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Who: Reader x Jung Kiseok What: Smut & Angst Readers 18+ only Story: He liked to party and you were okay with that until you started to feel like his burden rather than his prize. (Inspired by Dean's song I'm not sorry)
Y/n's POV *Flash back* "Gi Jong! Gi Jong! Look!" The little you chased after your cousin. "Hello Y/n, what've you got there?" She asked. You laced the flowers you picked into a crown. You two were on Jeju with your family. They were visiting a shrine or at least that's what you thought your brother said. Your brother had wondered off in search of stupid boyish things because he couldn't be bothered with girls playing. You presented the flower crown and she smiled brightly, "How pretty, is it for me or should I put it on you?" She said. "It's for you." The younger you said. She thanked you and took it from your eight year old hands. When she wore it, she looked as beautiful and as bright as the sun that day.... *Present day* You stared at the picture of your beautiful grown up cousin long gone and taken too young. The old feelings welling up in your heart, the pain, the anger and the resentment but the love far too strong for any of those other negative emotions to make you mistreat her or hate her. You just weren't her. It took you so long to discover that truth. She was four years older than you and you adored her. She was beautiful and everyone loved her. You wanted nothing more than to be just like her. You loved her. You could never be her though and that's what hurt you. "We met when I was still in under ground. I chased her for days before she finally agreed to go out with me." He said. You slept with him intending it to be a one night stand and he chased after you too....because you looked like her? "I was in love with her, we were supposed to get married but she got cancer and I started getting better gigs. I wanted to stay by her side but she wanted me to go to them. She kept telling me everyday she was feeling better but I knew she was lying. I did what she asked anyway. When she died, I was wasn't there for her." His hands started shaking and his lips met the back of your head. Remembering her was tough for him. Why did he want you to stay, if you looked like her you would only hurt him more, right? Was Gi Jong manipulating your life even from the dead? She was the one that taught you the value in relationships ,to want marriage and commitment. You two were inseparable until she moved and your family had told you about her cancer many years later but you refused to see her. They said she asked about you. She was hoping to see you because it had been so long since she moved away. You two barely saw each other and when you two stopped talking you spent most of your time trying to be her or to be better than her. You looked like her so you were in her shadow always and you loved it at first until you knew what the expectations that came with that was. Everyone wanted you to be as good as her, as perfect as her and your feelings of resentment and anger grew but she was too perfect to hate and too sweet not to love. You felt inferior, you felt alone, you felt like you weren't good enough the easiest thing to hide behind was a smile. No one else knew how to do that better than you. You hated yourself for letting her die without seeing you. You hated yourself for being to stupid and too stubborn to go see her. You couldn't see her that weak though, you couldn't just watch her die and you felt it was cruel for them and for her to ask you to. It wasn't fair that she had cancer and it wasn't fair that she died. You forced tears away as Kiseok continued speaking about how much he loved her and how happy he was with her. You walked out of his arms setting the photo down. "Y/n?" "She won't let you have me but you still want me? Why is that a reason to stay?" You said lowly. "I don't want you to leave." He said. You remembered a student of yours asked you a few years back why her father smiled and said he was happy when she knew he was tired, she heard him cry, she saw him struggle and she understood everything was bad right now even if she didn't know why. She said her father was a liar because he smiled and said he was fine but she saw him when he wasn't. Sometimes it's better to smile even when things are bad. It doesn't mean the bad things go away but sometimes it makes you strong enough to keep going for the people that need you now. This was what you told her, it was the best excuse you could give her. It wasn't a lie but it wasn't the whole truth either. Even you knew how much it hurt to wear a smiling mask while your insides were in pain. Tears that no one else could see, especially the ones you love, were the hardest to wipe away. He turned you around to face him, "I just can't lose you right now." "Fine." You said. "Fine?" You reached up and wrapped your hand around the side of his neck and you