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Hey everyone it's Friday again so it means it's Chenle time! Today I will give you some very good reasons why this little ray of sunshine is just one of the most precious people in the world. My son is just so adorable ☺️
Pre-Debut and he was flawless. Just look at him, he's got that cuteness with some sass 😎 that you just can't resist.
Present day and he is still the same cute lovable ball of fluff πŸ’• Doesn't he look cute with filters (Renjun being all flawless next to himπŸ˜‰) Btw their filter game is strong πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
Look at that smile. Haters would say it's photoshopped, but they are wrong because that is natural beauty ✨
He's so gorgeous!
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He has such a baby face. He is cute!
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