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Firstly, I wanted to apologize for my card being late tonight. Ok, so like Jasmyn said in her card, this week we have to pick a fictional character (like in anime) that we believe our member would be, and explain why we think they would be this character.
I'm choosing Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul because literally ever since this idea topic was discussed, I have been trying to figure out who Zuho reminded me, and this just clicked literally just now when I needed to make a card. Just like Kaneki has the goal of wanting to protect the ones that he cares about, I feel like Zuho would be the same with SF9. Honestly, ever since I saw Zuho on Click Your Heart I have always had this feeling that he looked like an anime character that I had watched, but it just clicked now because of the second picture above that he reminds me of Kaneki. It's been a hot minute since I last watched Tokyo Ghoul, so I'm sorry that I don't remember a lot right now. I was mainly picking because of characteristics, hair color, and how Zuho is dressed in the second picture. I apologize for this being so boring and bland 😭
You did great!