pulled him down for a kiss. He deepened the kiss and you wrapped your arms around his neck when he wrapped his arms around your body. You weren't Gi Jong, you never would be but you loved him enough to suffer a little while longer. He picked you up and took you to his bedroom. He took off your shirt and pushed your pants down. You helped him push off his shirt and he laid you back against the bed. He crawled over you with lustful eyes, you used to be so timid around him and now him sleeping with you was nothing, you felt it meant nothing to him. It was just sex. You held in those tears. Hold them in just long enough so that he can't see them. His hands ghosted over your body, his lips kissed soft trails up your stomach and then covered yours again. His hands ran up your arms and held your wrists above your head only for a moment. He moved down your body his fingers finding the trim of your panties and softly gliding them just above the trim and below your belly button. "I love it when you match." He whispered. Your bra and panties were a bright baby blue and white stripe set. He hooked his fingers in and lowered his lips to your hips kissing up to where your hip bone was. You let out short sighs and small moans as he slowly pulled your panties off past your legs. You looked down at him staring at your heat and he opened your legs more. He kissed your inner thigh on one side then kissed the other side slowly. You could hear his kisses and you felt his teeth nip at your thighs. He stopped touching you in the car that day, was it because you reminded him of her? Was there something you did? You sat up and pushed him up just as he was coming for your heat. He looked at you confused and you grabbed the belt on his pants and pulled it off. You unbuttoned and unzipped his pants; you pushed down his underwear and released his erection. One hand ran up the side of his leg until you found his waist while the other took him in your hand and your tongue licked his tip. "Y/n." He moaned softly. His hand ran through your hair as your lips covered his tip. You bobbed your head up and down slowly. You took him an inch deeper each time you came down until he was completely in your mouth. He started to move his hips a little letting out soft moans himself. "Baby." He moaned again. "Mmmm." You hummed on him. "Shit, my little kitten." He said. That's right, you were baby Y/n in the streets and his sex kitten in the sheets. Part of you loved it, the other part of you wondered was that all you were good for. You pushed the thoughts out of your head. You sucked on him and brought him all the way out of your mouth slowly. You moved your hand up and down his length, "Kitten, let me taste you." He said. He bent down to kiss you while your hand continued on him. He pulled your hand away and wrapped his arms around your thighs. His tongue met your heat lapping you up quickly. He flattened his tongue and moved slowly across your folds. You could hear a tiny slurp while he continued to lick you. His teeth bit at your folds and pulled at them. He came up to open your legs wider and he placed your hands under your thighs so you were completely opened up to him. Completely embarrassed in this position, you closed your eyes and let your other senses heighten. His fingers pushed into you slowly while his tongue teased your sensitive nub. His other hand came up to your clothed breast and pushed up your bra. His fingers toyed with your nipples, he was doing so much to you and your mind wandered off forgetting about Gi Jong. It was only you and Kiseok at this point. You heard his heavy breaths as he came up from your heat. His fingers left you and he pushed them into your mouth like he always pushed his lollipops into your mouth. You sucked on his fingers while he situated himself with you. His hand came to your waist and dipped himself inside you shallowly then came back out to rub up against you. He once again dipped into you shallowly and then came back up to grind against your clit. He took his fingers from your mouth and he placed himself inside of you moving slow and lifting you slightly to get deeper. His fingers came to your clit and drew circles as he began to grind into you. You moaned softly for him, his body finding a slow rhythm to love you right. He leaned over to kiss you, his lips locked over yours and your tongues danced around, running against each others. Your heart beat sped up. How did a one night stand become like this? He was too dangerous to be with but you couldn't give up on him or rather you just couldn't walk away from him. Small tears slipped from your eyes that he wiped away with his thumb. He kissed your cheek and your jaw down to your neck. His tongue grazed that sweet spot on your neck making you moan louder for him. He pulled out of you to move to his side right in front of you. You hadn't had someone face you before only behind you in this position. "Move with me." He