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Hello everyone!!

I am so sorry for not posting anything last week!! I know you guys must of been so devastated but please hold back your threats and tears.... Because I bring you adorable and sexy pictures of Myunghan and Youngjun!!

Please forgive me;;

Myunghan the cutest little thing ever!! How did I never notice how cute he was before!?!!!

Youngjun....Whoa....Did not see your sexiness before today!!!! Wah!! I feel attacked!!!! *.*

Wah!!!!! He is too cuuuuuuuuuute!!!!!! I'm dying over how cute he is!!!! Everyone! Accept his cuteness!!!!

O.O Youngjun!! Put that tongue and sexy glare away!! Not tonight!! I do not need to feel this attacked tonight!! Or ever....!!!!

Ummm....ummmm.....That's all....folks?

See you all on Friday C;

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I like the cute and sexy.