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She is a Korean actress in South Korea. The first movie which she worked made audiences really surprised because of her brave work. Nowadays, the women who have double eyelids are popular, especially in Asian countries. If they have double eyelids, their eyes look bigger and stronger, and it’s a kind of ideal eyes for Asian women. Even though she doesn’t have that kind of ideal eyes, many people like her look, and she doesn’t care about her typical Korean eyes either.


Kim Go-eun was born on July 2, 1991 and is currently 25 years old. Her star sign is Cancer. She stands 5’4 ft. (167 cm) tall. No info aobut her weight. She was born in Seoul, South Korea and is a South Korean by birth. Her born name is same as Kim Go-Eun. Her family is also South Koreans, yet they and she had been in China for 10 years since she was 4 years old. Her personality is curious, brave, and strong. For example, she doesn’t do anything only because everyone does it. Jung Ji-Woo, the Korean director, guesses the reason for her character is because of her special experience like she didn’t join to very difficult and hard competition education’s system in early time in South Korea, which almost all South Korean experienced. When she was a junior high and high school student, she didn’t like her eyes which aren’t double lids. She every day useed to make them double by using cosmetic paste, which is one of the typical ways for women and girls to make their eyes better.


There are no information about which elementary, junior high, and high school she entered. She studied about theater in Korea National University of Arts.


There are no information about her family.

Boy / Girlfriend

In October 2016, Shin Ha Kyun and Kim Go Eun confirmed that they were dating. There were actually rumors that Kim Go Eun changed agencies and went to Shin Ha Kyun’s agency so that they could be together.

Favorite Things

Foreign Language: Chinese

Fun facts

1. Her zodiac sign is the Sheep. 2. She works under suport by the talent agency “Jangin Entertainment”. 3. She sang the tearliner song “Attraction” for Cheese in the Trap”, which is a TV drama. 4. She decided to study about theater in university by seeing “Together” by Chen Kaige. 5. Her last film, “Coin Locker Girl”, was screened at the Cannes Film Festival in 2015. 6. She is 25 years old. 7. She can speak in Chinese. 8. The name of her official blog is KIM GO EUN. 9. She never done any prastic surgery. 10. The most famous story which she acted is the Korean TV drama,”Cheese in the Trap”. 11. She drinks at least 2 liters of water a day for keeping her beauty and roasted barley tea at hte film set for soothing her throat. 12. When she is inside her car, she often keeps her face moisturized with a spray. 13. When her schedules get really busy, she usually puts on the facial mask which is added 2 drops of essence oil by herself, before she goes to bed. 14. Her hair style is long one. 15. She changed her hair style once because of her role in the TV drama “Cheese in the Trap”.
the following pictures was a GOBLIN'S Pe5ess Conference..
The following are her works, these are not updated obviously because..GOBLIN doesnt appear but Goblin is of course one of my favorite of all her Works ..well Cheese in the trap is been on my list for the longest I think I will watch it now..hehe
Some gifs of my favorite Drama..hehe
Jo Ein Tak and her Boyfriend these are so adorable..
I just love them, together.. OK Some BONUS just because I love this Drama.. hehehe Wallpaper and screen savers..
I love GOBLIN'S Bromance ..couldn't upload their gifs can't upload more than 50 images Aaaaish!! Vingle needs to upgrade. LOL!


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@luna1171 It was actually a pretty good movie. It was one of movies that shock you.
@MelissaGarza Yes I saw Monster love Lee Min Ki..😍😍
Oh she came out in that movie Monster? Was her character the younger sister?
I 2nd this FFF! She's amazing in Goblin! I watched a few episodes of Cheese in the Trap but stopped watching.
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It's not that I didn't like it but people were ruining the ending for me and I couldn't bring myself to continue because of it.