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Beautiful SungJong Fridays!
Hello Lovelies it's Stef here with another SungJong Fridays. This week we are doing selcas for the members.
This beautiful man Selca game is strong!
Like look how beautiful he is!
Wish I could take beautiful selcas like him. Hope you enjoyed it.
He's always beautifully handsome!!
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OMG! How can a man be so beautiful 😍
10 months ago·Reply
I feel like Sungjong can be one of those idols who get their nose pierced and show it off. Just by the angle that he take photos with.
10 months ago·Reply
Like Zelo? Cause I totally see that.
10 months ago
His to beautiful and handsome for words 😘😘😘😘😘
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He is very very beautiful. I'm kind of jealous.
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