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Summary: "Seven boys, and seven abilities. Working in secret, together as a team, and only together, can they take down anyone who decides to hurt the innocent or forge a tainted future. Will they all be able to stay on the side of good? Or will some be tempted over to evil?"
Part: Chapter 9
First Part: Introduction
Previous Part: Chapter 8
Next Part: Chapter 10
Warning: Strong language.
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Narrator's P.O.V:
"She's absolutely not sleeping in my room. You know i need my own room-"
"You're the one who told her she wouldn't be sleeping in the shop anymore!"
"Because i knew you wouldn't allow her too after knowing she's a shapeshifter-"
"Well Namjoon needs his own room because he'll keep her up since he's always awake, Jin is a mess and hates sleeping in the same room as anyone, Yoongi is the same which forces Jimin to sleep in his room, and Jungkook and I share a room, and we're a little busy during the nights if you catch my drift J-Hope-"
"How is any of that my fucking problem?"
"Because you're the only one who doesn't care who's in your room, who's doing what, or who's making noise! It's perfect!"
"You're impossible!"
Jen and the rest of them watched Taehyung and J-Hope bicker over where she'd sleep. She was both amused and sad by it. She didn't want to be a burden or be an annoyance to anyone, nor did she want to be the cause of an argument. The vein on Taehyung's neck was becoming more and more prominent while J-Hope stayed completely calm as if this was an everyday thing.
She sighed softly, making Jimin look at her with a reassuring look on his face. Jungkook rubbed his temples trying to not teleport the both of them on to the moon. Yoongi was right there with Jungkook thinking the same thing, while Namjoon was busy writing down anything he found on Kim Woo Bin. Jin peeked at the notes ever now and then to make sure that what Namjoon was finding matched with things he found online.
"Yoongi-oppa," Jen called to him. He raised a brow, leaning back to look at her and pushing Jimin forward a bit as he was sitting between them. She smiled at him and leaned closer. "You're the closest to Hoby-oppa right?" She asked. He nodded and waited for her to continue. "Well, i have a way to settle this argument. It'll be some serious bribery on my part-"
"I don't care as long at it shuts them up Jenie-" He groaned. "What's the question?"
"What's his favorite animal on this planet?" She asked, biting her lip. She hoped it was something simple like a goddamn goldfish and nothing like an elephant or an ape.
"Cats. He loves black and white cats," He answered immediately. She sighed, happy at the simplicity.
Her eyes glowed a bright blue before she shifted at light speed into a cat. Taehyung and J-Hope didn't even seem to notice but the other's did. Jimin and Jungkook couldn't help the high pitched giggles that escaped their lips as Jen popped her little head out of the clothing she was wearing. Yoongi smiled a bit, reaching over to take the black blazer and pink spaghetti strapped shirt off her. He folded them neatly, holding them in his lap. Jimin did the same with the black jeans she was wearing, along with the bra and underwear set.
"Are you seriously going to keep this u-" J-Hope was cut off after Jen jumped onto his lap. His eyes widened for a second before he looked to where Jen was sitting, noticing she wasn't there. He calmed down instantly, letting his guard down before looking down at her. She sat on his left thigh, black and white tail slowly flicking back and forth. She lifted her paw to her mouth, cutely licking it. Her silver-ish eyes flicked up to look into his, and he tightened his jaw desperately trying not to give in.
"Absolutely not," He said firmly. She meowed and sat further up his thigh. He shook his head and raised an eyebrow at her.
"No." She pawed at his stomach cutely and meowed again.
"Please stop," He groaned, trying his best not to give into her cuteness. She mentally smiled, knowing that she was breaking him. Taehyung held his hand over his mouth to keep himself from laughing out loud.
Jen moved forward and nuzzled the side of her face against his stomach, purring softly. She bundled up the hem of his shirt in her paws, holding onto it with her claws, and tugging on it.
He groaned. "Under the condition that you stay as a cat while in my room and sleep as far away as physically possible, then fine." He gave in. She meowed happily in thanks, snuggling closer to him with her entire form and not just her head. "Yea yea you're welcome." He reached over to pet her calmly and she tensed. She wasn't expecting him to touch her, nor was she expecting to love it so much. Her purrs were growing louder and she nuzzled against his hand. The other's could hear her purrs and laughed, looking at J-Hopes awkward blush.