whispered to you. He raised your leg and found his angle to move inside you. He pushed inside of you and you buried your face into his chest. You could feel his chest rise and fall. Your hips moved along with his both of you grinding into each other slowly. "Look at me." He whispered. His breaths were shallow; he was turned on. The moonlight that had snuck into the room showed how blown his pupils were. He moved close to your lips to kiss you. Your hand found his cheek and brought him into you. He kissed you soft but deep. "Don't be afraid of me." He said. He looked deep into your eyes. You were though because now you understood the capability of how deeply he could hurt you. That was scary. He could call you her name again, he could say her name in his sleep again, he could want you to be her. You heart was breaking and yet you became a liar like the little girl's dad. "I'm not afraid." You said softly. You brought your leg from back around him and sat up. He sat up with you and you straddled him. He held onto your hips while you unhooked your bra and tossed it to the side. Your arm wrapped around his neck and he found your entrance. You lowered down on him and moved slowly. He was looking up at you, his eyes were locked with yours and you pecked his lips. You pecked them again turning your head and moving a little bit faster on him. You moaned a bit loud and longer for him. He kissed your now naked breast, his tongue moving up the valley of your breast. You let out a gasp but kept moving. You felt your walls tightening searching for a climax. He groaned into your chest and you leaned back a little to get the right angle. You moved faster up and down on him, "Kiseok." You cried. "Come on Y/n." He encouraged. He aided your hips down on him, you felt him twitch inside of you. He was close too. You came back up to kiss him hard and your body erupted. You found your release and your moans filled his room. You felt him spill into you, he flipped you over on the bed and kissed you hard. He kept moving in you despite having cum already. You took a breath while he bit your bottom lip. "Stop." You said breathless. "I want more of you." He said. He took more of you too. He drained you of your energy that night. The night after that and the night after that. You continued to be on call for him. He stopped pushing you away for a few days and then the weeks that followed he kept you away while he partied on his own. He felt close sometimes and then thee thousand miles away. The more you showed up with a smile on your face and the more you pretended everything was okay the more your heart broke into pieces. The more your heart broke the more you ignored it. You were there for the sex at this point, you were in a relationship that had little substance but you loved him too much to end it. Months flew by with Jihoon still showing up trying to get you back. Hakyeon and Ae-cha would ask you if you were happy and you smiled in their faces and said you were happy. You were dying on the inside. Almost every night, it seemed he called you just to have sex and he'd have you stay in bed with him till the morning. You started to force yourself to wake up earlier than him to take a shower and in turn he'd wake up with you to shower with you. You were just preparing yourself to leave with him or just after him but he felt like you were running away from him. You didn't know what you were doing any more. Nothing made sense anymore. There was a pattern with him: if you created enough space from him that he felt you were leaving him then he'd chase after you. He'd bring you to parties and dinners with the guys and he'd have you at events and show you off. You hid your face more when you two were in the media together and somehow he got you addicted to those stupid lollipops of his at the corner store he went too. Then suddenly when things seemed to be going well he strayed from you. He called you around only for sex, he touched you but barely spoke to you. He wouldn't let you in, he only pushed you out which made you push away and start the cycle again. It was making you sick. More sick than you realized. Here you were months later, you two made it past half a year of nothing but bullshit. Part of you used the time things were going good to outshine Gi Jong and then when everything went to hell in a hand basket and you were depressed you felt yourself getting upset that she had so much power over him. "Kiseok has the same pattern with every girl he hooks up with. He stays with them for a while and he's happy and then after a few months when things get serious he pulls away from them and most times he cheats on them. I'm surprised you two are still together. I expected it to end a long time ago. It's just the way he is." Seonghwa had told you this one night when you attended a dress up party with Kiseok. He was by your side for all of five minutes before you were left to mingle on your own and you hated