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Morning Fam!

The next entry has arrived~

I hope you all enjoy it^^

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Yo Diary,

Days are just going by faster than I thought and I keep forgetting to write in you! (Please forgive me~)
The end of the year is always the craziest time for idols as there are a bunch of performances and everything. We do her recent song and then tons of her old songs. Its fun but...tiring.
I haven't gotten a lot of sleep these last couple of days and IU is being even more strict than ever. She is being insanely picky about our dances and I can't help but notice that she is picking on me more than the others.
I mean did I expect it? Yes. Do I say anything back to her? No.
She would never let me forget it if I did that in front of the other back-up dancers. So I held it in and I let out my rage in my dancing. It is a good exercise as I just imagine stomping on IU's little face when I move and some of my rage disperses. It's healthy... kind of lol.
However, despite that little thing, I am much happier than I was a few days ago.
I am talking to my friend again, you will be excited to know. When I finally approached him he was upset at first. I told him that I need some space for a bit and he understood after some convincing.
I just couldn't tell him though that I have a crush on his leader. That would just be straight up embarrassing. For him and me. Especially since this whole thing is happening because of his ex.
I think he knew that I wasn't telling him everything but he didn't pry into it any further. It was sweet of him really after how crappy I had been. So I have decided to treat him to something tomorrow as we both have a break around the same time. We are getting some good ol' Korean BBQ (I am so excited really. BRING ON THE MEAT.)
IU hasn't tried anything yet either. I don't know if it is because she has no idea or she is trying to scare me into thinking that she will tell him at any point in time.
I am just going to enjoy this time right now and make the most of it Diary.
Oh! I almost forgot too! Our 1 month anniversary was my last entry. I completely forgot (silly me).
So here is to friends, good times, and always being together!
Love you Diary, and write you later.

Well, there it is! Do you know who her crush is?! ;)

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Yay! At least her friend knows why she's being avoiding him. Now if only she could tell him everything during their meal together. I'm surprised I didn't guess Youngguk to be her crush in the first place. I mean, who wouldn't have a crush on Yougguk 😊
If it's the leader it has to be Yongguk 😊
Who is her crush?
Hm I thought it was like Daehyun or something, but that's even cuter that it's Yongguk!!!!! Adorable!!!!!! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
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Why? 😭 πŸ’”πŸ’”