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"MOM!" I screamed waking up out of my sleep. This was a recurring nightmare I was never going to get over. I finally forced myself out of the house though.

I really didn't know what to do but my body did. For the next several days I would go to the beach and look out at the ocean. I would remember the good times. The last time we went to the beach we had such a great time.


"Ok we will get this fire working." I said squirting some gas into the pit.

"Let's not burn out eyebrows off." She laughed. It took us several minutes with the help of a guy to get it working. We had brought stuff for smores and drinks. After the sun went down we drank and talked about things. After a few drinks we let the fire die down and I set my phone on the chair.

"I love the ocean!" I screamed and ran towards it. But quickly ran away not wanting to get touched by the water.

"Water too cold?" She laughed.

"I'm too fast for it."

"Oh my daughter who out runs water." She laughed

"I can do it without running away."

"Ahh you shouldn't have had that much to drink."

"Watch me, I'll do a cartwheel and not get touched by the water." I said and started doing the cartwheel. I had never done it when I was drunk so if I finished it I would have been proud. I didn't finish and flopped on my back and the waves crashed over me.

"Aaaahhhhh it's so cold!" I shot up and ran back to the fire pit.

"Let's get you home you crazy child."


I couldn't help but cry. All the memories good or bad, I can't escape. Maybe if I sell the house, I can deal with this all.


After several hours at the beach I finally headed home.

"Stop following me!" I turned and yelled to the man.

"I just want to make sure you are ok." He said and I started laughing.

"You want to know if I'm ok now? NOW!?! WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU MY WHOLE LIFE!" I screamed.

"I'm doing what your mother wanted." He said.

"What? Mom asked you to leave?"

"No GOD no she asked me to be here for you when she was gone."


"Sarah." He reached out to me but I moved away from his touch.
"Let's go sit down and talk. I should explain everything to you." He stepped back from me.

"What is there to explain?" I asked

"A lot." He said and he pointed to the coffee shop a few feet away. I nodded and started walking.


"JUNGKOOK!" Megan screamed running into the practice room.

"What Megan?" I said and continued to stretch.

"Sarah .....her....she....she.."

"What happened to Sarah?" I shot up and walked over to her.

"Here mom passed away...a week ago.." Megan was tearing up.

"How do you know?"

"Her cousin called me, I used to be friends with her cousin, but that doesn't matter...She had been alone for a week and dealing with this."

"Guys..." I turned to them.

"Go." Namjoon said and in a second I was running out the door.

omg what happened i want to know this so good.... i need more
I will be updating soon....hopefully tonight
Aww, Namjoon's so sweet for letting Jungkook chase after her