social events. You couldn't mingle well especially not alone. He had found you on the balcony of the building, he said you stood out because of the white dress Kiseok bought you. Kiseok said he wanted you to stand out, despite you wanting to blend in. Seonghwa could see it in you just as everyone else had. Something in you was dying, your spirit, your idea of love, your happiness. "He's killing you and he's not helping himself. Something won't allow him to let you go maybe that's why you should smile and walk away anyway." Seonghwa told you. "I know." Was all you could whisper before you left his side. You had thought about it. A few times, you came close to it. You grabbed your things and slowly got them out of his place but everytime he called you came to him. When he showed up at your apartment drunk, you let him wrap his arms around you like you were a bear and he'd fall asleep. For months, you endured the worst flip flop relationship you ever allowed yourself to dive in. He was supposed to be a one night stand. One night didn't just turn into dating, it turned into you two moving in. He asked you to just stay there. He said it made things easier for the both of you. It made it easier for him because you couldn't run away. It made it easier for you because you didn't have to get out of bed to come to him. Ae-cha was upset that you left. You two hadn't spoken for a while. You didn't understand what was up with her anyway. She'd become really grumpy lately, she had been going through some mood swings and whatever was happening Hakyeon wouldn't tell you about it. He was more concerned about you. He was always asking if you were okay. You always said you were fine. "Hey do you want to come to this baby shower with me?" You said to Hakyeon. Today you two were walking down the street it was warm out and you were enjoying the summer whether before fall came around. "Baby shower?" "Yeah, remember my sister-in-law finally had the kid, it's a boy apparently." You said. "You're not going to ask Kiseok?" "Why would I do that? He'll bail on me last minute anyway. Plus I don't want to give him the idea I want kids." You said. "But you do want kids." Hakyeon laughed. "Nope. Not anymore." You said. "Wait what?" He said shocked. You stopped and looked up at the window before you. There were some nice clothes in there for children. You walked in and he hurried in behind you. "Y/n you're not just going to skip past this. You've always wanted kids." "I don't want them anymore. I teach kids all day I don't really need a kid of my own. I have a bunch of other people's kids to take care of. There, baby fever solved." You said while looking through a rack of boys baby clothes for your nephew. "Y/n look at me." "Do you think this is cute for a baby boy? Maybe I should get him a bigger size, kids tend to sprout quick especially in our family. Jeongso grew out of his baby clothes in a month." You said. Hakyeon grabbed your face and made you look at him, "Shut up and look at me. You are not actually telling me he's made you give up on kids." "He didn't make me do anything Hakyeon. I'm just not meant to have babies isn't that obvious? Even Ae-cha said it herself I like to run from relationships when certain things get tough because I want perfect and perfect doesn't exist. Oh wait no it used to in the form of my cousin who looks so much like me that Kiseok can't let go of me." You said. Your bitter feelings snapped out of you by accident. You took a deep breath and looked away from him. "Wait what do mean that's why he can't let go of you?" Hakyeon asked. "Should I get this for the kid or not?" "Y/n focus damn it. What is going on?" "Kim Gi Jong is my cousin and she used to be his girlfriend before he blew up as a rapper. He likes me because I look like her. So when I try and get away from him he pulls me back in. He wants me to stay. He wants me to be her and I can't Hakyeon. I can't be as perfect and as pretty as she was I couldn't then and I can't now." You tossed the outfit onto the little shelf. You covered your eyes to stop the tears and you took a deep breath. Hakyeon hugged you, "Why have you kept this from us?" He asked. "Because it's quite obvious to me that Ae-cha wants nothing to do with me. I just didn't want to bother you either. I just want to pretend everything is okay and keep moving on with my life. I have to keep fending off Jihoon who insists I take him back and then I have to deal with the flip flop attitude of Jung Kiseok. If I let myself feel it or talk about it I break down." You said. "Y/n why don't you leave him?" "Because I'm stupidly in love with him. He wouldn't leave me be anyway if I left him." You said. "You're not happy Y/n you're just faking it. You've always wanted kids." "The only kid I need to worry about is my nephew. I'm just gonna get the stupid outfit and go." You sighed. You picked up the outfit and took it to the register and you and Hakyeon left once