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♫ Hello Melodies ♫

So a few days ago, I posted a card explaining a new system we were trying out in the BTOB community. If you have not read that yet, please click >>HERE<< So, member of the week for this week will be....

Our leader, Seo Eunkwang!!

The schedule will be as followed:

Monday- @StephanieDuong : Favorite Hair Tuesday- @AimeeH : Short Scenario (Date or just hanging out) with Eunkwang Wednesday- @LemonLassie : Favorite GIF set Thursday- @IsoldaPazo : Favorite goof moment Friday- @Helixx : Favorite era Saturday- @MelissaGarza : Favorite outfits (Stage, casual, airport, etc.) Sunday- @Bangtanss : Favorite "I'll Be Your Melody" cover

If anyone wants to join in and post a card or two whatever day you want, that would mean the WORLD to us!!! I look forward to seeing some Melodies participate! :)

I hope you all look forward to...


This is going to be a fun new way of making Cards. 😆
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I'm excited to try this out!
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Im so excited i cant contain my excitement
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