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WARNING: Slight Language
Tabitha’s eyes grow large. “G.....G Dragon. What an unexpected, pleasant surprise. Come in, love the new campaign by the way, you look absolutely amazing, as usual.”
He just stares at her, adjusts his glasses and raises an eyebrow.
“Nerd boy is here to pick up Jak.”
He looks past her, spots Jak and grins.
“Stunning as usual,” he states as he moves past Tabitha and heads over to Jak. He holds his hand out, she takes it and he steps back to take a better look. He starts at her head, down to her toes and back up.
She does a slight bow, than a half-assed spin for him and shoots him a look,
His eyes smolder and he grins with a wink; “Not yet, but I’m patient.”
Tabitha and the other girls suddenly remember they should have manners. They run in front of him and bow.
“ You must have heard us through the door and misunderstood. We were talking about Jak’s new boyfriend. He calls every night, even has himself listed in her phone as Mr. Long Term,” Tabitha sneers. “We’ve never seen him, we merely assumed that’s who her date was with tonight.”
He turns his attention back to them, pulling Jak next to him. “You assume a lot where Jak is concerned don’t you Tabitha?”
She looks taken back, hand to her chest, “You know who I am?" She preens a little. "I’m sure I don’t know what you mean by assuming. We’re all great friends here, aren’t we guys?”
He nods with them, smiling; “I guess that could be true, we play pranks on each other. However, they wouldn’t pretend my deliveries never happened.” Tabitha swallows and looks slightly uncomfortable.
He laughs, “That doesn’t mean they wouldn’t eat it, they’ve done that many times. Seungri’s done it too many times to count, but it’s usually in front of me as he hands me the delivery card. To my knowledge Jak only knows about one delivery sent to her from me.” He raises an eyebrow in Tabitha’s direction.
“Sent from you? Nothing’s ever come to Jak from you.”
“So you read her cards and mail, too?”
Jak tugs on his arm, “What deliveries? You only told me about the one.”
“I’ve sent a total of 12 deliveries to you from the time you signed the contract to do the photo shoot. 2 before we ever met, the 1 we discussed, and it seems another missing 9.”
Jak turns a glaring eye to Tabitha. “Really? I’ve never seen anything! It wasn’t food was it?”
“Indeed they were.”
As she steps forward to confront Tabitha, he grabs her wrist and stops her.
“She’s not worth it and I prefer you to show up looking just as you are. Making me the most envied man there.”
She smiles with gritted teeth and allows him to pull her back to his side.
“This isn’t over Tabitha. I’d sleep with one eye open.”
“Or what? You’ll call G Dragon to come fight your battles or your nerdy little boyfriend? I’m sure they both have much better and more important things to do than fight your pathetic little battles.”
G Dragon takes his phone out of his pocket and pushes a few buttons. Jak’s phone rings and she looks up at him confused. He holds his hand out and she places it in his palm.
He turns his phone towards Tabitha.
One the screen is a contact picture of Jak, cropped from the photo shoot, under the picture: Calling “Tiny Hot Mess”.
He turns Jak’s phone next.
One the screen is the emoji of a parrot, under the picture: Incoming call from “Mr Long Term”.
He hangs up, pockets his phone and hands Jak back hers.
“As I stated when you answered the door “Nerd Boy here to pick up Jak” and I'm pretty sure I pick up every time Jak calls me. She doesn’t need me to fight her battles but I would do just about anything she asked of me. That being said, I’m also very protective of my friends.” He takes a step closer into her space, “I believe I’ve already warned you once, there won’t be a third time.”
He takes the coat off his shoulders and holds it open for Jak.
“It’s colder than I thought it would be when I ordered that dress.”
As he pulls it closed by the neck, he whispers to her only, “Or maybe subconsciously I knew it would be.”
The two leave the apartment with the roommates all still just standing there in stunned silence. Right before he closes the door he pokes his head back in, “Have a good night ladies” and waves.
As they wait for the elevator he holds up one of the sleeves of his coat that drowns Jak. Without looking at her he slids his hand up from the bottom to find her hand, than turns back to wait for the doors to open.
On the way to the car he moves slower to compensate for her leg stride and heels. She tugs at his hand, and he looks down.
“So awkward me isn’t sure how to say thank you.” She stops and he turns, “You haven’t really sent me over 12 packages in the last 4 months have you?”
“I have.”
She frowns, “Why didn’t you tell me? I feel terrible, I wasn’t even able to say thank you for the thought at least.”
“I knew you didn’t receive them; I didn’t want to make it any more hostile in there than it already is for you.”
She nods, biting her lip and they continue to the car.
As he steps off the curb to open her door she impulsively leans forward and kisses him on the cheek. Her lipstick leaves a clear lip print on his cheek. Her eyes open wide in embarrassment, she moves to rub it off but he stops her hand and turns.
“Really? That’s all it took?”
She cracks a sarcastic, amused face with her hand on her hip. “All what took?”
He grips her face in both hands, “Hey, make-up!” she weakly protests.
He points to his face, “Hey! Make-up!”
She grabs her purse, “Hold up, I’ve got a make –up wipe, it’ll take it right off.”
He stops her again. “No. I’ve worked hard for 4 months to get this, it’s my badge of honor tonight.”
“You’re crazy you know that?”
“Like I said, we make a good pair. Ready to admit that now? Ready to be mine in public?”
She leans up and whispers, “I’ve always been yours”.
He lifts his face up to the sky with a huge smile and yelp. When he looks back down at her, he once again has her face framed in his hands.
“I think we’re going to be late to our own party.”
Yowza! What a way to be claimed by this man, and finally claim him in return. Telling those witches makes it pretty official. Careful Jak, he even made my heart skip a couple beats. 😘 🐉 🐦
OMG IM DYING!!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤
Wonder what rumors are going to run before they can Cla