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“What should we do tonight?” Daehyun hummed while thumbing through his phone tirelessly.
“We could go to a party, I’m sure there is one around here someplace” Yongguk suggested as he wandered over to the couch and plopped down between the pillows.
“I don’t want to go to a party though, we have been to so many…” Daehyun let his phone fall onto his stomach as his eyes wondered around to the congregating members.
“We could play a game…” Zelo suggested as he crossed his legs while sitting on the floor.
“That’s a good idea!” Himchan chimed happily, “What game should we play?”
The members turned towards the middle of the group as they all took their places while trying to think of a game that they could all play.
“What about Truth or Dare?” Youngjae suggested while a few of the members agreed.
Taking a turn with each of the members, they each choose their fate, to spill a truth or to accomplish a dare. Once having gone around the circle one time, they began a second round as the stakes were raised with each turn.
“Jongup, truth or dare?” Zelo quizzed while Jongup thought a moment before answering.
“Dare” Jongup answered as he nervously awaited the dare.
“You can’t back out of this one” Zelo prefaced his dare with a binding promise.
“I won’t” Jongup lightly shook his head, becoming increasingly interested in what the dare would be.
“Do you know _______-ah?” Zelo began to build up to his dare.
“Of course I know her, she is a friend.” Jongup carefully chose his words as he could feel an unsettling feeling begin in the pit of his stomach.
“I dare you that you have to make her your girlfriend for three months, after the three months are up then you can either keep her as a girlfriend or push her back to friend status.” Zelo stated his dare as Jongup sat there with his eyes wide.
“I-I don’t know…” Jongup’s eyes dropped as his hands began to sweat with nerves.
“You said you wouldn’t back out” Daehyun reminded Jongup.
Jongup nodded his head, coming to grips with the dare as the rest of the members got a
dare or two to complete over the next month or two. After that round, Jongup excused himself to his bedroom, laying among his blankets and pillows along his bed. He ran his fingers through his hair as his mind slowly turned to you, wondering how he could accomplish the dare without hurting you.
Rolling over, he pressed his face into his pillow. Mixed feelings began to flood his chest, the night swept over the dorm as the other members were peacefully sleeping, yet Jongup was wide awake wondering how he could ask his friend, his good friend, his best friend to be his girlfriend.
The sun rose the next day as you got ready to head to work for the day. Being one of the co managers for BAP was a dream of yours, a dream that you never thought you would have accomplished it if wasn’t for Jongup who helped you land the job in the first place.
Outfitted in a beige skirt that ended around your mid thigh, a small black belt hanging loosely on your hips while a beautiful white blouse hugged your torso. With a few of the top buttons undone and a necklace adding some class, your sleeves were loosely rolled up to just below the elbow before ebony heels matched your belt. You were turning heads as you walked into TS Entertainment, giving everyone you saw a small smile and a bow to those who you knew. You headed down the hall to the practice room where BAP was scheduled to be working for the day.
Hitting the back of your knuckles against the black door, you heard a soft voice call for your entry. Twisting the brushed silver handle, you entered the room as the members of BAP watched your reflection in the mirror as they continued to warm up their muscles.
“Good morning, _______-ah” Their manager greeted you as you made your way to the
back of the studio to join him.
“Good morning, sir” You greeted him as you pulled out the elevated chair and took your
seat at the elevated table.
“I wanted you to look over some events and such for the boys” The manager slid some paperwork over across the table to you as you began to take a look at it.
Jongup caught your reflection in the mirror as you carefully crossed your legs at the knee, his eyes trailing down your exposed legs and admiring the outfit that you chose on today.
“You know, you still have that dare” Yongguk teased, seeing Jongup’s eyes lingering on your figure.
“I-I know, I just want it to not be a dare… you know?” Jongup tore his eyes away from you to catch a glimpse of Yongguk’s eyes.
“You need to do it by the end of today though” Yongguk patted Jongup’s back before grabbing a drink of water.
Taking in a deep breath, he composed himself for a moment before he took a step towards you, thoughts rushed into his mind before he turned around, bailing on his idea.
Building himself back up, he began to walk towards you again.
Clearing his throat, he approached the small table as you lifted your eyes to meet his.
