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Dear Significant Other,
It has been a while since i last wrote to you. I've been scared lately. adequacy has been on my mind. i honestly want someone to hold me and tell me it'll all be alright even though i already know it will. i want to let someone in completely. My heart can not take this self-imposed solitude.
No man is an island.
No man is an island.
I don't know if I will be able to show this side of me more frequently, i feel like it is fading at times. Like i am losing touch with the side of me that makes love great. The side of me that could love you so much! But the pain. The pain i could cause. This is something i have already addressed but i feel the need to repeat how much it frightens me.
Listen babe, I have issues. Issues I do not know how to explain. I am sorry.
Love yours,
OK. if you see your lyrics going platinum, don't blame me later for not getting due credit. :P
Knowing they helped someone is enough for me :D
hey ! nice work. would you like to contribute his to my band and we would make a song put of this ?
Thanks! and please feel free!
I read all the Dear Significant others , and to me, it feels like an entire album worth of lyrics. so please do connect.
I prefer to keep my identity private. However there is a messaging service on this application we could use. Feel free to use the things i write and send me a message if you need anything :)
connect with me on fb. I am Paul Marandi , profile pic is Garfield with shades and the middle finger up.