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So this week the wonderful fan fiction team came up with the wonderful idea to make everyone feel the feels! Here is a short story to help you feel the feels.
I don't promote heavy drinking and usage of non-prescription drugs.
The Team:
It’s all just lies, It’s all
just lies. We can't end
things like this.
Come back to me.
Please come back again
I can't believe the fact
that you're leaving me.
No matter what I
say to you I know you
won't stay. It’s not right, It’s
not right. I can't trust
this fact.
It’s all lies not
the truth any more.
I can't believe this
any longer. I'll say come
back to me again.
This all just
one lie.
Now you're no
longer next to me. This
is the truth. I don't want
to believe in it. Come back
to me. No matter how I
say it. This just one lie
It’s all just a lie. It's
all just a lie. It’s all
just a lie. It’s all
just a lie. This isn't true.
This isn't true. This isn't true
This isn't true.
It’s a fact.
My mind knows but my
heart says it isn't true.
The same urge tells me to
protect you. This situation
fell on me at random
It’s getting harder to handle
If i can't empty us. I'll just
fill us up.
Here I go rewriting the
story of us again.
It breaks my heart again.
I sat there looking pathetic, tears staining my face, bottles everywhere.
We were happy once? I did my best to love her, right? I got up from the table and headed home, my head hanging lower than ever before. Her words ran through my head.
‘Let’s break up.’ She said it with the sweetest voice and looked at me pain-free. She’s was hiding it, the pain that I showed. ‘I needed to separate fact from fiction. I think you need too.’ She got up from the table. ‘It’s not you, Yoseob. It’s me.’ She hit me the classic line.
I walk into my house and look around. “My life is gone.” This wasn’t an over dramatic statement. It was a complete factual statement, I lived my for her. She could never do me wrong, no matter how many time she reopened wounds, she was came back to heal them. Everyday I waited for her calls, she could brighten up my day with a simple smile. My sunshine was gone. Hell, that’s what the world is without her. I grabbed another soju bottle from my refrigerator and headed to the living room. There I sat with the TV off replaying our memories. My tears fell again, her voice never leaving my head. ‘Let’s break up.’ Out of frustration I let out a scream, my heart hurt and now a headache was settling in. Slowly I made my way to the bedroom holding on to near by furniture. I grabbed some pain killers and washed them down with alcohol. With each pill came numbness, I took more and more. I felt at ease and ready to sleep. I made my way to the shower and slipped over my own feet. Useless. I started laughing, this pain felt good, this pain I could handle.
This is what heartbreak feels like. I got out the shower and dressed. I headed back to the kitchen and grabbed another bottle of soju. Feeling the pain in my heart I looked for the pills, empty, just like me. I got up and looked for another bottle: Codeine. It will due. I took a few, a few minutes passed and I felt the same. I took more. With the feeling stuck on, I finished the bottle. I sat down on my bed and finished my soju. Sleep was creeping, feeling at ease I let it.
Dujun got a text from Hyuna asking him to check on Yoseob. She called the boy a few times this morning to make sure he hadn’t done anything stupid, when she got no answer she freaked out a bit. The break up last night was rough. Yoseob was quite angry and yelling at her about her reason for wanting to break up was invalid. ‘Fact and fiction go hand in hand Hyuna.’ It hurt to leave him, but she couldn’t handle it. The constant check ups, the constant accusing. It was too much. She couldn’t handle it.
Dunju got to Yoseob's house he rang the doorbell a few. No one answer. He knocked on the door hard. "Yoseob, open up.Let's talk." No one answered. He fished around for the key he was giving a few weeks ago. He opened the door the smell of alcohol fuelled his nose. He looked around and saw the empty bottle of Codeine on the ground. He called the ambulance
right away. He looked around the house for Yoseob when he found him tears flooded his eyes. He called Hyuna.
"Come quickly." She arrived just as the ambulance did. She saw Dunju's puffy eyes, something was wrong. "What happen?" Her eyes filled with sadness
at the thoughts popped in her head. "Two bottles of soju, and empty bottle of painkillers , an empty bottle of Codeine, plus however much he had before he came home. His blood alcohol content was to through the roof ." She laughed a bitter, “Funny now what really happened? Where is he?” “Hyuna, it’s not a joke.” “He wouldn’t leave me here! He loves me! I love him. It was a mistake, I didn’t mean to hurt him. Make him come back! Bring him back Dunju.” Dunju pulled her close as she sobbed. “It’s not your fault. You did nothing wrong.” Hyuna cried harder when she saw the ambulance bring Yoseob out on a stretcher. “I’m so sorry Yoseob.” Carefully she kissed his lips. “You’re so cold.” She held him. “Ma’am, I’m sorry for you lost.” Hyuna got what he meant. Slowly they zipped the body up. “Don’t be sorry for something you couldn’t control.” She cried harder.
One Year Later (One Month Before Death Anniversary)
Hyuna sat at the table with sad eyes. The year hadn't been kind to her. She thought only of him and blamed herself. "Excuse me miss." She looked up to see a young man staring at her. "I was wondering .... is everything okay?" She faked a smile. "Even if it's not. It will be at some point. "
The boy sat down. "Hi I'm Hyunseung."
I rewrite the story of us.
Pen and paper here I go.
Now it’s time to forget
you. Oh
I'll start over again
Fiction in Fiction
I'll some how forget
Fiction in Fiction
I'm writing a story
that needs to end.
I'll let you go.
Fiction in Fiction
Times to move on.
In Fiction.
I will be doing weekly spotlight in a few hours/ early tomorrow morning.
OMO!!! You killed my UB! That definitely gave me the feels. Thank you for writing a BEAST story, even if my poor heart hurts.