“Good morning, Jongup” You greeted him warmly, trying to stay professional but wanting to greet your best friend properly.
Just then, the manager’s phone lit up with an incoming call. “Please excuse me”
The manager excused himself from the table as he answered the call and headed out of the room. Entrusting you with the group, you put down your pen and gave Jongup your full attention.
“How have you been?” You questioned, taking this moment with just him.
“I have been doing great, actually” Jongup smiled as he lifted his hand up and rubbed the back of his neck before turning his head to look over his shoulder to glance at the guys on the other end of the studio. “I- I wanted to ask you something though…”
“Oh? What is it you wanted to ask me?” You questioned while your hands clasped in your lap happily.
“Would you… I mean you don’t have to… but it would be nice… and only if you had time…” Jongup began to stumble over his words before taking a deep breath and gathering his thoughts, “Would you like to have a dinner date with me?”
“I would love to, I get off at 6 if you don’t mind waiting, we could go out tonight” You offered while feeling your heart pick up pace.
“Text me when you are done then” Jongup’s gummy smile happily outfitted his lips.
“Of course, and don’t worry, I won’t forget” You reassured him as Jongup watched a twinkle in your eyes happily sparkle.
Just then, the manager came back into the room. Putting the guys to work on choreography, you tried to focus on your work while catching glimpses of the six men moving in perfect harmony with one another. The base pumped through the speakers as sweat slowly pooled against their skin, sweat dripped from the tips of their hair as the members gave each and every song their all.
Hours ticked by as you watched the minute hand slowly pull the hour hand closer to the 6. Your phone vibrated with an incoming text, pulling out your phone, you saw the familiar number as you happily opened the message.
Are you still able to make dinner tonight? - Jongup
Of course! Just give me a few minutes to finish up some loose ends and I will meet you in the lobby
Typing back, excitement began to grow happily within you as you couldn’t help but to finish your closing duties as quickly but efficiently as possible. Grabbing your purse, you made sure your computer was shut down and all of the files were put away in the cubicle before exiting the office.
The sound of your heels clicking against the tile echoed through the halls as you made your way to the lobby. Spotting the familiar figure of Jongup, you happily approached him before poking his sides, causing him to jump in surprise.
“Hey you” You giggled, greeting him with a bright smile.
“Ready to go eat some dinner?” Jongup happily greeted you with a different outfit than before in the studio.
“So ready!” You nodded happily as he offered you his hand to take. Slipping your hand into his he happily walked out of the building, proudly keeping your hand safe in his.
Opening all of the doors for you, including the ones to his car. Pulling the seat belt over you, you happily watched him slide in behind the steering wheel as he started the car with ease.
“Where are we going for dinner?” You questioned curiously.
“It isn’t well known, but I am sure that you will love it” Jongup glanced over at you as the plans happily hung in his mind just slightly out of reach from you.
Watching the winding roads and the passing buildings that scaled into the sky, the city lights danced across the passing cars before the drive came to an end. Parking the car, you looked over at him slightly confused, just seeing apartments surrounding you.
“Come on, it’ll be fun” Jongup coaxed while he unbuckled himself.
Pushing open your door, you stepped out into the cool night air. Lifting your eyes to the blanket of hundred of stars that outfitted the ebony sky. Jongup rounded the car and offered you his hand once more. Taking his hand, you both walked around the back of the building to see a staircase.
Heading towards the staircase, you climbed the flight of stairs before Jongup guided you around the wrap around porch to the back. Large windows outfitted the back of the structure, with a simple white table cloth hanging over the figure of the table as two chairs sat on either side of the table. Two wine glasses and a single rose sat on the table.
“Will this do for dinner?” Jongup questioned as he watched your eyes take in the simple sight before you.
“Do I know the cook?” You questioned, teasing him a little.
“I believe you do” Jongup played along with a smile as you nodded.
“It’ll do then” You giggled, trying to hide how blown away you were with the scenery and the sweet gesture.
“Wait right here” Jongup let his fingers slowly slide from your grasp before heading inside through a pair of french doors.
Turning your head to look over your shoulder, peering through the large beautiful windows, he grabbed a bottle and tugged at the tie around his neck, slightly loosening it.
