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Alright everyone today's the day! I want to wish Suwoong a very happy birthday and I hope he spends it well with loved ones! I wish you the best, love you πŸ’•
Here are the clues in the order of days~
The plate is a nice dinner followed by some awesome dessert!
The dance room represents us dancing like crazy to songs! Like god forbid anyone normal to watch us all dance crazy or they would think we need help πŸ˜‚
The chair is kinda goes along with the TV. So what this means is that we would watch some movies and just chill. Since he's so busy and idols as it is rarely get enough rest, after a long afternoon of just partying and dancing I think it would be nice to get cozy on a couch with some blankets and watch some movies.
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That is a great birthday.
That's a real romantic Birthday surprise. love it ❀
You're so considerate! I looked at the chair and TV part and I smiled warmly. You gonna treat your boy right!