it was paid for. "So are you just going to stay with him until one of you breaks it off?" He asked. "I don't know." "Y/n let him go. Look, I know I told you not to give up hope but clearly I was wrong. He's affecting you in the worst way. You've always wanted marriage and kids. Are you telling me now you seriously don't want that?" "I'm telling you I can't leave him Hakyeon. I don't know how." "Give me your phone and I'll do it. I'll get your stuff, we can move you back into the apartment." He said. "I can't, he'll come by. He'll want me to go back." "You know you don't have to." "I know, it's not like he's forcing me but I just... can't." He sighed, "When is this baby shower?" "It's in two days." You said. "Really? You're just getting stuff now? I have a meeting I probably can't go." He said. "It's fine. I'll go alone, I'll think of a reason to leave early." You said. Hakyeon pulled you into a hug.... Kiseok's POV These past two weeks he'd stayed away from Y/n aside from sleeping with her. She didn't smell like Gi Jong. She didn't kiss like her, taste like her or make the same noises as her. She looked like her, she liked kids like her, they had similar tastes but she wasn't her. He couldn't let her go even though he should've and even having her in the penthouse was like a ghost town. She seemed to fade away from him any chance she could get. She stayed out late and didn't come home after work if she knew he'd be there. One day she had showed up after work; he was there and she made some excuse to leave out again. He didn't see her until later on that night. He felt bad for her because he was draining her. He knew he was, he kept going back and forth. Anytime he admitted to himself he loved her, anytime he tried to move on Gi Jong came to his mind and he couldn't admit it to her. He couldn't get close to her. Two days ago she'd gone out with her friend, Hakyeon and she bought some baby clothes. He thought he got her pregnant for a brief moment but she had a baby shower she was going to. She was very distant, far more distant than normal and yesterday he swore somethings of hers had been missing. He had that odd feeling she was running away again. This time he was right, because he'd hit the club earlier today rather than going home. She didn't invite him to the baby shower and he didn't ask why, it wasn't that he didn't care but he wasn't sure he wanted to know. Gi Jong was on his mind today. How do I let you go? He kept asking himself that but he was dying inside thinking about it. He was drinking but today very lightly, in fact he only had a few sips of his beer with Loco and Gray. There was a girl dancing on him that he wasn't even thinking about and the whole reason why he couldn't even drink was because of a text he got a few minutes ago from Y/n. Kitten: Listen, I can't do this anymore. I love you but this entire relationship is killing me... So I think we should end it. I got my stuff from your place and I left your key in the penthouse. I couldn't do this face to face, I'm sorry but this is the best way. His heart was racing, "Why do I keep losing you?" He said lowly. "Come on Kiseok, even you know by now it's not me. I haven't been here for years." Gi Jong's voice met his ears as her image appeared next to him. "I can't lose her." He said. "But you already have because you can't let go of me. What do you think is going to happen Kiseok? She'll take you back so you could go through the same routine? You are killing her, you know it and she knows it. She's sick of waiting for you to get your act together so she walked away instead. Leave her be, you'll only continue to cause her unhappiness." Gi Jong said. "I can't lose her. She's not you Gi." "It took you that long to figure it out? When are you going to realize it's not me that's torturing you either, it's not me keeping you from moving on." Gi Jong's image changed to a reflection of Kiseok. "It's you." Kiseok stared back at this image, this old version of him back when he was with her. That was the Kiseok that loved Gi Jong. The Kiseok that loved Y/n was so fucked up. He got up and headed down the steps. "Yah! Hyung where are you going?" Loco called after him. He was headed for Y/n. Maybe she was at her old apartment now. He needed her, he couldn't lose her. He'd do whatever he needed to keep her. He headed back to his or house for something, the one thing he could show her that would prove to her he'd let Gi Jong go. He had to let her go. He showed up at Y/n's old apartment door. He knocked on it, "Baby Y/n. Y/n please open the door. Y/n! Please if you're in there just come out and talk to me please." No answer. "Y/n!" "She's not here." A voice came from behind him. It was her old roommate. Her friend Hakyeon, "Where is she?" "The baby shower." He said it like it should've been obvious. "Where is it?" He asked. "I'm not telling you that. It took everything she had to just send you that text. You'll pull