Seeing him return to you, you slowly moved your eyes around to try and not tip him off that you were looking at him.
Hearing the door open behind you, the unwrapping of the bottle’s top and the soft sound of the pouring of liquid into two glasses held your attention while your eyes looked over the beautiful greenery and river that was framed perfectly between a pair of trees.
“Here you are” Jongup stood next to you, offering you one of the glasses in his grasp.
“Thank you” You whispered as you slowly slipped your feet out of your heels and lowered your feet until they hit the cool deck below. “Who’s place is this? It is breathtaking?”
“It is my personal home” Jongup revealed as your eyes turned from the beautiful sights to his brown eyes.
“I have never come here before” You confessed, slowly getting lost in his brown eyes every single second your eyes lingered on his.
“I wanted your first time here to be memorable” Jongup slowly leaned on the railing with his forearms, not breaking the eye contact with an angel such as you.
Chatting and catching up with one another in between sips of the carbonated drink resting in the beautiful crystal glass between your fingertips. Retreating to the two chairs, the two of you continued to laugh and renew your friendship with one another.
Dinner was served, as you had one of your favorite childhood dishes. Complimenting Jongup on the wonderful, and filling meal. The two of you drank in each others gazes, the undying touches and the comforting silence of an old friend turning into something more.
“There is one thing I would like to ask” Jongup prefaced as he looked up at you, knowing you two had been asking one another questions all evening.
“Shoot” You giggled, pressing the glass to your lips and taking a small sip of the bubbling liquid inside.
“I know we have been friends for a while now, but my feelings for you are far more than just friends.” Jongup slowly read your body language as he spoke from his heart. “Would you like to have more dinner’s like this?”
“No doubt” You giggled with a nod reaffirming your answer.
“Would you be my girlfriend?” Jongup popped the question as blush filled your cheeks as you continued to look into his eyes.
“What took you so long” You teased, knowing you two had gone on a few dates after you graduated but weren’t serious with one another.
“My heart just had to convince my mind is all” Jongup chuckled as he leaned over and pressed a gentle kiss against your cheek.
– Three months later –
BAP’s new song began to play over the speakers within the recording studio, with most of the song recorded by now, Yongguk and Himchan entered to record the rap section of the song. Entering into the soundproof booth, both men placed headphones over their ears and adjusted the headphones accordingly while they chatted as the Sound Manager stepped out for a moment.
Little did they know that the microphone was projecting what the two men were saying out to where you were sitting.
“I didn’t really think that Jongup was going to take the bet” Yongguk began to chat as he twisted off the top of a water bottle and sipped the refreshing water inside.
“I honestly didn’t think that he would last this long” Himchan added as you began to get increasingly curious as to what they were talking about.
“I know, right?! I wonder what he is going to do now that the three months are up. If he will keep her around or drop her?” Yongguk began to reveal more and more as the conversation evolved.
“______ wouldn’t be happy if she knew that she was only his girlfriend due to a dare” Himchan words spilled from his lips as your eyes widened. Now equipped with confidential information, your heart stung with betrayal as the pain continued to deepen as the confession stood idle in your mind.
“Go ahead whenever you are ready, boys” The sound manager sat back in his chair as he turned a few switches and readied himself for the next recording bit.
Excusing yourself, you left the studio as tears stung the corner of your eyes. Finding your own place to allow some tears to slip from your eyes. You messaged your manager that you weren’t feeling well and that you needed to leave early. With your request granted a few minutes later, you gathered your things and headed out the building trying not to be seen by anyone you knew.
Walking home, to clear your head, you slipped your feet from your heels as the concrete chewed up the bottom of your feet feeling the slight pain hardly compare to the pain that was ripping through your heart. Absentmindedly wondering your way home, you tried to work through everything from the beginning, wondering what was real and what was fake.
Pushing through the door to your apartment, makeup ran down your cheeks from your extensive tears. Slamming the door behind you, you headed to your bedroom before changing into your favorite pair of pajamas. Slipping in a movie, you prepared yourself a
heaping bowl of ice cream and let your tears continue to roll through the night.
