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Let' Talk About Eomma. Eomma Seungsik
Seungsik oppa!

Why do they call you the eomma of the group?

Oh? Because you look after the younglings?
Because Appa Seungwoo listens to you when you complain?
Maybe because you're always happy to pose with your children?
Even the mischievous ones?
I'm starting to think you tend to heart aches from your children.....
I take that back. You're bullied by everyone. Even appa Seungwoo.... o.o
Aishh... it must be a hard life dealing with a derpy husband and 5 children.
Nevertheless! I love you! We all love you! Thank you for being part of Victon!
The boys would be lost without you! <3
........ why do I bias you again?
Seungsik: Thanks Sail!

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so adorbs
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Seungsik is becoming my favorite from Viction ❤
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