"Okay okay can i go back to training now?" Jungkook asked, practically begging J-Hope. "I was finally getting everything down-"
"Did you not see the condition you were in whe- Jen this is extremely distracting," J-Hope sighed, looking down at her. She stopped, looking up at him like a dear in headlights. She was sitting directly on his crotch, rubbing her entire body against him and nuzzling his hand with her face. She stopped and sadly curled up on his lap, closing her eyes. J-Hope nodded finally able to continue. "Anyways, your condition was extremely bad when you teleported to Tae's shop. We don't know what happens you you if you push your abilities beyond their limits, and i would like to avoid finding out."
"But pl-"
"Jungkookie," Taehyung sighed, pleading to him from the other couch across from them. "Please just rest. You have all of tomorrow and three days after that to practice." Jungkook looked down, tapping his food.
"You did really well today Kookie. You'll be fine to work tomorrow, okay? It's pretty late anyways, and Namjoon's still looking into Woo Bin, so everything's working at a steady pace." J-Hope assured him. Junkook glanced up at him, nodding. He was happy to have some sort of approval from him after what happened the night he agreed to help him.
"Appa," Jen spoke to Taehyung in her mind. He looked down at her and her tail swayed calmly in response. "Can i have a bath?"
Taehyung gave her a boxy smile. "As a cat or human?" They all looked at Taehyung confused as to who he was talking to, but quickly remembered his ability.
"Cat," She giggled, jumping off J-Hopes lap and onto Taehyung's. J-Hope's brows knitted together slightly. He enjoyed her warmth and wanted her to come back to him, but kept a straight face and pulled out his phone, scrolling through the news.
"I'm going to go give her a bath. Kookie go shower. We'll watch a movie afterwards, yea?" Jungkook smiled and nodded, running to one of the bathrooms as quick as possible while Taehyung took the bathroom that was in their room.
Jimin laughed, feeling a sense of happiness. They were finally able to have each other to themselves instead of Jimin hogging them for his own needs. He still felt bad for using them all these years, but they assured him it was their choice, so his guilt wasn't eating him alive. His phone suddenly rang.
"Yes Taemin i was just about to come in an-"
"Jimin-ssi, there's a gentlemen insisting on seeing you," Taemin spoke into the phone. Jimin raised an eyebrow, looking to Yoongi and J-Hope who were both curious as to what happened.
"Yes i'll be there soon. What's his name?"
"Kim Woo Bin," Taemin said. Jimin's eyes darted over to Yoongi, hoping he heard the same thing he did. Yoongi shrugged confused as he and J-Hope couldn't hear the phone call.
"Taemin take all precautions with this man, he's dangerous. I'll be there soon with Yoongi. Yoongi is going to pretend to be the owner. Tell all other immediate employee's as hushed as you can and go along with it. How many people are with him?"
"Five other's," Taemin stated immediately. Jimin sighed, looking to J-Hope who had his knife in his hand. He was ready the moment Jimin said the word dangerous. "I understand your orders. I trust you Jimin," Taemin whispered before hanging up.
"Kim Woo Bin is at my club asking for me. Luckily my face isn't online so no one knows how i look, just my name. Yoongi you have to pretend to be me. J-Hope you have to come. There are five other's and i don't know if they have abilities-"
"Already on it," Namjoon and Jin said at the same time. Namjoon opened his laptop, and they both got to work accessing the security cameras from the club.
Yoongi changed into a loose white blouse with a black leather trench coat and jeans. he tucked the blouse into his jeans, slipping on one of Jimin's fancy shoes and put on a fedora. He did his best to imitate Jimin, placing a smallear piece in his ear.
Jimin changed into a black T-shirt, black jeans, and slipped on a face mask. He did his best to not look like himself, slipping on blue contact lenses. he places an earpiece in as well.
J-Hope secured his knifes in his pockets, put the earpiece in his ear, and cracked his neck. He did his best to look like a body guard.
Namjoon and Jin gained access to the cameras easily, then tested the radio to make sure the ear pieces worked. They each gave a thumbs up when they heard Namjoon's voice.
"I'm going to have to push my abilities like I've always done for this mini-mission. I'll feed you all the information i can on your way to the club. Jimin, Yoongi doesn't know much about your club so take this and feed him any information you need too." Namjoon said, handing him a small radio watch. Jimin nodded, locking it around his wrists. "Yoongi put this on so Jimin can hear you and Woo Bin." Namjoon handed him a small white circle dot that had a sticky back. Yoongi nodded, sticking it on his right peck.
Jimin nodded to Namjoon and Jin, walking out the door with Yoongi and J-Hope. "Let's do this."
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