A few days passed before you were obligated to head back to work. Dressed in tight
jeans, tall boots and a black halter top, you kept your eyes lowered to the tile floor below as you opened the door to yet another practice room that BAP was practicing in today. Closing the door behind you, you lifted your head slowly to see Jongup smile softly towards you, just like he used to do while you were dating.
-You shook your head lightly and headed to the back with the manager, putting all of your energy into your job now. Jongup watched your saddened figure move across the floor to the back table as thoughts began to pile up in his head.
The manager started the music as you lifted your head and watched one of their dances, seeing Jongup’s eyes glued on you, your mind reminded you of all of the cute smirks, inside jokes, sweet and surprising gestures that piled into those three months that you were together. Memories of late night movies, sleeping in his arms while he slowly brushed away your hair and placed a loving kiss against your cheek, began to overwhelm you. Swearing to yourself, you thought that what the two of you had was real.
Hearing the manager call for a break, he stood up as some of the guys went to get a drink of water, yet Jongup walked over to you and moved close to you as his eyes locked with yours. Feeling the tears begin to coat your eyes, you batted your eyes a few times before looking down and taking deep breaths trying to hold in those tears that you desperately wanted to spill.
“Is something wrong?” He questioned softly, his hand resting just above your knee as you didn’t more nor give an answer. “Can’t you tell me?”
Slipping off of your seat and past him, you headed towards the door as you made your way through the other members of BAP.
“_________, wait!” Jongup ran after you as his hand wrapped around your arm to keep you from going any further. “What’s wrong?”
“You” Your tear soaked eyes lifted to see his, “You just wanted to date me so that you could fulfill a bet”
“That was before, before I got to know you” He told you, his grip softening around you,
while his heart dropped to the pit of his stomach knowing now that you had the full story.
“What? Now you think I’m a jerk?” You tell him as you pull your arm away from his hold,
“To fall for someone like you, when you knew it was a bet all along…. Then getting me to think that this was real…”
“No, I’m the jerk” Jongup answered you, his eyes trying to convey his feelings
“We’re done” You told him as tears ran down your cheeks. Pulling your arm from his grip, you exited the practice room and requested office work from the manager to stay as far away from the boys that you could.
Over the weeks, you two would occasionally pass by each other in the hallways of TS Entertainment. Not being able to exchange greetings or glances to one another, you two continued on trying to separate your lives from one another.
One afternoon, a soft knock came from the side of your cubicle. Turning around in your chair, you eyes met with the one man whom you have been trying to avoid.
“Hey… I know I am probably the last person you want to see at the moment, but give me just a moment of your time” Jongup pleaded while he stood tall before you.
“I’ll give you a moment” You told him softly, as your eyes quickly glanced over his figure standing before you in his army uniform. Knowing that he was called to military service, you kept your eyes on him knowing this might be the last time you could see this man standing before you.
“I don’t know what is going to happen, but I don’t want you to wait for me. You deserve more than just me” He spoke, “I am sorry for placing this bet on you, but to me you were more than a bet, you were my true love.”
Watching his hands shake slightly within one another, he stood tall, his brown eyes peering into yours while he tried to mend your broken heart and his. “Goodbye,
________. Thank you for all of the memories. They will be locked in my heart.”
Lifting his hand, he saluted you as a tear trailed down his cheek. Breaking the salute, he bent down and grabbed his bag before walking out your office to head down to the van that was waiting for him outside.
Hearing the goodbye, you watched him walk away in shock as he stopped right outside the door and peered through the frosted glass. Taking in a deep breath, he waited a little moment to see if you would come after him before he headed downstairs to catch the van that was waiting for him still.
Climbing inside the vehicle, he buckled up and peered out the window, his eyes scaling the building as he saw your figure pressed against the window.
Tears streamed down your face as you couldn’t help but feel your heart shatter within the tight pressure of your chest as the cavity filled with mixed emotions.
Two years of service, three jobs changes for you, two dates and moving.
Jongup stepped out of the van, the parking lot greeted him while the van drove off.
Pulling a worn and tattered picture of you from his chest pocket. He took one final look
at the picture that was burned into his mind, the same picture he looked at every morning and night, the same picture he confessed, begged for forgiveness and wished on every lucky star to hold you just once more.
