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Its been a while since I've written apart of this story. This is a long chapter to make up for it.
The next day I went to school and met up with Tzuyu and Chaeyoung in the classroom. "So you went out with new people last night" Tzuyu commented. "Yes Eon was the reason actually, I felt like a kid sister tagging along" I said. "Oh come on Bailey, that can't be true" Chaeyoung said. "It totally is true. I was the kid sister that tagged along and people had to tolerate" I pouted. "It looked like they liked you enough to let you take pictures and share numbers with though" Tzuyu said. "Yes, I guess" I sighed. "And to share other people's numbers with" Chaeyoung added making me laugh. "I think kooki had a crush in you" I said. "Hey!' The two said at the same time. "Anyway I have a radio show were doing tonight, do you two have any advice? I have no clue what to do" I said. "Well just be yourself. I'm sure they will ask all of you questions about yourselves and play a few games. They can be fun and you aren't on TV so not as nerve racking" Chaeyoung. "Yes, its when you start having to do TV shows that have you doing challenges and stuff that will be more nerve racking" Tzuyu said. "Isn't that what you girls are doing now?" I asked. "Yes, I mean we did 2 hours worth of challenges and they made it into little episodes. Have you guys started doing v live or no?" Chaeyoung asked. "No we haven't done that yet. I think it would be fun but a lot of work" I said. "Well you could always do a scheduling of when to do it and rotate between the five of you" Chaeyoung suggested. "We do that on Instagram already. We take selfies or group pictures and post it" I said. "Well your still a new group. You'll build up your promotional stuff" Tzuyu said. "True true" I nodded. "Hey there's Zero!" I said seeing Zero heading in our direction. He was making a b line to us and stopped in front of us. "Hey Chaeyoung, Tzuyu" he nodded at them casually. "Hi Zero" Tzuyu smiled at him. "Can I borrow Bailey for a minute?" He asked. "Sure, we should get in the classroom anyway" Tzuyu said. The girls left leaving me and Zero in the hallway. He looked a bit disheveled, his hair messy like he was running his hands through it and his shirt was halfway buttoned up and messy. I wondered why he looked like that. "Bailey, Can you come with me to the principles office?" He asked. "Why? What's going on?" I asked confused. "And why do you look a mess?" I asked. "I got into an altercation with some guys. I'm fine don't worry about it" he shook his head. "Why? Zero what happened?" I questioned even as he grabbed my hand and started to lead me down the hallway. "Nothing come on" he said. I followed him silently until we got to the offices and we went into he principles office. Our manager was there waiting for us. "What's going on?" I asked again. "Bailey, Zero your here. Good have a seat" the principle looked up at us. He was a nice old man, reminded me of an Uncle that wanted to dot on you but wasn't sure if he should. We took a seat and watched him. "You two will be taking several days off of school. Your manager explained about one of your members getting hurt and he feels its safer to take you out of crowded places" the principle explained. "What!" My eyes were wide and I was worried I looked over at manager Ko who was looking down. "Who got hurt?" Zero asked. "Mora and Jackie got into a car accident. They are fine but had a trip to the hospital to get checked out" manager ko explained. "What!" I was stunned. "When did this happen?" I asked after a pause. "About an hour ago" manager KO said. "Are they okay? Was it a bad accident?" I asked. "It was a fender bender. No one was hurt and the car is fine but no one wanted to take any chances" he explained. I looked over at Zero who was just staring down at his lap. He knew! He wasn't saying anything for a reason. "Where is Eon?" I asked. "He was at the dorms, we're going to pick him up there" manager KO explained. After that our manager and the principle talked for a minute and filled out paperwork for an extended absence before manager took us out. I was trying not To cry but when we got to the van and Zero wrapped me in a hug the tears started coming down my face. I couldn't help it. "They're going to be fine Bailey. You can see for yourself in just a bit" zero said trying to comfort me. "But they had to go to the hospital! That means they could be hurt" I said. Zero pulled me into the van, he kept an arm around me as I silently cried. He kept trying to reassure me everything was okay. When we picked up Eon he saw the state I was in and wrapped me in a hug. "What are you crying about bailey? Hmm everything is okay. The girls are getting discharged now. We're picking them up and taking them back to the dorms" Eon explained. "Eon" I cried grabbing ahold of them. "Yes yes I know you big cru baby. You care for them a lot" eon sighed. When we picked the two girls up at the hospital, I was the only one distraught, Mora and Jackie looked more annoyed when they came out but when I went to them and hugged them both they softened up and said they were okay. Nothing was wrong. "I can't believe some guy was riding our tail and slammed into us" mora said on an annoyed note as we drove home. "I'm glad your both okay" I said. "Oh you big crybaby of course we're okay. You think a jolt we get us" Mora scuffed at that. We spent the afternoon talking and making sure nothing was wrong. After an hour we all went to our lessons together, and then started to prepare for our radio show interview. We made it to the radio station and started. Each of us introduced ourselves. "Me and Ruby are here with a new group 'Galaxy' I'm so excited to have you on the show!" Diamond started the broadcast. "We're happy to be here too!" Eon said. "Why don't you all give a brief introduction to yourselves first! I'm sure people are curious. Especially with being a mixed group!" Ruby said. "Oh you can add any extra comments about yourselves too! Something interesting!" Diamond said snapping her fingers. "I'll start! Hi I'm Ruby-" "Not you, we already know you ruby!" Diamond laughed. ""Fine I see how it is" Ruby laughed "how about we start with the leader of the group! That's Eon