her back into that hell." "I know you're trying to protect her but I'll do anything for her. I don't want her to leave me." "She told you she's a comment girl. The kind that likes to settle down, right?" Hakyeon said. Kiseok nodded. "That means before she met you she wanted to get married and she wanted to have kids. She wanted a family of her own. Now she's watching her brother get what she wants meanwhile you've sucked the soul out of her to the point she doesn't even want those things anymore. She's always wanted a husband and kids and you took that from her." "I know, I know I'm killing her. I know I'm neglecting her but I won't do it anymore. I can't let her go, I can't just walk away." "You should." "I'm not!" He yelled. Kiseok sighed, "I love her." He said Hakyeon's protective eyes softened. "I love her and I know what I've been doing to her but I'll stop. I'll get help and I'll be with her and I'll give her all the things she wanted I just can't lose her. I can't. There's been so many I've pushed away because I couldn't let her go but I won't hold onto her anymore. I'll let her go I'll give Y/n whatever she wants I just want her home." He said. Hakyeon sighed, "She's going to kill me for this." He walked over to him and took out a pen and wrote an address on Kiseok's arm. "Kiseok she's in love with you, she spent half the day crying because she left you. If you're not going to keep your promise you need to leave her alone forever. If you go to her it's not out of your own selfish desire to just keep her on your arm because she looks like your old love. If you go to her you better make damn sure you're bringing nothing but sunshine and rainbows in her life and nothing less. Don't make me regret this." He said. Kiseok nodded and jumped in the car and gave his driver the address... Y/N's POV Kiseok hadn't said anything about some of your things missing from the penthouse. You told Hakyeon you'd leave but you couldn't face him when it came to the break up. You didn't want to leave but you knew you had to. If you had faced him you would've given in. That morning since he left you'd been crying your eyes out trying to get everything out before you made your grand performance as the smiley younger sister of Jeongso's. You arrived at the baby shower being greeted by your sister-in-law, Mia. She was Italian and always very friendly when you two got together. "You look good." You told her. "Thank you, no more baby in the belly, it's a relief." She said. You laughed with her and she led you into their living room. She showed you the baby, a blank laid on top of him with his name on it. "Jeonghan." You said softly. You smiled at the little baby, his plump cheeks made him so cute and his tiny baby hands were curled up in a ball. He started to stir and Mia bent down to pick him up just as he started crying. She patted him on the back trying to shush him. Jeongso came over and said, "Aw here comes the alien no wonder he started crying." He gave you a hug, "I'm only an alien because I'm out of this world." You gave a small smile. "You're so cheesy." He shook his head. You laughed. "Hey where's your boyfriend? We haven't met him yet I heard he's kind of famous though right?" He said. "Uh yeah he had something else to do." "Oh, well maybe we can meet him sometime." You nodded. You really didn't feel like dealing with the pity party that they were going to give you once they found out you broke up with Kiseok. You wondered if Kiseok even knew you broke up with him. He hadn't texted you back or called you repeatedly to tell you to stop running away but you should've run away. You should've listened to Ae-cha before and stayed away from him. Even now you were waiting for him to call you. Jeonghan kept crying no matter what Mia did. She changed him, tried to feed him and even rocked him back and forth. "Give him to Y/n, she's normally good at calming cranky kids." Jeongso said. The sun was setting already and you were trying to think of a way to get out when he said that. You weren't sure you should hold him but Mia came to you desperate, "Do you mind Y/n?" She asked. You silently shook your head and took Jeonghan in your arms. The feeling of a baby in your arms had your heart swelling and ready to burst like a dam. He cried and you bounced lightly then swiftly moved him to the other side. You bounced again and switched him to the other side. You hummed as you did so, a soft little tune you remembered Gi Jong used to sing to you. He settled and you sat down as you continued to rock him in your arms. He looked up at you with big curious eyes and his hand outstretched to touch your face. "Hi. I'm you're aunt Y/n." You said. He blinked a few times, you placed your and on his chest and he grabbed your finger before he slowly fell asleep again. "She's good with kids." Jeongso said. You smiled at the sleeping baby and a tear rolled down your cheek. The doorbell rang and Mia got up to go