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:)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) ^ okau ill stop :))))) -- Jungkook's P.O.V. -- "Hyung! I confessed to her, but she ran away and said sorry!" I told Taehyung and my heart was broken "I know I heard" He slightly chuckled and I glared at him "Whatever..." I groaned and left the rooftop -- "Oh Kookie!" I heard someone yell and I groaned once again "What now SooJin?" I asked. SooJin is like my stalker she thinks we're dating but we're not. "Aren't you taking me to the dance this weekend?" She asked and twirled her hair, ugh I hate when girls do that. Wait I got a idea! "That's it!" I yelled out and walked out of the classroom then left school So my idea was since the dance is this weekend, i'm going to ask Mina to the dance and buy her all she needs for the dance. When we're at the dance I will give her a special necklace that I have kept for all these years. -- Mina's P.O.V. -- My eyes are very sore right now, but who cares i'm sorta a mess. I was texting Yein and she said that Jungkook doesn't care if I like him because a lot of girls like him and i'm just one of them. I walked home only to see a box on my front step. To:Mina From:xoxo Note: Meet me at the dance at 6:45... xoxo -- "Mo-" I suddenly forgot that I ditched school so I quietly walked to my room bringing the box too "Omo..." I said quietly it was a pink floral dress and white heels, plus there was also a appointment to the hairdresser. Man the person who gave me this really likes me. I thought. I tried on the dress and heels and they both fit perfectly -- Yein's P.O.V. -- I hoped I changed Mina's mind about liking Jungkook because I knew she was going to ask him to the dance and I wanted to be that lucky girl to go with him -- YASSSSSS. Chapter 2!!!!!!! Sorry if it's short it was because I was in a huge hurry so yeah Tags- @KaiLuhan4ever @Mavis2478 @NicoleFireRose @BetseyBleau @KaelieShearer @Michelle305 @MariaMontoya1 @VatcheeAfandi99 @MelissaGarza @FromBlue2U @SaraHanna
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