right?" Ruby asked. "Yes, that's me. I'm Eon, I'm the leader of the group and Main vocalist." He said. "And, interesting fact about yourself" Diamond grinned at him. "I like to learn different languages" he said. "Oh I like that! How many do you know?" Ruby asked. "I know Korean, Chinese, English, and am learning French" he said. "So many! Love it!" Ruby sang out. "Next! Who wants to go?' Diamond chuckled. "I will. I'm Mora, I'm the main dancer for the group and vocals. I'm the Eomma of the group" Mora introduced herself. "Really? Do you take care of everyone? Make sure they eat and get to practice and sleep?" Diamond asked intreged. She was leaning forward a bit. "Heh, only to Bailey and Zero, the others are good about getting to practice and their lessons" Mora chuckled. "Oh are they the Maknae?" Ruby asked. "That's me! I'm the Maknae of the group" I said raising my hand. "You are. Oh aren't you cute." Ruby said looking at me. "Thank you" I did aegyo winking at putting a peace sign up. "Why don't you introduce yourself" Diamond suggested. "Okay, I'm Bailey, the maknae of the group. I do the main rap and dance. I'm always hyper and talking fast!" I introduced myself. "Well I didn't see that coming, I thought zero would be the main rap" Ruby said I couldn't help but giggle. "I'm the second rapper in the group, but I d more vocals and dance" Zero chipped in. "Oh three in one! You can do it all" Diamond chuckled. "Yes three in one." He chuckled. Ruby urged him to introduce himself then. "I'm Zero, the wild card in the group. " he said. "And last is Jackie? Right tell us about you Jackie!" Diamond urged. "Well I'm last up. I'm Jackie. I do vocals and Dance.  I'm the middle of the group and I do most of the cooking" she said. "Cooking! That's a great skill" Ruby said clapping. "Hey so early today we heard of an incident involving Mora and Jackie. You two are workaholics, I mean earlier you got in a car a Car accident and your both still coming on our show and doing this" Diamond said. "Yes, there was picture of you, Bailey who was crying  when you saw them at the hospital" Ruby said looking at me. "Heh" Mora chuckled. "She is pur big cry baby. But she cares a lot for us. We didn't get into a bad accident just a little bump from another car" Mora explained. "And we wouldn't miss coming on here when we aren't even injured in any way" Jackie added. "Oh that's good to hear" Diamond grinned. Diamond and Ruby asked a few questions to Jackie and Mora before they moves on to a game. "Okay soa we have a few games but people seem to really like this one when we have a new group on." Ruby started. "The title game. Where the members pit a title to another member and give at least one reason why" diamond explained. "Oh gosh I'm going to be labeled the cry baby" I sighed making them all laugh. "Well you are, but that's cause you care about us" Mora said patting my shoulder. "Heh, well it looks like we already have one title down" Ruby said. "So think for a moment and how about going down the row, so Mora you'll be next" Diamond said. We thought for a moment. "Mora is the silencer. She can put any argument we have to an end" Eon said first. "Oh I like that. The silencer, also because she doesn't talk much and when she does its something to be listened to" I chimmed in. "Really you think so?" Mora questioned looking at me. "Yes.  I may not always do what you say, but I do listen to you" I told her. "Awe your sweet." Ruby cooed. "And now for Eon" Diamond said. "oh the Alpha!" I exclaimed right away. "You and those werewolf movies you watch" Eon chuckled. "But let's hear it" he said. O grinned at him. "Your the leader of us, our strength and hope and we follow you no matter what. I say that makes you a good Alpha" I explained. "Heh okay I like it" Eon chuckled. "Oo your a wolf! Rawr!" Ruby mimicked. "I always did like supernatural references" she said. "Settle down panda, you already got a fox on your leash" Diamond chuckled. "I do I do" Ruby chuckled. "Heh well I'll take that as a compliment" Eon said. "And if I'm considered an Alpha well  going to call Zero a Vampire!" Eon said. "Hey! I find that insulting" Zero said. "Oh with that pale smooth skin of yours I can see it" Jackie said running a hand against his cheek. "And he drains energy from us by making us work harder and harder and this little bean still has energy to spare after that" Eon added making the girls laugh. "Oh it sounds like a back handed compliment  what a twist!" Diamond exclaimed. "I love it!" She added. "Last but not least what about Jackie then? Does she get a supernatural title?" Ruby asked intreged. "No Jackie is the apple of the eye!" I said. "A butterfly!' Zero said. "Hmm I agree apple of the eye",Mora said. "Well such pretty things to say" Diamond said. "Well its because she is the beauty in the group" Mora said. "Why thank you" Jackie said laughing. "Seems we went around and got some interesting names. We have the cry baby, the silencer, Alpha, Vampire and well go Butterfly  That is the most unique group I have ever heard" Ruby laughed. "Speaking butterfly. We have one last thing go do before we run out of time!" Diamond exclaimed. "Tiger or Panda?" Diamond questioned holding out a tiger stuffed animal. We all laughed. "Well I don't know about the girls but I'm team tiger" Zero said first. Ruby had pulled out panda animals as well. Eon and Mora also picked tiger and me and Jackie picked Panda. After the show the two girls were the first two get up. The two girls left first and the group of us followed their path down the stairs. I watched as Ruby and Diamond lept onto famailar looking people. "I think that's namjoon and jungkook" Eon noted. "Really? I didn't know those two were dating"  I said. "Well the girls will be upset about loosing a love interest" I sighed. "I thought they liked those boys from astro?" Zero asked. "Nah, they are to childish for them" I sighed. "Oh well, looks like they are happy With those girls" I said nodding at them.
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I had a feeling the radio show was Diamond and Ruby and I was right! Is this group another one you made up like in the first part of KookiMonster?
lol yes its a made up group. thought it would be fun to transfer the radio show over into this. lol