Taking a deep breath, he rounded your apartment building thinking that you still lived in the same residence that you did when he left. Climbing the few steps up to your door, he gently knocked on the black door before a man answered the door.
“I’m sorry to bother you, but have you seen this girl? She used to live here?” Jongup questioned as he showed them the picture of you that he had held onto for two years.
“I’m sorry, sir. I haven’t seen her before.” The man on the other side of the door answered.
Thanking the man, he grabbed his bag and headed down the stairs, looking up into the stars, his mind began to wonder to what other residences you could be staying at, where you were at this very moment.
Beginning his journey to find you, he headed down the street to your next favorite place along with your friends homes just to try and find you.
Knocking on the next door, he watched an old couple answer their door. Explaining his story and his plea to see if they know you or have seen you around. “Sorry to be a bother but have you seen this girl?” Shaking their heads slightly from side to side, Jongup graciously thanked him as he peered down at the picture between his fingertips.
“I have carried this picture with me through the past two years, it has seen everything from miracles to death and I just want the chance to return her the picture that she once gave me after graduation.” Taking a deep breath he continued, “She’s been running through my dreams, and it’s driving me crazy it seems.” Jongup reasoned with the elderly couple as they shook their heads, but wishing the young man on his journey to find you.
Hours turned into days as he continued to try to find you. Tracking down your job changes along with a few long nights of knocking on doors, he slowly began to walk up a long driveway to another building of apartments. Dropping his head down, he looked left and right to find the building number that matched with number on a ripped paper that he was betting on to find you.
Your beautiful fingers wrapped around the warm cup of hot chocolate all cuddled up with a hoodie and a blanket. Glancing down at the dark shadow that tred up the inclined driveway, his eyes lifted to see your feet propped up against the railing, rocking back and forth in a large rocking chair. Watching the man stop in the road, the moonlight and the dim streetlights reflected off of the gold buttons of his uniform.
Finding the building he was looking for, he climbed to the second story, matching the door number to the number on the smudged paper, he rounded the corner to see your figure relaxing underneath the clearest blanket of stars he has seen in two years.
“Miss ______?” His voice was kind and gentle, careful not to startle such a beautiful being before him. Turning around to look at the man that stood before you, your jaw dropped as you removed your feet from the railing and placed your cooling hot chocolate on the railing as you stood to your feet, never thinking that you would be able to see the face that stood before you ever again.
“Jongup?” You stammered in unbelief that he was standing in front of you.
“I’m sorry about before… I just didn’t want you life to end if I didn’t come back…”
Jongup reasoned as he looked into your eyes while tears piled in his own.
“My life ended when you said goodbye..” You told him honestly, tears skipping down your cheeks unwillingly.
Stepping towards you, he brushed your fallen tears away as he wrapped his arms around you, bringing you against his steady form.
“I didn’t want to hurt you” He whispered into your hair, gently nuzzling you as his fingers spread out across your back while he only dreamed of holding you again over the past two years.
“You did” You whispered as your head was cradled in his strong shoulder, your arms wrapping around him tightly as you held him against you never wanting to let him go again.
“I don’t want to just be a dare” You whispered to him as you felt his heartbeat pound against his chest.
“I’m sorry you had to find out about it… to me it wasn’t about the dare, it was about calling you mine because I love you.” Jongup confessed, those three words caused your heart to stand still a moment, your tongue falling speechless as the weight of those three words slowly began to mend the shattered past you had with him.
“I’m so sorry, I will make it up to you if you will let me” He whispered against your ear as one hand gently cradled your head, his fingers slowly running through your hair as you felt your knees begin to weaken with every soft touch, every beat of your heart against him.
“You just being here is enough”
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Remembering Sunday, he falls to his knees They had breakfast together But two eggs don't last Like the feeling of what he needs Now this place seems familiar to him She pulled on his hand with a devilish grin She led him upstairs, she led him upstairs Left him dying to get in Forgive me, I'm trying to find My calling, I'm calling at night I don't mean to be a bother, But have you seen this girl? She's been running through my dreams And it's driving me crazy, it seems I'm going to ask her to marry me Sorry I had to hahaha
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