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Hey guys! So Kris Wu had a new music video uploaded yesterday. It sounds cool and all, but I haven't payed any attention to the lyrics quite yet. I find it interesting that despite speaking Mandarin and Korean Kris Wu decides to write his songs in English. No complaints from me, I'm just fascinated by his 'out-of-the-box' approach to his solo career. Personally, writing songs in English is pretty cool and I commend him for doing what he wants, no matter how out of the norm it is.
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this is for the soundtrack of Xxx: Zander return which he stars in... I've pretty much watched all his interviews for the movie and it's cute and a little awkward foe him to do his interviews in english like he really has to think a lot but he's just too adorable
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I agree he calls vin disel older brother and vin calls him little brother....there interactions are adorable