeYooAhIn 4. He obviously want's all eyes on his mouth so you might as well just go right ahead and look. 3. Ugh his collar bones!! 2. Boyfriend Material! 1. Who on Earth knew zipping yourself up in a sleeping bag which transforms you into a giant caterpillar could be so darn attractive and cute?!