answer it. Jeongso came over to see his son, "Hey you're crying." He said. "No I'm not you're crying." You said childishly. He laughed and wrapped his arm around your shoulders. "You want one don't you?" He said. "That's not it, he's just a very beautiful baby that's all." You said. "He gets it from his mother." "You too, he has your nose and eyes." You said. It was breaking your heart to have him in your arms because you wanted one so badly. You wanted what your brother and Mia had. You wanted that with Kiseok like you thought you'd have it with Jihoon or Taehyun or the others before them. You had a bad habit of picking the wrong guy. "Oh you're Y/n's boyfriend." You heard Mia say from the front door. You looked up towards where the door was and saw Kiseok walk in. You looked at him surprised, "Kiseok." "Baby Y/n." He cooed your name but it had a sad tone too it. He had a stuffed bear in his hand and Mia was walking back with a small bouquet of flowers. He brought gifts? He sat down next to you. "Kiseok what are you doing here? How did you find this place?" You asked. "Hakyeon told me. Is this your nephew?" He said looking at the baby. "Yes." You whispered looking down at the baby. "Hi I'm Y/n's older brother, Jeongso. Thought I'd introduce myself since this alien won't speak up." "Alien?" He questioned. "When I was born, my skin was so pale and odd looking I almost had a gray tint to me when Jeongso saw me he called me an alien, it's a nickname he won't let go of." You explained. He nodded and turned to Jeongso, "Sorry, I'm Jung Kiseok. I got this for the baby." He said handing Jeongso the bear. "Thank you. Hey you're a rapper right? I've seen you on something before." Jeongso said. "Yeah I go by Simon Dominic." "Hmm. I probably watched one of your performances before. Our family isn't quite experienced in music." He laughed. Which was true, when you two met you had no idea who he was. Kiseok chuckled lightly and looked down at you. His thumb met your face and wiped away another tear coming down your face. You were looking at Jeonghan through blurry eyes. He was fast asleep holding your finger. Kiseok kissed your cheek, he pulled a lollipop out of his pocket, unwrapped it and brought it to your lips. You looked up at him and he gave you a short smile and pushed it lightly against your lips. You took the lollipop in your mouth and he kissed the side of your lips. "Can I take her away from you guys for a while." Kiseok looked up at Jeongso. Jeongso was no idiot he could tell by the atmosphere something was going on with you two. He nodded and said, "Sure. Y/n call us tomorrow or come over I'm sure Mia would like the company." You nodded, "Yeah sure." You leaned over to gently give him his son. You stole your finger back from his little hand and gave Jeongso a hug goodbye. You hugged Mia goodbye and she said, "Y/n let's have lunch together, all of us okay. I need a day out of the house." "Okay." You said. Kiseok said goodbye to your family and their friends and he grabbed your hand and laced his fingers with yours. When you two got in the car, he said, "I don't want to lose you Y/n. I can't lose you. I'll do whatever you need me to, to make you trust me. I'll do whatever you want me to so that you believe me. I read your text and I couldn't let you go. I felt like hell and I just couldn't see this as the end. I won't ask you to move back into the penthouse I won't even ask you to stay the night with me until you're ready. Just give me one more chance and I'll love you like I'm supposed to." "Talk is cheap Kiseok." "That's why I'll do anything you ask. I've never taken you out on a proper date. Let me do that, I'm rusty on dating but I can at least do that." You took your hand away from him and wiped your eyes. You felt him wrap something around your neck and it was the black ribbon with the silver bell on it. You looked up at him, "A kitten needs a bell." "Why so if I run away you can chase after me?" you said. "You were afraid of me weren't you? That's why you kept running away." He said. You shook your head, "You're dangerous but I wasn't afraid of you just cautious. Everyone said you'd hurt me and you have. I didn't run away for that reason at first though. You were just supposed to be a one night only." You said. "Are you sorry I pursued you." "I'm," You hesitated then sighed....
*death glare activate* (*sniff**sniff*) you still made me tear up lol πŸ˜–πŸ˜–β€β€
-throws pickles at you-
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I can do both. multi talented Lmfao πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸΆ
I. Hate. You. Just so you know, Craig.
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I didn't even end it on a sexhanger (that's a cliff hanger but when I stop just before or in the middle of the dirty nasty sex) πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
ugh y do u also do this to me damn u @babydollbre y.
*Gives the evil eye*